Foote Family Pedigrees

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Leonard Yarbrough:
I am a Yarbrough descended from Frances Elizabeth Foote-Moore-Yarbrough-Savage.
Her linage was:
Richard Foote 1665 England - 1728 VA m Elizabeth Innes
George Foote Sr. 1706 - abt 1759 VA m Frances Berryman
Frances Elizabeth Foote 1742 Fauquier Co., VA - aft 1807, m 1) 1764 Francis Moore, Captain RS, 2) 1771 Moses Yarbrough, 3) abt 1774 Samuel Savage.

NOTE: Her cousin Elizabeth Betsy Foote was married to Luch Wahsington who was cousin to General and President George Washington.   

Marilyn Teaff Barton:
Hi, YarbroughAdmin.

Your pedigree has been posted:


From an email sent by J. David Brandenburg [jdb AT]:

Kit # 174851

John Walton Foote

m. Sally Chief


Walton Gilbert Foote

m. Mary Jane Crockett, daughter of Robert Crockett and Sarah Johnson


Margaret Samaria Foote (b. Temple, Carroll County, Georgia, 29 May 1875; d. Gadsden, Etowah County, Alabama, 29 May 1954)

m. Monroe Elias Smith Browning (b. Union County, South Carolina, 25 Nov. 1871; d. Snead, Blount County, Alabama, 07 Nov. 1944)


Cornelia Pearl Browning

m. Paul Thompson


Pauline Thompson Arrington


This Foote family lived in West Georgia and in East Alabama. That is about all that I know of them. Pauline's Aunt Vera, a sister to Cornelia, published a genealogy of their family in about 1981, and that is the source of the above information. The book is Shadows of the Living by Vera C. Browning Kimball.


My male first cousin has done his mtDNA and we should have results soon. He and I share the same grandmother, Edith Foote. My kit number is 293317 and my cousin is kit number 299840.

My Foote line is:
   Nathaniel Foote, b. 1593, England, m. Elizabeth Deming
      Robert Foote, b. 1627, New Haven, CT, m. Sarah Potter
         Nathaniel Foote, b. 1660, Branford, CT, m. Tabitha Bishop
            Moses Foote, b. 1702, Plymouth, CT, m. Mary Byington
               Ebenezer Foote, b. 1740, Waterbury, CT, m. Rebecca Barker
                  Simeon Foote, b. 1764, West Britain, CT, m. Lovisa Bacon
                     Gideon Foote, b. 1799, Great Bend, NY, m. Lavinia Gillett
                        Simeon Foote, b. 1831, Cherry Valley, NY, m. Caroline Baker
                     Edith Foote, b. 1857, m. Edgar Ely

mtDNA - H

Robert D Foote:

John Wesley Foote, b1758, Dublin, Ireland, Mary J Smith
Phillip Foote, b 6/16/1785, Grayson Co, NC, Betsey Ballinger
William A Foote, b 3/22/1823, Lawrence Co, Ind, Adeline Pinnick
William Harvey Foote, b 2/17/1859, French Lick, Ind, Celoma Bird
Herman Dean Foote, b 7/27/1917, Winterhaven, Fl, Juanita N Keeling
Robert Dean Foote, b 8/26/1944, Tucson, Az, Janet L Woodham

Intrested in going beyond 3rd GGF


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