Weir Family Pedigrees

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Jerry L. Wear:
David Weir, b. bef 1775 in unknown d. unknown
   William Henry Wear b. 1805 Monongalia VA d.1850 Portsmouth OH M. 1) Sarah Batten
      David Scott Wear b. 1825 Mononga;ia VA d. 1895 Portsmouth OH m. Mary Williams
         George Newman Wear b. 1876 Portsmouth OH d. 1962 Portsmouth OH m. Sallie Warnock
            Charles Franklin Wear b. 1916 Portsmouth OH d. 1985 Portsmouth OH m. Ardell Cropper

Marilyn Teaff Barton:
Hi, Jerry.  Your pedigree is posted.  Thanks.

Ruth Hall:
James Weir (Wier) b. c1780 NC m. Margaret Carrigan
James Adam Weir b. 5 Sep 1819 Cabarrus Co, NC m. Sarah Elizabeth Sloan
James William McKnight Weir b. 14 Sep 1842 Iredell Co, NC m. Mary Clarissa Cravens
James Andrew Weir b. 1 Mar 1875 Black Rock, Lawrence Co, AR m. Mary Delilah Woodson
James Avis Weir b. 30 Sep 1918 Black Rock, AR m. Lioba Mary Jane Quick

Richard Barton:
Your pedigree has been posted to the Weir project site.

Samuel weir b 1797
 Samuel weir b 1813-d 1866 lived in tinahely co wicklow ireland
  William john weir b 1863-d ---- lived in tinahely co wicklow ireland
   Frederick william weir b 1909-1983 lived in tinahely,arklow co wicklow ireland, luton bedfordshire england
    Desmond john weir b 1950-  lived in arklow,wicklow town ireland, luton bedfordshire england
     Alan john weir b 1975-   luton bedfordshire england.wicklow town co wicklow ireland (me)


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