Hartman Family Pedigrees

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Hi, Hardman.  Your pedigree has been posted:  http://www.worldfamilies.net/surnames/h/hartman/pats.html


big larry:
Adam Hartman Born b Darmstadt, Germany 1782
Nicholas Hartman Born Darmstadt, Germany 1823 died April 27, 1899 Dempsytown, Venango County Pa. Married Sophia Weikal b 1832.
 Robert Hartman b 1867 d 1936 M. Ann Belle Davison b 1872 d 1942
 Cleo Hartman B 1906 d 1987 Erie Co Pa. M Mable Decker 1907 d 2004 Erie Co. PA.
 Larry Hartman b 1942 Erie Co. Pa. m Elaine Doepp
 Susan Hartman b 1966 Torrance, Ca., Clifford Hartman b 1968 d 1987
 Clifford Hartman II b 1987

Hi, big larry.  Your pedigree has been posted:  http://www.worldfamilies.net/surnames/h/hartman/pats.html


Johannes Hartman b: bef 1738 possibly Germany or Pennsylvania
Johannes Hartman b: 29 Mar 1755 Philadelphia Co. PA d: 06 Feb 1799 Adams Co. PA
Solomon Hartman b: 30 Aug 1788 Franklin Twp, Adams Co. PA d: 12 Jul 1854 Same
Solomon Hartman b: 26 Oct 1823 Franklin Twp, Adams Co. PA d: 14 May 1899 Same
George Rush Hartman b: 15 Dec 1857 Manellan Twp, Adams Co. PA d: 01 Apr 1941
Harry Calvin Hartman b: 13 Jul 1887 Biglerville, Adams Co. PA d: 29 Jun 1986 Philadelphia, PA
George Solomon Hartman b: 1921 Bethlehem, PA
Theodore James Hartman b: 1958 Abington, PA

1.Henry Hartman 1754-1823 m. @1760 Mary Miller- Frederick, MD area ?Middletown?
died Hampshire Co., VA (WVa)
2.George Hartman 1796-1882 m. 1820 Susan Jones- Hampshire Co., VA (WVa)
3.James S Hartman 1825-1881 m. 1844 Hester Ann Stover- married Allegany Co., MD
died Hampshire Co., WVa- lived 1855-1868 Clark Co., Ohio
4.James Adams Hartman 1865-1943 m.Nettie Mae Davy- b. Clark Co., OH m. Hampshire Co., WVa  d. Hampshire Co., WVa
5.Guy Raymond Hartman 1896-1966 m. Margaret Elizabeth Corbin m. Allegany Co., MD
b., d., Hampshire Co., WVa
this is my wife's Hartman line she's daughter of Guy...
we have a DNA profile on Ancestry using her brother as the male Hartman. It matches 33 of 33 markers to two other Hartmans...one decends from another son of Henry...Peter and the other is Jacob Hartman  from Pennsylvania...unknown connection...
Henry has a Fairfax Grant 1780's Hampshire Co., VA(WVa) within 7 miles of his location a Peter Hardman also has a 1780's Fairfax Grant..he comes from Washington Co., MD and moves west to Harrison/Lewis Co., VA(WVa)...unknown connection to our Henry Hartman. Henry moves into Hampshire Co., with several other MD families-Arnold, Leatherman, Miller, Biser, Stover most seem to have come from Middletown area of Frederick Co., MD...

do we need an new DNA sample or can the results we have work with this study?

Pete Swanson


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