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Author Topic: Huddleston Family Pedigrees  (Read 25198 times)
Mary Lee Becker
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« on: January 03, 2005, 12:14:41 PM »

Please send any pedigrees for this project to:

Please include the following:
•       Name of project
•       Kit Number
•       Name of person posting pedigree
•       Email address to be posted with pedigree
•       Name, birthdate, birthplace, spouse of Earliest Known Ancestor
•       List each succeeding generation, using only those four items of information (or substitute another item of information if missing an item)

Anyone is welcome to post your pedigree for this surname on the Pedigree Forum below, but project members should be sure to send the pedigree by email to the administer's email address listed above.

To post on this Pedigree Forum:
1.  Register and log in at
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2.  When you have logged in, scroll to the last posting on this forum, click "reply" and post your pedigree.
a.  Please do not include names for anyone born after 1910, to protect privacy.
b.  If you have questions or are unable to post your pedigree on this forum, please contact

For a step-by-step guide to using DNA for genealogy, please read DNA the Smart Way
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« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2005, 02:07:50 AM »

Clifford Neal Good b-5-28-1953
Clifford Clare Good b-5-17-1922  d-2-25-1991
Lillie Ida Huddleston Good  b-3-13-1898   d-9-11-1977
Joseph Johnson Huddleston b-8-20-1852  d-2-8-1926
William James Huddleston   b-12-25-1825  d-3-8-1910
Fleming Huddleston
Benjamin Huddleston
David Huddleston
Daniel Huddleston
John Huddleston

Marilyn Teaff Barton
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« Reply #2 on: July 16, 2005, 02:00:53 PM »

Hi, Cliff.  I posted the three earliest generations you had a date for on the Patriarch page with a link back to your posting.  Hope you'll join the DNA project.
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« Reply #3 on: April 02, 2007, 07:07:35 PM »

Please add the name "Huddleson" to your project.

thank you,

Tracy Huddleson
Seattle, WA
Bob Prokop
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« Reply #4 on: April 19, 2007, 12:11:53 PM »

Thomas Huddleston, b 1777, North Ireland
Thomas, m Margaret Maginnis, 1803
Thomas, d 30 Sep 1852
William Huddleston, b 1809, North Ireland
William, m Eliza Jane Crail, 14 Jan 1859
William, d 7 Aug 1899
Thomas Huddleston, b 10 Oct 1867, North Ireland
Thomas, m Sarah Jane Nelson, Sep 1902
Thomas, d 20 Jan 1946
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« Reply #5 on: April 19, 2007, 02:13:19 PM »

Hi, Bob.  Your pedigree has been posted:

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« Reply #6 on: October 08, 2007, 10:27:24 PM »

From an email from Mike Huddleston [mikeh AT]



Born, 1693 in England

Died, 1739 in VA.

Reported to have arrived in Norfolk, VA. about 1720

Married, Elizabeth Charlton in England

Born, 1695 in England

Died, 1750 in VA.

They had the following children:

I.        Daniel Huddleston

(Info Ref. #21)




Born, 1715 in England

Died, 1798 in Halifax Co., VA.

Education Revolutionary War Soldier.

Married, Mary Ball daughter of Edward Ball in VA.

They had the following children:

(Info Ref. #21)

I.        David Huddleston

II.       Benjamin Huddleston, Born 1731 in Manakin, Cumberland Co., VA. Died 1807 in Manakin, Cumberland Co. VA.

(Info Ref. #24)




Born, 2/8/1735 in Brunswick Co. VA.

Died, 11/3/1815 in Claiborne Co. TN.

(Info Ref. #21,#24)

There is a distinct possibility that Jenny and Jeany are one and the same, and may also be the Jane Bucher that married Andrew Phillips of 2/19/1816 in Grainger Co. TN.

Based on orphan records, David Huddleston paid rent on a plantation in VA. to the administrator of the estate of some Easley orphans in 1787 so he remained in VA. at least until that date.

There are believed to be more children not yet identified, so these may not be in correct order.

He married Sarah (Sally) Easley, daughter of John Easley & Joyce Allen, 3/17/1757 in Goochland Co. VA. (Info Ref. #21) Born 1740 in VA. (Info Ref. #21, #24) Died after 1800 in Claiborne Co. TN.

They had the following Children:

I.        Benjamin Huddleston, Born 1763 in Halifax Co. VA.

II.       David Huddleston, Born 2/13/1767 in Halifax Co. VA. (Info Ref. #24) Died 1850 in Claiborne Co. TN.

III.      William Huddleston, Born 6/8/1761 in Goochland Co. VA., Died young.

IV.       Jenny Huddleston, Born 1780-1790 ? in Halifax Co. VA., She married Nimrod Maxwell or Maxfield, 8/25/1804 in Granger Co. TN. (Info Ref. #25)

V.        Jeany Huddleston, She married James Butcher, 6/23/1813 in Grainger Co. TN. (Info Ref. #25)

VI.       John Huddleston, Born 1780 in Halifax Co. VA. Died 1833 in Union Co. TN. (Info Ref. #26) He married Rachael McBee, daughter of Isreal McBee & Nancy Hale, 1805 in Claiborne Co. TN. Born 12/22/1786 in Grainger Co. TN (Info Ref. #26) Died 12/17/1862 in McNairy Co. TN.

VII.      Robert Huddleston, Born 12/25/1783 in Halifax Co. VA. Died 11/27/1841 in Union Co. TN. (Info Ref. #27) He married Mary Berthina Condley (Conley), daughter of John Condley (Conley), 11/17/1806 in Grainger Co. TN. (Info Ref. #15) Born 6/21/1781, Died 6/3/1863 in Union Co. TN.

VIII.     William B. Huddleston, Born 1775-1785 ? in Goochland Co. VA. Census of TN. 1850 & 1860. Died after 1860 in Hardin Co. TN. He married Mary Catherine unknown (Info Ref. #26)

IX.       Thomas Huddleston, Born 1770-1780 ? in Halifax Co. VA. Died after 1840 in McNairy Co. TN. He married Tabitha Ann McBee, daughter of William McBee & Abigail unknown, 4/25/1801 in Grainger Co. TN. (Info Ref. #15) Born 1783 in Indiana, Died after 1850 in Miller Co. Missouri (Info Ref. #27)




Born, 1763 in Halifax Co. VA.

Died, 1840 in Hardin Co. TN. Buried in Lewis Co. TN.

Known to be in Greenville Co. S.C. 1790 to about 1809, was also there in 1811 to witness land sale. Wife Maraget granted letter of dismissal from tyger River Church of Greenville Co. S.C. on 2/22/1805. Last record of Benjamin is his selling off land in 1836, his sons sold their land in 1837. Susan Gentry's war records report Benjamin as having died after 1840 and buried in Lewis Co. and his wife Margaret as having died before 1840. We believe it is the reverse. He married Margaret (Peggy) Welch, about 1786 in N.C. Born 1760 in Halifax, Va. Died 1837 in Desoto, MS.

1790, 1800 Census Greenville Co. S.C., Moved to Claiborne Co. TN. 1809, Moved to Maury Co. Tn. 1820 Census Hardin Co. Tn., 1830 Census Wayne Co. TN.

They had the following children:

I.        James Huddleston, Born 1786 in N.C. (Info Ref. #21) Died before 1850 according to 1850 Census TN. (Info Ref. #26)

II.       Joseph Slaton Huddleston

III.      Daniel Huddleston, Born 1790-1794 ? in Greenville Co. S.C., Died 8/12/1837-1847 ? in Mexican War. He married Jane Johnson, 11/12/1817 in Maury, TN. Born 1803 (Info Ref. #22, #15, #21)

IV.       David Huddleston, Born between 1790-1800 ? in Greenville, S.C. 1830 Census res. Hardin Co. TN.

V.        Unknown Female Huddleston, Born about 1790 in Greenville, S.C.

VI.       Charlotte Huddleston, Born 10/15/1802 in Greenville, S.C. Died 5/23/1846 in Killen, S.C. Buried in Harrison Cemetery, Killen, S.C. She married Elisa Faires, Born 5/24/1797 (Info Ref. #22) Died 4/4/1881 (Info Ref. #23)

VII.      Fleming Huddleston, Born 1796-1800 ? in Greenville, S.C. Died 1840 in Wayne or Shelby Co. TN. He married Susan B. Watkins.

VIII.    Mary C. (Polly) Huddleston, Born 3/13/1799 in Greenville, S.C. (Info Ref. #15) Died 1/29/1889 in Fordyce, Dallas, AR. Buried in Stony Point Cemetery, Fordyce, Dallas, AR. She married James Barnes, 6/25/1816 in Maury, TN. Born 9/25/1792 in Chatham Co. AR. (Info Ref. #15) Died 9/30/1851 in Bucksnort, Dallas Co. AR.

IX.       William (Bill) G. Huddleston

X.        Elizabeth Jane Huddleston, Born 1802 in Greenville, S.C. (Info Ref. #22) She married Alexander S. Barnes, 3/25/1817 in Maury Co. TN.




Born 1786 in S.C.

Died 1861 in Dallas, AR.

Resided Maury & Lincoln Co. TN. 1808-1825, Lauderdale Co. AL. 1830, Dallas Co. AR. 1850. He married Elizabeth Young, daughter of Thomas Young & Susannah unknown, about 1809 in N.C. Born 1790 in S.C.

The had the following children:

I.        Andrew Jackson Huddleston, Born about 1813 in TN. (Info Ref. #18, #3, #2) Died 4/8/1880 in Franklin Co. AR.

II.       John Jack Huddleston, Born 1810 in TN. He first married Matilda Mullins 12/24/1862 in Lawrence Co. AR. (Info Ref. #7) He second married Mary Ann.

III.      Felix Gallaway Huddleston, Born 1815 in TN., Died 1895 in Dallas, AR. He first married Elizabeth Jones, Born 10/24/1834 in Lauderdale Co. AL. (Info Ref. #7) Died 1895 in Franklin Co. AR. He second married Rebecca C. Wood 10/3/1854 in AR.

IV.       Daniel G. Bunk Huddleston, Born 1816 in TN. Died 1883, He first married Maria L. Thomas about 1842 in AR. He second married Maria L. Burks 7/8/1842 in Lauderdale Co. AL. Born 1817 (Info Ref. #7)

V.        James H. Huddleston, Born about 1818-1825 ? in MS., Died 1848 in Mexican War. He married Delitha P. Lane (Info Ref. #26) 12/28/1847 in Desoto, MS., Born 1818 in TN. (Info Ref. #7)

VI.       Frances A. Huddleston, Born 1822 in TN. Died 1870, She married James Ellis.

VII.      Thomas Young Huddleston, Born 1826-1827 ? in TN. Died 44/25/1901 in Newport, Jackson Co. AR. (Info Ref. #24) He first married Louisa Jane Sloan, 7/15/1855 in Lawrence Co. AR. (Info Ref. #15) Born 1830 in AR. Died 5/31/1873 in Sharp Co. Ar. He second married Eleanor C. ? Born 1832, Died 12/24/1877 in Sharp Co. He third married Susan W, 1/1/1879 in Sharp Co. AR. Born 1830 in KY. (Infor Ref. #7, #22)

VIII.     William Easley Huddleston, Born 8/13/1827 in Lauderdale Co. AL. Died in AR. (Middle name supplied by Jan Woodard), He married Mary Jane McMurrey about 1854 in Dallas Co. AR., Born3/9/1838 in Blount Co. AL. (Info Ref. #7) Died 12/15/1910 Buried in Reeves Cemetery, Cleveland Co. AR.

IX.       Charlotte (Lottie) Huddleston, Born 1816 in MS. (Info Ref. #7) She married Neil Morrison, 1/24/1833 in Lauderdale Co. AL.




Born about 1813 in TN. (Infor Ref. #18, #3, #2)

Died 4/8/1880 in Sharp Co. AR.

He first married Bertha Sego (Info Ref. #2) Born 1817 S.C. Married 1/17/1835 in Lauderdale Co. AL., Died 6/1864 Piney Fork TWP. Lawrence Co. AR.

They had the following childred:

I.        Margaret Elizabeth Huddleston (Wainwright)

II.       Mary Caroline Huddleston, Born 1838 (Info Ref. #2) Died 1865 in Lawrence Co. AR. She married Benjamin S. Simpson 1/30/1860 in Lawrence Co. AR.

III.      Martha Adeline Huddleston, Born 1840 (Info Ref. #2, #6) Died 1863. She married John Michael 7/27/1858 in Lawrence Co. AR.

IV.       Louisa (Kitty) Huddleston

V.        John Thomas Huddleston, Born 1847 in TN.

VI.       Joseph Green Huddleston

VII.      Oliver P. Huddleston, Born 1852 in TN.

VIII.     Georga Ann (Georgianne) Huddleston (Moore)

IX.       Porter Huddleston, Born 1860 in Lawrence Co. AR.

He second married Eliza Viena Sloan (Info Ref. #2, #5) Born about 1838 TN., Married 9/19/1865 in Lawrence Co. AR., Died 11/8/1878 in Sharp Co. AR.

They had the following childred:

I.        Amanda Huddleston, Born 1869 in AR.

II.       Samuel Morrison Huddleston




Born 3/12/1849 in Arkansas

Died 2/15/1914 in Arkansas

He married Rebecca Raven, Born 7/16/1855, Some sources say Rebecca's last name is Rowan yet on Alvin Green Huddlestons death certificate it plainly states Raven.

They had the following children:

I.        Laura Lucianda Huddleston, Born 1876 (Info Ref. #4)

II.       Alvin Green Huddleston, Born 2/2/1878 in Salem, Arkansas

III.      Charles Waldren Huddleston, Born 6/7/1884 (Info Ref. #4)

IV.       Mollie Ada Huddleston, Born 1889 (Info Ref. #4)

V.        James Forest Huddleston, Born 6/4/1892 (Info Ref. #4)



Born 2/2/1878 in Salem Arkansas

Died 6/25/1949 in Salem Ore. Buried in 100F Cemetary, Junction City, Ore. Occupation as Farmer. Died of Heart Attack.      He first married Dora May Whipple, daughter of John A. Whipple & Mary Ellen Chastine, Born 6/15/1898, Married 11/15/1919, Died 6/3/1986 in Ontario, Ore. They were divorced.

They had the following children:

I.        Cecil James Huddleston, Born 10/5/1921

II.       Elbert Eugene Huddleston, Born 1/12/1923 in OK. (Infor Ref. #17) Died 5/25/1934 Listed as died of Cancer.

III.      Lois (Loyce) Dillard Huddleston, Born 5/9/1924

IV.       LLoyd Junior Huddleston, Born 2/26/1927

V.        Ruby Ellen Huddleston, Born 10/23/1929

VI.       Kenneth Huddleston, Born 7/30/1931 in OK. Died at Birth

VII.      Robert Donald Huddleston, Born 11/29/1933

He second married Isabell Huddleston further information not known at this time.




Born 10/5/1921 in Henryetta, OK.

Died 6/25/2000 in Walla Walla, WA.

Died of Heart Attack

He first married Lavora Hickman.

They had the following children:

I.        Eldon Huddleston

He second married Colleen Janet LeBree, Born 8/16/1930 in Los Angeles, CA., Married 2/1952 in Southgate, CA., Died 11/4/1997 in Yakima, WA.

They had the following children:

I.        James Cecil Huddleston, Born 12/24/1952 in Eugene, Ore.

II.       Cheryl Ann Huddleston (Twin), Born 12/3/1953 in Whittier, CA. She First married Eugene Rochester, 8/6/1971. They were divorced 2/23/1998.

III.      Carol Lee Huddleston (Twin), Born 12/3/1953 in Whittier, CA. She first married Leslie Allen Rochester, 6/5/1971.

He third married Lilly Mae Listug, 11/1/1982 Born 11/4/1938.



Born 5/9/1924 in Henryetta, OK.

Living in Marysville, WA.

Occupation listed as Logger and education 9th grade

Medical: Had a severe stroke at the age of 55

He first married Lita Joyce Loomis, daughter of Archie Lawrence Loomis & Bessie Ann Thompson, Born 6/19/1927 in Oshkosh, WI. Married 2/25/1945, Living in Marysville, WA.

They had the following children:

I.        Sharon Lee Huddleston, Born 1/7/1946 in Eugene Ore.

II.       Gary Lee Huddleston, Born 1/9/1947 in Eugene Ore.

III.      Daryl Dee Huddleston, Born 2/11/1949 in Eugene Ore.

IV.       Gerald Allen Huddleston, Born 5/11/1952 in Eugene Ore.



Born 10/23/1929 in OK.

Died 2/12/1998 in Payette, ID.

Medical: Died of Cancer

She first married Russell (Bud) Bonner.

They had the following children:

I.        Ileanna Marie Bonner, Born 5/13/1947 in Eugene, Ore.

She second married Billy Joe Anglin.

They had the following children:

I.        Cynthia Ann Anglin, Born 3/27/1957

II.      Terry Lynn Anglin

III.      Ellen Kay Anglin

IV.       Pamela Lee Anglin

V.        Donald Ray Anglin

VI.       Karen Denise Anglin

She third married Boyd Hawkins.

She fourth married Leslie Hines.



Born 11/29/1933 in Ore.

Died 6/13/1986 in San Diego, CA.

Medical: Died of Heart Attack

He first married Darlene unknown.

He second married Marilyn unknown.

They had the following children:

I.        Michelle Huddleston

He third married Gretta ? from Norway and had one daughter which when divorced she returned to Norway with her mother as far as anyone knows to date.

He fourth married Gale unknown.



Born 2/26/1927 in Scottsdale AZ.

Died 9/12/1990 in Bend, Ore.

Medical: Died of Heart Attack

He married Billie Colleen Bush Born 9/10/1929 in Ada OK., Married 9/17/1946 in Eugene, Ore., Living in Bend, ore. as of 9/23/01.

They had the following children:

I.        Michael LLoyd Huddleston, Born 8/7/1950




Born 8/7/1950 in Sacred Heart Hospital in Eugene, Ore.

Living in Bend, Ore. as of 9/23/01. Married to Myra Anne Strasser, Born 11/30/1949 in South Bend Indiana, She is the daughter of Harry Frank Strasser & Veronica Anna Geopfrich, Both parents are living at present in Bend Ore., Married 9/20/1975, Living in Bend Ore. as of 9/23/01

They had the following childred:

I.        Kristina Jean Huddleston, Born 4/6/1978

II.       Jason Michael Huddleston, Born 7/23/1980




Born 4/6/1978 at St. Charles hospital in Bend, Ore.

Living in Bend, Ore. not married and no children as of 9/23/01




Born 7/23/1980 at St. Charles hospital in Bend, Ore.

Living in Bend, Ore. not married and no children as of 9/23/01




Born 1/7/1946 in Eugene Ore. Lane Co.

Living in WA.

Medical: Heart problems at the age of 52

She first married Edward Bert (Terry) Hoxie, son of Herbert Gifford Hoxie & Ruth Louise Lenderman, Born 1/21/1941 in Davenport, WA., Married 9/8/1962 in Florence, Ore., They were divorced 9/1967

They had the following children:

I.        Teri Lynn Hoxie, Born 5/11/1963 in Springfield, Ore.

II.       Ricky Allen Hoxie, Born 5/14/1965 in Florence, Ore.

She second married Kenneth Gial Finke, Born 3/11/1940 in Spokane, WA., Married 4/6/1968 in Seattle, WA. They were divorced 3/1974.

They had the following children:

I.        Tara Lee Finke, Born 3/16/1971 in Burien, WA.

She third married Wayne Thomas Nelson, Born 8/3/1937 in St. Paul Minnesota, married 1/25/1975 in Seattle, Died 2/22/1998 in St. Paul Minnesota. They were divorced 1979

They had the following children:

I.        Melisa Marie Nelson, Born 7/15/1975 in Burien, WA.

She fourth married Michael Carlton Sandwith, Born 5/3/1945 in Bellingham WA., married 4/5/1983 in Reno NV., Living in WA. 9/23/01.



Born 1/9/1947 in Eugene, Ore.

Living in Deadwood, Ore.

He first married Vicky Slagle, 11/1967 in Deadwood, Ore. They were divorced 6/1979

They had the following children:

I.        Thomas Lee Huddleston, Born 5/26/1968 in Florence, Ore.

II.       Kenneth Huddleston, Born 6/21/1969 in Dallas, Ore.

He second married Maureen McKinley, 4/19/1980 in Deadwood, Ore. They were divorced 10/1985.

They had the following children:

I.        Jesse Luke Huddleston, Born 6/18/1981 in Florence, Ore.

II.       He did not Wed Tamera ?

They had the following children:

I.        Mountain Lee Huddleston, Born 6/29/1987 in Eugene, Ore.



Born 2/11/1949 in Eugene, Ore.

Living in Middleton, ID.

Medical: Had a mild heart attack at the age of 50

He first married Shelia Chambers 8/10/1974 in Burien, WA. They were divorced 11/1974.

The had the following children:

I.        Heather Raquel Huddleston, Born 8/20/1974 in Seattle, WA.

He second married Patty Robbins 2/16/1978 in Eugene, Ore. They were divorced 6/1978.

He third married Margie Lindley, Born 11/23/1950, Married 4/20/1979 in Eugene, Ore. Living in Middleton, ID.



Born 5/11/1952 in Eugene, Ore.

Living in WA.

Medical: Heart problems at age 49

He married Robbynne Suzanne Tibbets, Born 4/16/1955 in ID., Married 6/22/1974 in Burien WA.

They had the following children:

I.        Jeremiah DeShaw Huddleston, Born 5/2/1978 in Burien, WA.




Born 5/11/1963 in Springfield, Ore.

She married Dale Michael Ceserano, Born 4/17/1964, Married 4/22/1994 in Las Vegas, NV.

They had the following children:

I.        Michael Stewart Ceserano, Born 9/18/1985 in Tacoma, WA.

II.       Jayde Courtney Ceserano, Born 11/5/1991 in Tacoma, WA.



Born 5/14/1965 in Florence, Ore.

He did not marry Michelle Fuller, Born 8/31/1969

They had the following children:

I.        Jessica Lynn Fuller, Born 9/1/1984 in Aberdeen, WA.

II.       Christopher Allen Hoxie, Born 9/20/1985 in Aberdeen, WA.

He first married Clare, 3/10/1990 in Elma, WA. They were divorced.

They had the following children:

I.        Jennifer Leigh Hoxie, Born 9/1/1990 in Aberdeen, WA.



Born 7/15/1975 in Burien, WA.

She did not marry Jason Michael Biddle

The had the following children:

I.        Anthony Michael Nelson, Born 8/16/1994 in Everett, WA.

She first married Leo Arthur Place, Born 9/25/1971, Married 8/29/2000 in Las Vegas NV.

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« Reply #7 on: October 12, 2007, 11:22:26 AM »

The pedigree for Mike Huddleston has been posted.

Mary Lee Becker
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« Reply #8 on: November 07, 2007, 10:15:54 PM »

1. David Huddleston, b. abt 1720 VA., d. 18 Aug 1786 Rutherford Co., NC., m. Hannah Gilmore, b. abt 1720.
2. William Huddleston, b. abt 1741 Rutherford Co., NC., d. abt 1813 Robertson Co., TN., m. Elizabeth Smart, b. 1747 prob Rutherford Co., NC.
3. James Huddleston, b. abt 1788, d. bef 1840 prob TN., m. 29 Jan 1807 Williamson Co., TN. Isabella McKinley, b. abt 1785 TN.
4. William Lemual Huddleston, b. abt 1812 Robertson Co., TN., d. bef 1880 Madison, Howard Co., TN., m. Nancy Lemon McKenzie, b. 27 May 1818 TN.
5. James Thomas Huddleston, b. 22 Mar 1856 Sevier Co., AK., d. 13 Feb 1906 Edwardsville, Custer Co., OK., m. Flora Eviline Whisenhunt, b. 25 Sep 1855 Pike Co., AK.
6. Herman Royce Huddleston, b. 1 Mar 1894 Dodd City, Fannin Co., TX., d. 11 Jan 1947 Chula Vista, San Diego Co., CA., m. Mamie Hulin, b. 10 Aug 1902 Erick, Beckham Co., OK.
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David Hudelson
« Reply #9 on: November 08, 2007, 06:49:30 PM »

William HUDELSON, b. abt 1756, d. 11 May 1823 Nicholas Cy., KY
His Wife Ann HUDELSON was also his cousin.  Her father was James HUDDLESTON (or HEDDLESTON or HUDELSON), b. 1736 Kishacoquillas Valley, Mifflin Co. (then Cumberland Co.) PA.
Six Children.

Child No. 2 James HUDELSON, b. 25 May 1788, Juniata Co (then Mifflin Co), PA,, d. 27 Oct 1831, Rush Co., IN, M. Esther Craig, b. 10 May 1788, d. 07 Feb 1876 Rush Co., IN.  Eight children

Child No. 5 James HUDELSON, b. 14 Mar 1825 Nicholas Co., KY, d. 20 Mar 1899 Rush Co., IN.  m. Sarah Margaret ATKINS, b. 10 Jul 1829 Abbeville, SC, d. 22 Dec 1905 Washington, DC.  Seven children.

Child No. 7 Hugh Martin HUDELSON, 03 Aug 1868 Henry Co., IN, d. 18 Jan 1918 Bristol, Prowers Co., CO.  m May Susannah (or Susannah May) LEECH, b15 May 1868 Cadiz, Jefferson Co., OH, d. 13 Dec 1934 Dodge City, Ford Co., KS (buried Bristol, CO). Eight children.

Child No. 6 Hugh Byron HUDELSON, b. 26 May 1905 Ogden, Henry Co., IN, d. 17 Apr 1959 Torrington, Goshen Co., WY. m. Helen Marietta WILSON, b. 22 Jan 1907 Lincoln Co., MO, d. 30 Aug 2002 Torrington, WY.  Five children.

Child No. 3 David Martin HUDELSON, b. 19 Dec 1936 Torrington, Goshen Co., WY. m. Frances Ann WHITEHURST, b. 24 Jul 1937 Portsmouth, VA
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« Reply #10 on: November 08, 2007, 11:33:49 PM »

Hi, David.  Your pedigree is posted:
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« Reply #11 on: January 04, 2008, 10:19:51 PM »

Benjamin Huddleston, b1763 VA d1840 TN, m Margaret Welch
Joseph Slaton Huddleston b1786 SC d1860's AR, m Elizabeth Young
Andrew Jackson Huddleston b1813 TN d1880 AR m1 Bertha Sego m2 Eliza Viena Sloan
Joseph Green Huddleston b1849 AR d1914 AR, m Rebecca Raven
James Forest Huddleston b1892 AR d1952 OR, m Flaura Harmon
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« Reply #12 on: January 07, 2008, 12:12:16 PM »

Hi, duaneh.  Your pedigree has been posted:

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« Reply #13 on: January 09, 2008, 10:35:31 PM »

Submitted by Neil T Huddleston []
David Huddleston, d. 1786 Rutherford C., NC, m. 1st Unknown
John L. Huddleston, b. c1755 Rutherford Co., NC, d. c1820/1830, TN, m. Sarah Cleghorn
Charles B. Huddleston, b. 29 Jan 1778 Rutherford Co., NC, d. 25 Aug 1875 Putnam Co., TN, m. Martha Lollar, b. c1780, NC, d. c1840/1850 TN
Isaac Alexander Huddleston, b. 14 May 1804 Rutherford Co., NC, d. 29 May 1876 Putnam Co., TN, m. 1st Janet Allison, b. 14 Jun 1825 Orange Co., NC, d. 2 Jan 1842 White Co., TN
William Jasper Huddleston, b. 26 Apr 1831 White Co., TN, d. 8 Feb 1906 Putnam Co., TN, m. Amanda Jane Jared, b. 8 Dec 1832 TN, d. 26 Jun 1908 Putnam Co., TN
Isaac Monroe Huddleston, b. 1 Oct 1858 Putnam Co., TN, d. 3 Jul 1936 Putnam Co., TN, m. Virginia Frances Robinson, b. 22 Jan 1860 Putnam Co., TN, d. 8 Jul 1919 Putnam Co., TN.
Oscar Dow Huddleston, b. 4 Jul 1883 Putnam Co., TN, d. 8 Jan 1973 Putnam Co., TN, m. Ida Mai Stanton, b. 9 Mar 1887 Putnam Co., TN, d. 28 Oct 1975 Putnam Co., TN.
Isaac Stanton Huddleston, b. 2 Jul 1912 Putnam Co., TN, d. 13 Oct 1980 Putnam Co., TN, m. Mary B. Davis, b. 17 Jan 1908 Putnam Co., TN, d. 21 May 1974 Putnam Co., TN.
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Hi, Neil.  Your pedigree has been posted:

Donna Huddleston
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Thomas Huddleston b. c1803 NC died 1880-1890 Roane County, TN m1 Mary Ann Martin
m2 Mossie Scarbrough

William Washington Huddleston b 1-10-1841 Anderson County, TN d. 9-29-1918 Roane County, TN m1 Manerva Tapp m2 Mary E. Griffin

Lee Roy Huddleston b. 7-17-1866 Roane County, TN d. 4-19-1934 Bradley County, TN m. Minnie Lois Ervin

Mildred Ervin "Andy" Huddleston b. 9-21-1912 Washington County, AR d. 1-23-1980 Blount County, TN m. Mildred Nerine Dillard b. 7-3-1917 d. 12-23-2005
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Hi, tcandkk.  Your pedigree has been posted:

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My name is Jason Huddleston. ;  I am a history teacher and coach, 35 years old, married, and one son.  If we were to continue with this pedigree my grandfather is next; then my father, myself and my son.  I am excited to see what this may bring.  I am also interested in knowing how much Native American blood I have. 

1. Robert Huddleston, b. 1720 VA.
2. Robert Huddleston, b. 1743 VA., d. 1774
Spottsylvania, VA., m. Elizabeth, b. 1747 VA.
3. George Huddleston, b. 1764 Buckingham Co., VA., d.
1810 Buckingham Co., VA., m. Martha Winston, b. 1755
Buckingham Co., VA.
4. Anthony Huddleston, b. 1780 Buckingham Co., VA., d.
1849 Wilson Co., TN., m. 1814 Elizabeth Lewis, b. abt
1798 Wilson Co., TN.
5. George G. Huddleston, b. 1825 Wilson Co., TN., d. 9
Jul 1869 Wilson Co., TN., m. 1853 Mahala H. Williams,
b. 1830 Wilson Co., TN.
6. Thomas A. Huddleston, b. 3 Oct 1854 Wilson Co.,
TN., d. 23 Jul 1921 Wilson Co., TN., m. Henrietta
Neeley, b. May 1858 TN.
7. James M. Huddleston, b. Oct 1884 Wilson Co., TN.,
d. aft 1930 Wilson Co., TN., m. Cora.
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James John Huddleston, b. ca 1693
David Huddleston Sr, b. ca. 1720, d. ca.1786, 2nd. m. 1783, Hannah Gilmore
David Huddleston Jr, b. 1743, Rutherford, NC, d. 1821, m. 1768
Josiah Dunn Huddleston, b. 22 Oct 1782, Rutherford, NC, d. 7 Sept 1865, m. 1 Dec 1805, Winnah Seal
Charles Wiggington Huddleston, b. 3 Sept 1810, TN, d. 1 Jan 1884, m. 14 May 1834, Mary Ann Matthews
Calvin Craig Huddleston, b. 14 Oct 1840, Milton Iowa, d. 19 Oct 1922, m. 10 Mar 1867, Susannah C. Hagler
Charles Craig Huddleston, b. 10 Dec 1870, Milton, Iowa, d. 1 Jan 1955, m. 20 Apr 1898, Ora Cles
Earl Craig Huddleston, b. 14 Mar 1905, Milton Iowa, d. 17 Nov 1966, m. 3 Jan 1927, Ruth Marie Adams
Stanley Ralph Huddleston b. 2 Mar 1932, San Pedro, CA, m. 14 Feb 1959, Cheryl J. Scallon

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I am new to this so I hope that I got this right

Henry Huddleston B 1660 Bucks co M Elizabeth Cooper B 1670 Yorkshire England
  Henry Huddleston Jr. 1706 bucks co pa M Mary Wilkinson B 1710 bucks co pa
    Daniel Huddleston B 1735 bucks co pa D Kanawha or Fayette co VA WVA M Rachael martin B 1740
     Thomas J Huddleston B 1769 D 1825 M 1801 Catherine Nichols B 1780
       Job Huddleston  B 1814   Kanawha  Co D 1903 M 1844 Elizabeth McCoy B 1825   Kanawha Co.
       Albert Huddleston B 1849 M Rachael Crook
        Jean Huddleston M John Clark Seacrist (my Grand parents on my mothers side)
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Huddlestons of Yorkshire (East Riding) UK
Thomas Huddleston b c1765, d c1846, m 1800 in Middleton in the Wolds, to Mary Knaggs b 1780, d 1861.  They had 13 children
Their Children
William Huddleston b 1800 d 1888
John Huddleston b 1802, d 1867
Thomas Huddleston b 1803, d 1879
Mary Huddleston b 1805
Peter Huddleston b 1807, d1878, m1846 Mary Carter
George Huddleston b 1808, d 1895
Jane Huddleston b 1810, d 1873
Ann Huddleston b 1812
Robert Huddleston b 1814, d 1898, m Frances
   Emma b 1842
   Mary b 1843
   Clara b 1846
   Ann b 1854
Elizabeth Huddleston b 1816
   George Huddleston b1842, d 1911, m1890 Hannah       Jane Huddleston b 1891, m John Cockshutt in1915
      Maud Amelia Huddleston b 1902, d 1989
         George William Huddleston b 1920
         Selina May Huddleston b 1924
         Joan Huddleston b 1927
         Frank Huddleston b 1930
         Kenneth Keith Huddleston b 1933
         Aaron Huddleston b 1935
         Jean Huddleston b 1937
Richard Huddleston b 1818, m Hannah Crompton
   George Huddleston b 1867
   John Huddleston b 1864, m Maud Parker
      Oswald Huddleston b 1892
      Edith Huddleston b 1894, d 1917
      Clifford Huddleston b 1897
      Robert Huddleston b 1898
      Arthur Huddleston b 1899
      Gertrude Huddleston b 1902,
      Jessie Huddleston b 1909,
      Kenneth Huddleston b 1911
Matthew Huddleston b 1820, d 1914, m Sarah Knaggs
   Thomas Huddleston b 1858
   Ernest Huddleston b 1870
Rachel Huddleston b 1821, d 1866
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Anthony d 1669 m 1636 Alice Chapman
John d 1680
William b 1681 d 1726 m 1706 Anna Standen
John b c1700 d 1769 m c1732 Sarah Jackson
Joshua b 1744 d 1818 m 1771 Ann Phillipson
William b 1785 d 1846 m 1810 Margaret Procter
Joshua b 1811 d 1877 m 1834 Mary Ann Wilson
Thomas b 1837 d 1891 m 1863 Ruth Oddy
Henry Wilson b1871 d 1962 m 1904 Mary Ellen Jones
Henry Wilson b 1907 d 1976 m 1939 Catherine Benson
Gordon Huddleston
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1.Daniel Huddleston b 1803  Cabel Co. Virginia, married Louisa Rowley 1825 Lawrence Co, Ohio died ~1875 Bourbon Co Kansas
2. Joel Huddleston b Jan 1831, Macoupin Co. Illinois,  married Mona Gray  Dec 1855, Edwardsville, Il,  died 1908  Payne Co Oklahoma
3.Frank Livander Huddleston b 1865 Missouri, married Mary Bell Beeman 1877 Kansas, died 1932, Twin Falls, Idaho
4.Henry Huddleston b April 1893 Payne Co. OK Married Ethel Sligar 1917 Twin Falls, Idaho died 1964 Twin Falls Idaho


gordon huddleston
Larry Huddleston
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David Huddleston bef 1790 NC m unknown
David Huddleston 1806 TN Margaret Hammond
William Huddleston 1849 AR Margaret Bates
Winton Bates Huddleston 1880 AR Bertha Mae Garrison
Winton Bates Huddleston II 1907 TX Fannie Potter
Mary Lee Becker
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Kit #154239

1. Thomas Huddleston
2. Thomas Huddleston, of Amelia Co., VA., m. 1. Elizabeth Morgan, 2. Mary, 3. m. 1774 Amelia Co., VA. to
Mildred Tanner
3. Robert Huddleston, b. c. 1759 Amelia Co., VA., m. Rittie Tucker
4. William Henry Huddleston, b 1800 Warren or Mecklenburg Co., NC., m. Nancy Capps
5. Robert Randolph Huddleston, b. Mar 1835 NC., m. Eliza Ann Chandler
6. Robert Henry Huddleston, b. Jan 1879 SC., m. 1. Elizabeth Jane McKay, 2. Margaret B. Brown
7. Avery Sherill Huddleston, b. 20 Feb 1910 Mecklenburg Co., NC, m. Felester Frances Forester, 2. Elaine Swank

Huddleston DNA Project Y-DNA Results Page Spreadsheet:
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