Lamb Family Pedigrees

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From an email sent by Ed Johnson [cejohn22 AT]:

James Carter Lamb
b. Nov 7, 1878 Hancock Co, TN
d. Jan 9, 1964 Lee Co, VA
m. Lucy Givens Aug 25, 1898 Sneedville, TN
     b. May 25, 1882, Hancock Co, TN
     d. Oct 11, 1957 Lee Co, VA   

REV Thomas Lamb 
b. Dec 30, 1850 Hancock Co, TN
d. Jul 4, 1942 Middlesboro, KY
m. Martha Greene abt 1873 Hancock Co, TN
     b. Dec 10, 1855 Hancock Co, TN
     d. Jan 18, 1934 Hancock Co, TN

Jefferson Lamb 
b. Apr 24, 1824 Hancock Co, TN
d. Aug 11, 1911 Hancock Co, TN
m. Lucinda (Cindy) Wilder UNK
     b. 1819 Hancock Co, TN
     d. aft 1880 UNK

Esau Lamb 
b. Dec 3, 1796 NC
d. abt 1855 probably in Hancock Co, TN
m. Anna Seal (Unconfirmed) UNK
     b. 1804 Randolph, NC
     d. 1893 Sneedville, TN

Joseph Jesse Lamb 
b. Aug 2, 1767 Pasquotank, NC
d. Oct 10, 1872 Hawkins Co, TN
m. Rachael UNK
      b. 1762 UNK
      d. 1860 UNK

Esau Lamb
b. 1735 NC
d. 1790 UNK
m. Elizabeth Newby UNK
      b. 1738 UNK
      d. 1774 UNK

Henry Lamb
b. 1697 UNK
d. 1761 NC
m. Elizabeth Henley UNK
     b. 1701 Guilford Co, NC
     d. 1774 UNK

Joshua Lamb (Jr.  ??) 
b. 1674 UNK
d. 1761 UNK
m. Elizabeth UNK
     b. UNK
     d. UNK

Joshua Lamb 
b. 1642 UNK
d. 1692 NC
m. Mary Alcock UNK
      b. 1638 UNK
      d. 1690 UNK

Thomas Lamb (Jr.  ??) 
b. 1600 Stowe-Staffordshire, England
d. Mar 28, 1646 Roxbury, MA
m. Dorothy Harbitle Jul 16, 1640 Roxbury, MA
      b. 1620 Roxbury, MA
      d. 1699 Roxbury, MA
NOTE: Arrived Salem, MA 1630 from England

Thomas Lamb
b. 1570 London, England
d. 1599 London, England
m. Elizabeth UNK
      b. 1570 UNK
      d. Nov 1639 Roxbury, MA

Henry Lambe
b. 1554 Barnham-Norfolk, England
d. 1640 London, England
m. 1578 Anne Noone  UNK
     b. 1559 Tostock-Suffolk, England
     d. 1650 UNK England


Thomas Lambe 
b. 1520 Trimley-Suffolk, England
d. 1610 Trimley-Suffolk, England
m. 1549 Winifrid Grisling
      b. 1524 Suffolk, England
      d. 1610 Suffolk, England

Richard Lambe
b. 1490 Suffolk, England
d. Fepston-Worstershire, England
m. 1518 Agnes Ford St Giles-Middlesex, England
      b. 1494 Suffolk, England
      d. 1580 Trimley-Suffolk, England

My pedigree is:
Sarah Lamb Hudson(1750-1802)
Thomas Lamb (1723-1788)
Henry Lamb (1697-1761)

I've been seeing reports that DNA has proven there is no connection between Henry Lamb and Joshua Lamb of Mass.  Is this true?  Can someone tell me more about this?

My pedigree:
John Lambe b. abt 1458-Spouse Unknown
Richard Lambe b. before 1490-Spouse Agnes Ford abt b. 1494
Thomas Lambe b. abt 1520-Spouse Winifred Grisling b. abt 1524
Henry Lambe b. 1554-spouse Anne Nunn b. 1559
Thomas Lambe b. abt 1570 d. aft 1599 or 1609-spouse Elizabeth Aylett b. abt 1570 d. 1639
Thomas Lambe b. abt 1596 d. 1646-1st spouse Elizabeth b. abt 1606 s. 1639 some records say Stebbin some Smith mar. before 1623
2nd spouse Dorothy Harbottle b. abt 1619 d. 1/28/1698
Thomas is said to have been a founder of Mass. and came over on the Winthrope Fleet-Lambs were in America here.
Abiel Lamb b. 1646 d. 1710 -Spouse Elizabeth Clarke widow of Joseph Buckminster b. 6/31/1648 d. 12/11/1692 He fought and distingished himself in the King Phillip War and is registered as being from the Charlemagne Line and on file with Royel Gene's royal Registry file. His brother Joseph is also listed as coming from that line.
Samuel Lamb 2/12/1684-1728 Spouse Ester (Hester) Joslin 1681-1729
Barzillai Lamb 1712-1752 Spouse Sarah Knowlton 1710-1752
Joseph Lamb 1747-1823 Spouse Relief Cobliegh 1760-1817
Oliver Lamb 1781-1865 Spouse Sarah Green 1789-1844
Thomas Goold Lamb 1811- 1896-Spouse 1st and my line Jane Blossoms 1811  2nd spouse Rhoda Burch buried in Portville New York together.
Elmira Lamb Hill 1845-1922 Spouse Orrin Hill
Lamb line stopped here for me.
It appears we have royaled blood but I'm unable to find the actual connection only that they descend from Emperer Charlemagne (Charles the Great) whose sons became the rulers of Europe. There were no last names back then. This is the same royal line of Queen Elizabeth.
When I try to find out about Richard Lambe, I get Richard the II but no proof of anything. Also, I can't find any connection yet to Charles Lamb the writer.

Thomas Lamb b: 1690 Cheshire, England m: Mary Webster b: 1696
   Thomas Lamb b: 1721 Bucks Co., PA m: Alice Longshore b: 4 Jul 1726
        Longshore Lamb b: 1755 Fairfax, VA m: Sally Lee b: 1761
            Moses Lamb b: 1799 Union, SC m: Lucinda Smith b: 1799
                Elbert Lamb b: 1823 Caldwell Co., KY m: Elizabeth Redmond b: 1823
                    William Harvey Lamb b: 1856 Crawford Co., AR m: Alice Markham
                      b: 22 Jun 1864
                         Benjamin Harvey Lamb b: 1886 Crawford Co., AR m: Georgia Bell
                           Wilson b: 16 Aug 1897

Thomas Lamb b c 1690 England d c 1741 Bucks Co., PA m Mary Webster
Thomas Lamb b 1721 Bucks Co., PA d 1800 Union Co., SC m Alice Longshore
Longshore Lamb b c 1753 Bucks Co., PA d c 1826 Caldwell Co., KY m Sarah Lee
William Lamb b c 1784 Union Co., SC d 1834 Caldwell Co., KY m Rebecca
John W. Lamb b c 1814 Caldwell Co., KY d c 1884 Caldwell Co., KY m Jane French
Francis M. Lamb b 1844 Caldwell Co., KY d 1896 Caldwell Co., KY m Mary L. Baker
Price Lamb b 1894 Caldwell Co., KY d 1983 Caldwell Co., KY m Effie R. Herndon

It has been stated that Thomas Lamb, b c 1690, was born in Cheshire, England, but there has not been any proof found, at least to my knowledge, of the exact place in England where Thomas was born. If anyone has any information about the birthplace in England of Thomas Lamb (c 1690), I would greatly appreciate you sharing the information with me.

Thank you,
Linda Lamb Monticelli


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