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Author Topic: Ledbetter Family Pedigrees  (Read 14764 times)
Ken Haughton
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« on: January 03, 2005, 10:00:16 AM »

We invite you to submit your "Pedigree" for this Surname.   Our Surname Project is primarily interested in your Paternal line, as surnames are passed down from father to son, just as the yDNA is passed down. 

If you ARE A MEMBER of this Surname Project at Family Tree DNA, send your pedigree by email to at  The pedigree will then be posted on the Surname Project's Patriarchs Page by or sent to the Project’s Administrator.

Please include the following:
•       Name of project
•       Kit Number
•       Name of person posting pedigree
•       Email address to be posted with pedigree
•       Name, birthdate, birthplace, spouse of Earliest Known Ancestor
•       List each succeeding generation, using only those four items of information (or substitute another item of information if missing an item)

 (If you have more information you would like to share, you may also post a more extended version of your family pedigree on the project website’s Pedigree Forum below)

If you are NOT A MEMBER of this Surname Project at Family Tree DNA, you are welcome to post your pedigree on the Pedigree Forum below.  We hope an interested researcher will see it and contact you to share information.

To post on this Pedigree Forum:
1.  Register and log in at
(How do I register to post a pedigree? Click here
(I've already registered. How do I log in? Click here
2.  When you have logged in, scroll to the last posting on this forum, click "reply" and post your pedigree.
a.  Please do not include names for anyone born after 1910, to protect privacy.
b.  If you have questions or are unable to post your pedigree on this forum, please contact

For a step-by-step guide to using DNA for genealogy, please read DNA the Smart Way
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Peggy Burton
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« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2008, 09:28:23 PM »

Personal Pedigree - Peggy Gibbs Burton [pburton5 AT]

Unknown Ledbetter, b prob. England, m prob. Mary
Henry Ledbetter, b c1625, prob. England, m c1620 Mary
John Ledbetter, b c1663, Charles City Co VA, m Elizabeth Livesay
Richard Ledbetter, b c1690, Charles City Co VA, m Honor or Hannah
William Ledbetter, b 1740, Prince Co VA, m Mary Cheves
William A. Ledbetter, b 1779, Chatham Co NC, m Sarah Mitchell
William A. Ledbetter, b 1806, Guilford Co NC, m Eunice Siler
Sarah Ledbetter, b 1834, Guilford Co NC, m Gerhard Fredrich Bonkemeyer
George Rodolph Bonkemeyer, b 1867, Randolph Co NC, m Nancy Elizabeth Hughes
Ruth Vera Bonkemeyer, b 1908, Randolph Co NC, m Francis Orland Gibbs

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« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2008, 04:22:59 PM »

Hi, atwateradmin.

The pedigree for Peggy has been added to the patriarchs page:

vickie kay
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« Reply #3 on: March 14, 2010, 08:51:04 AM »

Jas Ledbetter,  b 1861,  Hartsville Tenn, m Sarah
Lumyrtle Ledbetter, b 1901, Hartsville Tenn, m George Cecil Clinton   
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« Reply #4 on: March 15, 2010, 02:39:15 PM »

Hi, vickie. 

Your pedigree has been posted:

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« Reply #5 on: July 18, 2010, 11:10:17 PM »

I am writing to submit the pedigree of my grandfather, Albert Dorsey MORRIS, for whom I have a 25-marker result DNA test completed. He did match LEDBETTERS as both a 25 marker exact match and a few 25 marker 1 distance matches.

We also have oral history that our earliest known MORRIS ancestor, Laban MORRIS (b. abt 1784, Craven or Beaufort County, NC) was actually a LEDBETTER by birth.

Here is my grandfather's known pedigree:

Laban Morris / b. abt 1784 in NC; d. aft 1860 Beaufort Co., NC; m. 1805 Caroline "Kitty" WILLIAMS of Craven Co.
+ William B. Morris / b. abt 1809 Craven Co., NC; d. aft 1880 Craven Co., NC; m. 29 Jan 1830 to Susan MacIntosh
-+ William Morris / b. 30 Sept 1833 Craven Co., NC; d. 16 Feb 1904 Craven Co.; m. 23 Oct 1852 to Elender Witherington
--+ Dorsey S. Morris / b. 8 Mar 1859 Craven Co., NC; d. 18 Jan 1938 Craven Co.; m. 22 May 1887 Mary Elizabeth Spear
---+ Albert D. Morris, Sr./ b. 4 Aug 1898 Craven Co., NC; d. 22 Sep 1952 Craven Co.; m. 1927 Helen Gold Gaskins
----+ Albert D. Morris, Jr./ b. 9 Mar 1933 Craven Co., NC; still living; m. 14 Dec 1952 Beatrice Pearl Cox
Ken Haughton
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« Reply #6 on: December 14, 2011, 03:42:23 PM »

A DNA study of the Ledbetters in the American South has shown that there are two distinct male lines, Haplos  I 1a and R 1b.

 Two members of the Leadbetter family in New England were tested that match each other but not those of either Southern family.  

            (* means there is a paternal discrepancy in this family line)

 [The transfer to this post leaves this a bit messy.  Contact me by email and I will send you a clean copy.      Ken Haughton]

Haplo  I 1a:

Francis Ledbetter; b. c1620, England; m. possibly Mary         khaughton   AT
   Henry Ledbetter; b. c1625, England, d. c1690, Charles City Co., VA; m. possibly Mary.
       Francis Ledbetter; b. c1643, Chas, City Co., VA; d. aft. 1694, Chas. City Co. m. unknown.
           William Ledbetter; b.1696 Chas. City Co; d.1775 Brunswick Co.,VA; m. Frances Osborn ?]
              James Ledbetter; b. c1730, Brunswick Co., VA; d. 1821 Brunswick Co., CA; m. Mary.
                  Osborne; b. c1778, Brunswick Co., VA; d. Tallapoosa Co., AL; m. Mary Delbridge.
                      Alexander Ledbetter; b. 1819, Brunswick Co., VA; d. 1906 Tallapoosa Co., AL; m. Nancy Elliott
                         Thomas Ledbetter; b. 1854, Tallapoosa Co., AL; d. 1938, Tallapoosa Co, AL; m1.  Sarah Arant, m2. Allie Golden   H1783        
                      Thomas Ledbetter; b. c1820, Brunswick Co., VA; d. Tallapoosa Co., AL; m1. Susan   Phillips, m2. Americus Wheelis
                          William Ledbetter; b. 1848, Tallapoosa Co., AL; d. Tallapoosa Co.,AL; m. Mary                                     Ellen Hood.  H1796
       John Ledbetter; b. c1664, Chas. City Co., VA; d. c1730 Chas. City Co., VA;Elizabeth  Livesay, m2. Mary
           Henry Ledbetter; b. c1690, Chas. City Co., VA; d. c1758 Brunswick Co., VA; m. Edith                     Williamson
               Henry Ledbetter; b. c1734, Brunswick Co., VA; d. c1788, Nash[?] Co., NC; m. Winifred                          Wall.
                    Lewis Ledbetter;  b. c1760, Brunswick Co., VA; d. c1809 Union Co., SC; m. Sarah
                         Millenton Ledbetter; b. c1775; d.  182-; m. Permina Taylor.
                             Stephen Ledbetter; b. c1802, Union Co?, SC; d. post 1850, m. Margaret
                                  Isaac Ledbetter;  b. 1824 Lincoln Co., TN; d. 1864 Pulaski Co., IL; m.                                             Caroline Richardson.  H1778
               Drury Ledbetter; b. c1741, Brunswick Co., VA; d. 1802, Wilkes Co., GA; m. Winifred                       Lanier.
                    Williamson Ledbetter; b. c1774, Brunswick Co., VA; d. c1865, Clark Co., GA; m.                            Charney
                         Martin Ledbetter; b. c1810, Clark Co., GA; d. c1875, Calhoun Co., AL; m. Dicey                               H1816
           Richard Ledbetter; b. c1690, Chas. City Co., VA; d. c1767, Brunswick Co., VA; m. Honor                    (Hannah?)
               Richard Ledbetter; b. c1716, Bristol Parish, VA; d. 1751, Brunswick Co., VA; m. Mary                          Walton
                   Richard Ledbetter; b. c1743, Brunswick Co., VA; d. c1846, Lumpkin Co., GA; m1.                             Nancy Johnson, m2, Elizabeth Berry.
                        Richard Ledbetter; b. c1783 Rutherford Co., NC; d. c1850 Rutherford Co., NC; m.                                 Mary Whiteside
                            John Ledbetter; b. c1801, Rutherford Co., NC; d. c 1875, Rutherford Co., NC;                                         m. Martha
                                 Charles Ledbetter; b. c1840, Gwinnett Co., GA; d. c1915, Washita Co., OK;                                              m. Delia Wood    H1779
                            Moses Ledbetter; b. c1813 Rutherford Co., NC; d. c1885, Polk Co., GA; m1.                                       Mary Whiteside, m2. Margaret.
                               William Ledbetter; b. c1835, Forsythe Co., GA; d. c1895 Forsythe Co., GA;                                           m. Catherine Tidwell  H1805
                               Daniel Ledbetter; b. c1837, Forsythe Co., GA; d. c1775, Forsythe Co., GA: m.                                            Mary Fowler  H1801
                        Isaac Ledbetter; b. 1796, Rutherford Co., NC; d. 1837, Buncombe Co., NC; m.                                Sally Bradley
                            Ozias Ledbetter;  b. c1834, Rutherford Co., NC; d. c1895, Dawson Co., NC;                                         m1. Remedy, m2. Elvira.  H1781
                   George Ledbetter;  b. c1747, Brunswick Co., VA; d. c1810, Rutherford Co., NC; m1.                             Elizabeth Walton,  m2. Metta Hyer
                        William Ledbetter; b. c1807 Rutherford Co., NC; d. c1875, Henderson Co., NC; m.                                  Ruth Lewallen.
                            William Ledbetter; b. c1842, Henderson Co., NC; d. c1895, Henderson Co., NC;
                                       m. Minerva Neely  H1813
                John Ledbetter; b. c1720, Bristol Parish, VA; d. c1785, Chatham Co., NC; m. Amy
                    Richard Ledbetter; b. c1760, Brunswick Co., VA; d. Chatham Co., NC; m. unknown
                        Benjamin Ledbetter; b. c1794, NC; d. unknown, m. Nancy Incore.
                            William Ledbetter; b. c1822, Orange Co., NC;  d. c1878, Robertson Co., TN; m.                                       Martha H1806

Arthur Ledbetter; b. c1740, prob. VA; d. 1814, “out west;” m1. unknown, m2. Frances Brooks.
    Buckner Ledbetter; b. c1762, prob. NC; d. c1845, Overton Co., TN; m. Tabitha Jones
        Buckner Ledbetter; b. c1810, Overton Co., TN; d. c1855, Overton Co., TN; m. Virginia Lions
          * Nancy Ledbetter; b. c1840, Overton Co., TN; d. unknown; m. none
(*) H 1812
        Jones Ledbetter; b. 1799, Wilkes Co., GA; d. c1863, Overton Co., TN; m1. Ann Jones, m2.
                  Elizabeth Craig.
            Benjamin Ledbetter; b. c1838, Overton Co., TN; d. 1863, Civil War; m. Marinda Bilbrey  
    Henry Ledbetter;  b. c1765, MD? d. 1834, IL;  m1. Nancy Coon, m2. Charity Edwards
         Asa Ledbetter; b. 1787, GA; d. 182x, near Shelbyville, IL; m. Margaret
               Henry Ledbetter; b. 1819, Shelby Co., IL; d. 1862, Shelby Co., IL; m. Sarah Weger.
                    William Ledbetter; b. 1855 Shelby Co., IL; d. 1920+, Moultrie Co., IL; m. Ada Carter.                          H1815
         George Ledbetter; b. 1809, Gallatin Co., IL; d. 1883 Fayette Co., IL; m. Louisiana                  Chisenhall
              George Ledbetter; b. unknown    
                  George Ledbetter; b. unknown   H1804
         Doctor Ledbetter; b. 1815, IL; d. 1896, Hardin Co., IL;  m1. Rebecca Lane,  m2. Ellyn                   Lyons.
              John Ledbetter; b. 1845, Hardin Co., IL; d. 1896, IL; m1. Mary Lowery, m2. Julia Foster.                    H1829
  James Ledbetter; b. c1792, NC; m1. unknown, m2. Mahala
       John Ledbetter; b. 1806, Overton Co., TN; d. 1896, Hardin Co., IL; m. Elizabeth Wright.                     H1795
  George Ledbetter; b. 1783. NC; d. 1863, Madison Co., AR; m. Martha Chesser.
       Jefferson Ledbetter; b. 1810, Warren Co., TN; d. 1896, Madison Co., AR; m. Elizabeth                   Herriman.  H1808
     * Betts Ledbetter, b. 1823, TN; d. unknown; m. none.   (*) H1792  (*) H1793


Wiley Ledbetter; b. c1825, NC; d. c1870, TX; m. Mary.
    Marion Ledbetter; b. 1845, GA; d. c1915, Jack Co., TX; m. Alice Myers.   H1810


Thomas Ledbetter; b. c1800, unknown; d. c1849, Madison Co., GA; m. Mary Sue Nash
    Joseph Ledbetter; b. 1845, Madison Co., GA; d. 1820 Walton Co., GA; m. Sarah Smith                H1803



Haplo R 1b


John Ledbetter; b. c1698, Bristol Parish, VA; d. Granville Co., NC; m. Tedstall?
   John Ledbetter; b. c1720, Bristol Parish, VA; d. unknown; m. Joice
       Frederick Ledbetter; b. c1746, Brunswick Co., VA; d. unknown; m. unknown.
           Ephraim Ledbetter; b. c1778, GA; d. 1851, AL; m. Margaret Morgan Cook.
                Isaac Ledbetter; b. 1815, TN; d. 1878, AL;  m. Sarah Burton.
                    George Ledbetter; b. 1839, AL; d. 1917, AL; m1, Amanda Russell, m2. Mary Ann                            Capps.  H1809
                Ephraim Ledbetter; b. 1815, Clay Co., AL; d. unknown; m. Martha Casey.
                     Isaac Ledbetter; b. c1846, Clay Co., AL; d. unknown; m1. Malissa, m2. Ludie.                          H1789
       Daughter Ledbetter; b. unknown; d. c1778, NC; m. none
         * Joseph Ledbetter; b. 1778, GA; d. unknown; m. Jane Parker
                Hinson Ledbetter; b. 1809, Jones Co., GA; d. 1873, Talladega Co., AL; m. Adelia                            Sandwich.
                     Jacob Ledbetter; b. 1835, GA; d. c1835; m. Ann Elizabeth Jones.      
(*) H1786
                       * Joseph Ledbetter; b. c1810, GA; d. unknown; m1. Elizabeth Ferrell, m2. Mary                                     Stokes. (*) H1811
   Henry Ledbetter; b. 1721, Prince George Co., VA; d. 1785, Caswell Co., NC;
m. Edie Clark
        Joel Ledbetter; b. c1759, Granville Co., NC; d. c1815, Madison Co., AL;
m. Kitty Brazelton.
            John Ledbetter; b. 1774, Orange Co., NC; d. 1831, Anderson Co., SC; m. Mary Verner
                 Henry Ledbetter; b. 1805, Anderson Co., SC; d. unknown; m1. Charity Shockley, m2.                             Sarah
                      Asbury Ledbetter; b. c1826, Anderson Co., SC; d. unknown; m. Nancy  H1785
            Joel Ledbetter; b. c1777, Caswell Co., NC; d. 1820, Madison Co., AL; m. Nancy
                 Absalom Ledbetter; b. c1808, GA; d. prob. TX; m. Mary Ann Lacy  H1794
                 Shelman Ledbetter; b. GA; d. unknown; m1. Margaret Hughes, m2. Aloma, m3. Nancy
                      William Ledbetter; b. 1855, Franklin Co., AL; d. 1921, Erath Co.,? TX; m. Virginia                                 Johnson H1828
                 Daniel Ledbetter; b. c1792, GA; d. 1856, Madison Co., AL; m. Harriet Buford
                      Reubin Ledbetter; b. 1833, Madison Co., AL; d. 1917 Marshall Co., AL, m1;                               Caroline Vann, m2. Martha Freeman
                           John Ledbetter; b. c1869; d. unknown; m. Lula Purkerson   H1787
        Daniel Ledbetter; b. c1755, Granville Co., NC; d. unknown; m. Nancy Wheeler?
              William Ledbetter; b. c1785, Rutherford Co., NC; d. unknown; m. Anna Stanley
                   Martin Ledbetter; b. 1805, SC; d. 1847, Davidson Co., TN; m. Eliza McKinley
                        Jesse Ledbetter; b. 1838, Bedford Co., TN; d. 1917, OK; m. Mary Hopkins  H1780
                    Jesse Ledbetter; b. 1814, Anderson Co., SC; d. c1885, Marshall Co., TN; m1. Mary                                   Shearin, m2. Elizabeth Bercheen, m3. Sarah
                       James Ledbetter; b. c1849, Bedford Co., TN; d. c1915, Marshall Co., TN; m1.                                      Martha, m2. Hattie Long  H1817
   William Ledbetter; b. c1728, Prince George Co., VA; d. c1818, Chatham Co., NC; m. Mary               Cheves
  (*) Daughter Ledbetter; b.c1759; d. prob. c1785; m. none
            Alsey Ledbetter; b. 1785, Chatham Co., NC; d. 1855, Hardin Co., TN; m. Martha Bright
                James Ledbetter; b. 1812, Guilford Co., NC; d. 1895, Henderson Co., TN;  m. Rutha                              Tillman
                     Joseph Ledbetter; b. 1856, Henderson Co., TN; d. 1925, Waxahachie, TX; m. Emily        
                             Richardson  (*)  H1819
                Andrew Ledbetter; b. 1823, Guilford Co., NC; d. 1898, McNairy Co., TN; m. Elizabeth                            Hurley (*)  H1790

       Coleman Ledbetter; b. Brunswicck Co., VA; d. 1794, Guilford Co., NC; m. Elizabeth Moore
            Coleman Ledbetter; b. c1812, NC; d. unknown; m1. Fanny Armfield, m2. Amanda Miers
                 James Ledbetter; b. c851, NC; d. prob. Sullivan Co., TN; m Mary Whetsel  H1818
  (*) Winnie Ledbetter; b. c1775; d. unknown; m. none
            Ephraim Ledbetter; b. c1790, NC;  d. 1851, Chatham Co., NC; m. Nancy Banks Gunter
                 Johnson Ledbetter; b. c1831, Chatham Co., NC; d. c1915, Madison Co., AR; m.                              Georgia
                      Edward Ledbetter; b. 1870, Greene Co., AR; d. unknown; m. Joanna  (*) H1799
       William Ledbetter; b. 1779, Chatham Co., NC; d. unknown; m. Sarah Mitchell
           William Ledbetter; b. 1806, Guilford Co., NC; d. c1855, Guilford Co., NC; m. Eunice Siler
               William Ledbetter; b. c1847, Guilford Co., NC; d. c1922, IA; m1. Willie Peck, m2.                            Parmelia Reid  H1830


Williams Ledbetter; b. c1800, VA; d. unknown; m. Miss Horne or Miss Thorn
    Jehu Ledbetter;  b. 1827, TN; d. unknown; m. Lydia Minervia unknown    H1800  H1807
    James Ledbetter; b. c1829, NC; d. 1882, Prentiss Co., MS; m. Sarah Hughes  H1826


William Ledbetter; b. 1843, Giles Co., TN; d. c1915, San Saba Co., TX; m. Jennnettie Bomar  


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« Reply #7 on: April 25, 2012, 12:08:58 PM »

I am Greg Ledbetter h1804 if any others follow this  branch I have all information pertaining to this group. You can contact me at
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« Reply #8 on: October 18, 2014, 07:32:04 PM »

I'm writing to submit the pedigree of my Father John Fenner Morris

John Ledbetter b 1719 in Prince George co. VA., d, unknown, marr. Elizabeth Wesson.
+ Rowland Ledbetter b. abt 1764 in Brunswick Co. VA., d. in Tenn., Mother of Laban below was probably a Morris or Hemby.
+ Laban Morris b. abt 1784 d aft 1860 in Beaufort Co. NC, m. Caroline Williams
+William B. Morris b abt 1809 in Craven Co. NC, d abt 1880 in Craven Co. NC. m. Susan MacIntosh
+William Morris b. 30 Sept 1833 in Craven Co. NC, d. 16 Feb 1904 in Craven Co. NC. m. Elender Witherington
+Fenner Allen Morris b.20 Mar 1863 d. 20 Mar 1929 in Craven County. m. Annie Wiggins
+ Adrian Lee Morris b 26 Feb 1889 in Craven Co., d 8 May 1963 in Craven Co. m Bessie Quinn
+ John Fenner Morris b 13 Dec 1923 in Stella, NC d 23 Nov 2002 in Carteret Co. NC m. Dorcas Smith

The ledbetter connection was confirmed by 67 marker DNA test and Familytree Family Finder.

J. Michael Morris
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« Reply #9 on: October 22, 2014, 07:42:13 PM »

 I am descended from Emaline Ledbetter b. 1829 daughter of Alsey Ledbetter b. 1779 now ascertained to be son of Daughter Ledbetter b. 1759 and most probably a ? Hatley, daughter of William Ledbetter b. 1749 and Mary Cheeves. Since Alsey has now been discovered to not be in the paternal line (he was adopted by his grandfather, William), does one submit a pedigree or is considered ineligible?
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