Marcum-Markham Family Pedigrees

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Phil Markham:
1. Josiah Markham, b ca 1790, m Mary (Polly) Bales
2. Alexander Leftridge Marcum (Marcrum) ( Markham) b 27 Dec 1818, m Sarah A. Ball
         AKA Leftridge E. Marcum
3. George Washington Markham, b 2 Oct 1858, m Amanda Robinson
4. Robert Smith Markham, b 4 Sep 1892, m Ethel Mabel Miles
5. Philip Nathan Markham, b 11 Mar 1930, m (1) Isabel Fiddes (2) Donna Jones

Ancestors of Greig Jarvis Markham, Yorkshire, England


   1     Poss. Robert Markham         
   2     Robert Markham   1638 - 1672   b: Bef. 1638   d: Bet. 1672 - 1680 in Barmby on the Marsh, Yorkshire
   3     Robert Markham   1664 -   b: 1664 in Barmby on the Marsh, Yorkshire   
   4     Robert Markham   1692 - 1771   b: 1692 in Bubwith, Yorkshire   d: 1771 in Wressell, Yorkshire
   5     Martin Markham   1723 - 1807   b: 1723   d: 1807 in Wressell, Yorkshire
   6     Henry Markham   1752 - 1811   b: Abt. 1752   d: Aft. 1811 in Wressell, Yorkshire
   7     John Markham   1780 - 1836   b: 1780 in Wressell, Yorkshire   d: Jul 1836 in Wressell, Yorkshire
   8     William Markham   1814 - 1864   b: 1814 in Wressell, Yorkshire   d: 1864 in Wressell, Yorkshire
   9     John Markham   1853 - 1929   b: 1853 in Wressell, Yorkshire   d: 22 Jun 1929 in Selby, Yorkshire
   10     Harry Markham   1886 - 1966   b: 1886 in Bubwith, Yorkshire   d: Dec 1966 in Leeds, Yorkshire
   11     Donald Markham   1920 - 1991   b: 16 Jul 1920 in 22 Temple View, Cross Green, Leeds, Yorkshire
   12     Greig Jarvis Markham   1946 -   b: 27 Jun 1946 in Stockeld Park Maternity Home, Spofforth, North Yorkshire   

David Morgan MARKHAM ancestry

John Bunyon Markham, born 1819, Tennessee, married Sarah Elizabeth Upshaw 1843, Noxubee CO MS
died Feb 1856, Minden, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana

Oldest son was James Monroe Markham, born 1853, Sparta, Louisiana, died 1936, Texas, moved to
Bell County, Texas in 1867, married Nannie Bell Newman.

Youngest son of James Monroe Markham was Ernest William (Bud) Markham, born 1902 in Bell Co. TX,
married (1) Rebecca Mae Bassett 1921, divorced 1927, married (2) Grace in 1930?.

Oldest son of Ernest William (Bud) Markham was Hubert Donnell Markham, born 23 July 1922, Canyon,
TX, died 31 July 2006, adopted by his step-father  French Morgan in 1942, married Mildred Sue Barber
in 1942.

Oldest son of Hubert Donnell (Markham) Morgan is David Wayne Morgan, born 1 March 1943.


1. Arthur Markham II, b bet 1720-1730, d aft 1791; m ca 1704 to Unknown
2. John Markham, b ca 1764, m Jenny Edds
3. Josiah Markham, b ca 1790, m Mary (Polly) Beales
4. William Markham b ca 1820, m Rachel Woodward
5. Archibald Markham, b ca 1850, m (1) Martha Pillion (2) Jennie Pillion (3) Margaret Brooks
6. Wylie Marcum, b 1880, m Cornie Snodgrass
7. Walter Marcum, b ca 1910, m (1) Isabelle Mink (2) Vina Phillips
8. Bobby Marcum, b 1941, m Betty
9. Christopher Marcum, b 1968, m Mary Jo

Family Pedigree

8th Generation:
Thomas Markham b. Abt 1712  , Amelia, VA, USA  d. Abt 1750 , Amelia, VA, USA
SP. Agnes
(children)  Thomas Markham Jr.
7th Generation:
Thomas Markham Jr. b Abt 1735 , Goochland, VA, USA  d. Aft 1816 Red Bird, Owsley, KY, USA
SP. Jane "Janey" Clay
(children)  William Markham  no SP
            Thomas Markham  Sp Mary Polly Wilson
            Barnet Markham  SP Lucy Belcher
            Agnes Markham  SP John Banks
            Sarah Markham  SP Stephen Heard
            James Markham  no SP
            John Markham  SP Dicey Greer
            Elizabeth Markham  SP Samuel Banks and Aron Hodges
            Licley Markham  SP Sarah Keen
            Cloe Markham  SP Asa Hogs
            Beverly Markham  SP Elizabeth Ward
            Josiah Markham   no Sp
6th Generation:
Thomas Markham (Marcum) III b. Abt 1775 , , Virginia, USA d. Aft 1850
SP Mary Polly Wilson
(children)   Thomas Marcum Jr  SP Nancy Roberts
            Rachel Marcum  SP Jesse Roberts
            Hirum Marcum SP Sarah "Sally" Roberts
            Phillip Marcum  SP Mahala Asher
            William Wilson Marcum SP Edie Baker
            Alfred Marcum SP Joana Strong
            Squire Marcum  SP Susan Herd
            Lewis "Elias" Marcum SP Jane Bowles
            John Marcum SP Mary Rector
            Mahala or Haley Marcum SP Jacob Gabbard
            Nancy "Mips" Marcum SP Samuel Cooper
            James Marcum SP Elizabeth "Betsey" J. Parker
5th Generation:
Thomas Marcum IV b. 30 Jun 1814 Big Creek, Clay, KY, USA d. 29 Nov 1892 Big Creek, Clay, KY, USA
Sp Nancy Roberts
(children) Ann Marcum  Sp David Roberts
            America Marcum  SP Isaac Bailey
            Sally Marcum  SP Millard Ledford
            Elizabeth "Betsy" Marcum Sp Squire Hensley
            Mary (Polly) Marcum SP Spender Holland
            Arrah Marcum SP Thomas Clarkston
            Pharris Marcum SP Christina Wilson
            Alfred Marcum  No Sp
            Rachel Marcum  SP Granville(Caleb) Ledford
            Jane Marcum SP Henry C. Ledford
            John Marcum Sp Sally Hensley
            James Marcum SP Mary Elizabeth Gilbert
4th Generation:
James Marcum b.15 Sep 1847 Big Creek, Clay, KY, USA d. 15 Jan 1892 Manchester, Clay, KY, USA
SP Mary Elizabeth Gilbert
(children)            Chester Aurther Marcum Sp Nettie Ruth Marcum
3rd Generation:
Chester Aurther Marcum b. 31 Dec 1881 Manchester, Clay, KY, USA d. 21 Jan 1952 Driggs, Teton, ID, USA
Sp Nettie Ruth Marcum
  (children)            Orin Elliott Marcum SP Edna Louise Shinn
2nd Generation:
Orin Elliott Marcum
SP Edna Louise Marcum
 (children)              William (Bill) Marcum
1st Generation:
William Marcum Sp Mary Marcum

I have not included the dates of those still living, nor have I included all of the sons and daughters of C A Marcum and their descendants due to privacy issues (many of them are still living).

We know our family comes from England but we have not traced it back that far yet. Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated. We believe or rather we have heard that the Markham family comes from the city of Markham in England or Whales.

If you have any questions please let me know.

I have been identified as M-34 on the DNA page.

I can provide a more comprehensive Genealogy Chart if anyone is interested.


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