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Author Topic: Farrar Farrer Ferrar GEDCOM (Family Tree Data Base)  (Read 7332 times)
William Thomas Farrar, III
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« on: October 10, 2013, 12:11:49 PM »

This is a link to my database of the family. It includes Farrer, Ferrar as well as Farrar
includes many branches of the family tree, both in England and in America.
Names include Cecily Jordan Farrar, William Farrar I, William Farrar II, William Farrar III, William Farrar IV, William Ferrar, John Ferrar, Henry Ferror, Siclly Kelke (spelling per marriage anouncement in London paper), William the Conqueror, Charlemagne,
Charles Martel, Clovis, Edward the Exile  Saint Margaret Aetheling of Scotland
Byzantine Emperors, Kings and Queens of Scotland, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Saxony

While at it I would like to extend to you an invitation to join the Farrar project at

All you have to do is create a new account (in the block on the left where it says sign in), and post your own pedigree at the Pedigrees Link.

I do not permit people to post the names of living individuals (for security sake), for instance Lorena and yours would not be posted. And email addy's are posted in the following format which foils "bots" that crawl the web and sniff out email addy's jvfarraratcomcastdotnet or jvfarrarperiodcomcastpederiodnet

And if up to it, it would be helpful and great, but not necessary, to join us in taking a YDNA Test. Men have YDNA and pass it on to their sons, but not their daughters, women have mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and pass it on to both sons and daughters, however sons do not pass it on to their children, only females pass mtDNA on

Thus YDNA is useful for male lineage and mtDNA is useful for female lineage.  There is also autosomal DNA or atDNA. This DNA is passed on by both parents, but is filtered out after 5th cousin, (4th great grandparent).

You would, after you join the Farrar project, and if you wish to test your YDNA click on the Order DNA test link, members of the project get a . You would order Y37 test. (Y12 and Y25 are cheaper but useless, our Farrar DNA is Eurasian, Sarmatian. And the only known people who have this DNA in the British Isles or western Europe are members of the Farrar DNA project (you can see us in Lineage 1 at the YResults link on the page)

Our ancestor is either a Iazyge, a Sarmatian tribe that was defeated by Rome in the 2nd Century and who, as part of the peace treaty, provided 8,500 light cavalry as auxillary to the Romans, 5,500 of which were stationed at York and along Hadrians Wall, most retired in Britain and settled in at the Veterans community at Bremetennacum Veteranorum, near modern Ribchester, which is only 17 miles  from the Farrar ancestral home of Ewood Hall, Midgley/Mytholmroyd, West Riding Yorkshire. The other 3,000 were stationed along the Rhine, ostensibly some of their descendants wound up in Viking Bands out of Denmark.

Another possibility is that we are descended from Alani, another Sarmatian Tribe, that was permitted to settle in Armorica, modern Brittany, by the Roman praetor Aetitius (who, along with Goth, Frank, German and Alani support) defeated Attila the Hun at the battle of the Catalaunian fields (Battle of Chalon), after he had given permission to the Alani's. A rich Sarmatian grave was found at Arian in Normandy, about 75 miles from Ferrieres where Henry de Ferrers, master of horse for Wm the conqueror and a Domesday Commissioner was born. Some theorize that Farrars are of the Ferrers. I am not so sure as no link has been found and the earliest spelling of the name is in the poll tax of 1377, as Ferror or Ferrour, and indeed the earliest documented ancestor of ours is Henry Ferror who left his will proved 1549.

Another possibility is that we descend from a Magyar, a courtier in the court of Margaret Aetheling, dtr of Edward the Exile, a Saxon King who fled to Hungary, but was invited back by Edward he Confessor before his death, in anticipation of Edwards son taking the crown. However Edwards son was outmanuevered, and the crown was claimed by Harald Hdrata and Harold Godwinson.  Harold Godwinson marched north and defeated Harald Hdrata at the battle of the Stamford Bridge in 1066, Godwinson then marched south in two weeks to meet William duke of Normandy at Hastings and was defeated. Thus William claimed the crown of England which he used as a tax farm, having no intention of living there. That was the purpose of the Domesday Book, a taxation census.

The Saxon kings of Mercia, Algar and Morcar had pledged fealty to William after Hastings, however on learning of the taxation survey, they reneged on their pledge, so William set William Peverel and Henry de Ferrers against the Saxon kingdoms of Mercia to defeat and punish Algar and Morcar and to bring the region under his control.  This is known as Harrying of the North: some hundreds of thousands of people died, if not of the sword, then of starvation and the dead lay so thick along roads, in homes and fields that there was none to bury them and they served as a ravens feast.

For his service, Henry de Ferrers was given 210 fiefdoms in England, and his son set up his base in what is now Staffordshire, building Tutbury Castle. William Peverell  built the Castle of the Peak which serves in the  Robin Hood legend. Two Ferrers served as Sheriff of Nottingham, and it is thought that Robert de Ferrers 4th great great grandson of Henry de Ferrers was the or one of the basis for Robin Hood.

Robert de Ferrers rebelled against Edward I, and as a result lost his title as Earl of Derby, to Edwards brother, Edmund Crouchback (Cross back) . Edmund had torn down Tutbury Castle, and he became the head of the Lancaster dynasty (the White rose in the war of the Roses).

I mention this because Farrar DNA was found, during the Capellli census of Y Chromosone in the British Isles, in Uttoxeter which is a village at the foot of Tutbury Castle..Thus a possibility that we descend from the de Ferrers.

However back to Margaret Aetheling, she the dtr of Edward the Exile, fled north into Scotland from York, during the Harrying of the North, and there she married Malcolm III (King of Scotland and of MacBeth Fame) and she is one of our ancestors, along with Malcolm and other Kings of Scotland.

Our descent from Margaret and others of note is not through the Farrars but through Cecily (Sicily or Sissley) Kelke mother of William fferrar (Jamestown Muster Spelling) our Virginia patriarch.

Through her we also descend from Henry de Ferrers.

I do hope that you continue this conversation with me and that you at least join the Farrar project.
If so motivated and you can afford it you can also test your DNA later, after joining the project.
But it is not mandatory that you test to join.

And there is nothing to fear from testing. I had reservations at first, and it took me four months to test after I joined, and I was the second to join and actually created the project and became it's administrator.

FTDNA sends you the kit, the testing laboratory gets only a kit number, no name associated with it, the
DNA is not accessible by authorities (unlike Military DNA) and it is not used to underwrite insurance policies, thanks to a bill of President Clinton.
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