Meadows Family Pedigrees

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Thomas Meador, b 1615, England, m. Sarah Unknown
Thomas Meador, Jr. 1636, b Essex, Va, m Sarah Hoskins
John Meador, b 1658, Essex, Va, m Mary Awbrey
Jonas Meador, Sr, b 1698, Essex, Va, m Frances Hudgens
Joel Meador, Sr, b 1725, Caroline Co. Va, m Susannah Clark
Jesse Meador, b 1750, Bedford Co. Va, m Mary Mann
Moses Greer Meador, b 1796, Franklin Co. Va, m Sophia W Arrington
Gideon Meador, b 1824, Franklin Co. Va, m Nancy Stinson
Joseph W Meador, b 1844, Kentucky, m Nancy Elizabeth Simmons,
Henry Stephen Meador, b 1883, Macon Co. Tn, m Lonia O'Neal
Murray W Meador, b 1912 Macon Co. Tn, m Mae Horton Yarbrough
Henry Louis Meador, b 1936, Bradenton, Florida, m Barbara R Daniels
    Mark David Meador, b 1962, Bradenton, Fl, m Michelle Hartwig Robinson

Hi, MyakkaMeadowlark.  Your pedigree has been posted:


Robert de Medewe, b c1290, England
Jeffrey de Medewe, b c1323, Witnesham, Suffolk, England
Jeffrey de Medewe II, b c1400 (?), Hasketon, Suffolk, England, m Margaret Fairfax
Jeffrey de Medewe III, b 1452, Witnesham, Suffolk, England
John Meadowe, b 1476, Martlesham, Suffolk, England, m Margaret (Unknown)
William Meadowe, b 1504, Rushmere St Andrew, Suffolk, England, m Isabel (Unknown)
William Meadowe, b 1534, Rushmere, St Andrew, Suffolk, England, m Agnes Margaret (Unknown)
Daniel Meadowe, b 1577, Chattisham Hall, England, m Elizabeth Smith
Ambrose Meador, b 1594, England
Thomas Meador, Sr, b c1610, England, m Sarah Yates
Thomas Meador, Jr, b c1635, Lancaster County, Virginia, m Sarah Hoskins
John Meador, b 1658, m Mary Ann Aubrey
Jason Meador, Sr, b 1704, Essex County, Virginia, m Elizabeth Stone
Thomas Meador, b 1736, Essex County, Virginia, m Keziah Moberly
John Meador, b 1777, Anson County, North Carolina, m Delila Jones
Jacob Mobley Meadors, b 1799, Granville County, North Carolina, m Jane W. Harman
John Richard Meadors, b 1826, Whitley County, Kentucky, m Susanna Moore
William Daniel Meadors, b 1851, Crawford County, Arkansas, m Mary Elizabeth Cotner
Shuler Malcom Meadors, Sr, b 1890, LaFlore County, Oklahoma, m Melda Caroline White

Caveat: the ancestry prior to Daniel appears questionable to me, but I have seen several researchers online list with minimal reservation. From John Mobley to Daniel, I have found multiple records on multiple sites supporting a link, including apparent affirmation of my great uncle, Shuler Sr's son. Our own descent from Daniel looks solid. The transitions of spelling in the surname are as found in most sources, but I cannot be definite.

Grant Meadors

Hi, Grant.

Your pedigree has been posted and merged with that of MyakkaMeadowlark as you share common ancestors.


Oscar Meadows born 1947 Greenup County, Kentucky son of
Wesley Meadows born 1915 Greenup County, Kentucky son of
Henry Franklin Meadows born 1865 Greenup County, Kentucky son of
George Washington Meadows born 1835 Greenup County,  Kentucky son of
Abraham Meadows born 1808 Monroe County, Virginia, s/o Francis and
Frances Bush Meadows (Rockingham County, VA)


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