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Author Topic: Ancient Dna and genetic studies Wish List  (Read 1760 times)
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« on: November 12, 2012, 01:41:38 PM »

With the Holiday Season and New Year fast approaching what is everyone looking forward to on the genetics front?

What is on your wish list? And what is your prediction as to what will be revealed?

My wish list:

1 - Y-Dna from the Wielbark and Przeworsk Cultures. Who was there? I1? I2? R1a-Z280, R1a-M458, R1b-U106? Was it Eastern Germanic, Baltic, Proto-Slavic, or something inbetween? Where was the Slavic Urheimet?

- prediction: Eastern Germanic. Mixed genetically. I1, I2, and R1b-U106 from Jastorf mixed with R1a-Z280 and some R1a-M458. Slavic Urheimet further to the East.

2 - Any Mesolithic Y-Dna. Retest Cheddar Man! Wouldn't be amazing if anything descended from Haplogroup F wasn't in Europe at that time. Highly unlikely but fun to shake things up!

- bet: All C! Haplogroup I arrives in the Neolithic. Ok to hedge my bet: some I.

3 - Y- Dna from the Kemi Oba culture. Was R1b out on the steppe and part of the Yamnaya horizon?

- bet: Yes, but the major incursion of R1b into Europe was through Anatolia and into the Balkans.

stocking stuffers:

1 - Ancestry Painting 2.0 at 23andme. Seriously how much longer. Roll it out!

2 - A comprehensive study on Y-Dna in the Balkans. Sorely underrepresented.

3 - Anything on France! It's the black hole of genetic testing...

Happy holidays to all

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« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2012, 06:40:11 PM »

I would very much like to see an increase in knowledge regarding Native American DNA (autosomal, Y, and mitochondrial). I would especially like to see greater detail and regarding mitochondrial haplogroup A2.
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