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Author Topic: About Z2103/Z2105 and L150, L584, L277 etc.  (Read 15653 times)
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« Reply #50 on: November 19, 2012, 09:11:14 AM »

Interesting.  I went to their website but it appears to only give the option of uploading xdna and autosomal. Is this true?  I only have ydna results at the moment.



I do plan to test L588 and L277.  Does Geno 2.0 test for these SNPs?  If not, I will test individually at FTDNA.  

I hear rumors that FTDNA will offer Geno 2.0 early 2013, so I may wait until then as they already have my sample - that is if they do test for SNPs downstream of Z2105 (that is if I am positive; will know the results within the next week or so).

Can you tell me more information on Eurogenes Euro calculator and Dodecad K12b?  I am unaware of their service.  Can I share my 67 y-line dna results with them and compare to others in their database?  Will they be able to better pinpoint my european ancestry?



Thanks.  I may take the test.  I will not be able to compare my surname as there was an adoption.  But I may be able to compare surnames whose Y line I match (I test 67 markers at FamilyTreeDNA) to others and also those that point to a certain geographic area as you mentioned.  Then I can trace where my father was born, and see if there are matching surnames from that area.  

Seems like Geno 2.0 will also be able to tell nationality; which may also help.  

Thanks to all for your valued knowledge and information.  

Geno 2.0 has replaced the deepClade test.   The best result for the general research community would be the Geno 2.0 test.  For yourself  Geno might provide a higher resolution ancestral point of origin but probably nothing that would be genealogically relevant for your immediate paternal line searches.  You could look in that geographic area for similar surnames and over time get them tested to see if you can establish a link.

I've tested family tree's ydna 67.  Do you suggest testing Geno 2 or Family Tree's Deep Clade?  I'm looking for links to my father's side because it is unknown beyond him.  Which test is best for me and the community?  

The Swiss Burkholder sample (L277+) is in the analysis phase for Geno 2.0 results. Within 3(?) weeks there will be a pool of SNPs to position in the L23 region.  

Saje  do you plan on testing for  L584 and L277? Or are you going to wait for Gen2.0 results to be released?What are your results in Eurogenes Euro calculator or Dodecad K12b.

If you have 23andme or Familytreedna results you can upload them to the various Gedmatch calculators; and they will show  groups you are related to. You can compare the results, and use the Oracle function.
Some  examples using my results

 Dodecad K12b-distance
1]Hungarians (Behar)    7.82
2]German (Dodecad)    8.78
3]Polish (Dodecad)    10.94
4]Swedish (Dodecad)    11.03
5]Norwegian (Dodecad)    13.37

#Primary Population (source)    Secondary Population (source)@Distance
1]52.8%   Mixed_Germanic (Dodecad)+47.2%   Russian_B (Behar)@1.37
2]67.3% German (Dodecad)+32.7%Russian_B (Behar)@1.49
3]65.7%German (Dodecad)+ 34.3%Russian (Dodecad)@1.74

Eurogene Eutest

#   Population (source)   Distance
1]PL 2.78
2]UA 4
3]West_Russian 5.92
4]Ukrainian-Russian 6.68
5]Belorussian 7.24

#Primary Population (source)    Secondary Population (source)@Distance
3]91.1%UA+8.9%French_Basque@   1.45


#   Population (source)@Distance
1]Ukrainian-Center (derived)3.13
2]Ukrainian-East (derived)3.54
3]Polish_V (derived)   3.66
4]Belarusian_V (derived)   3.72
5]Ukrainian (derived) 3.82

#Primary Population (source)    Secondary Population (source)@Distance
1]96.2%Polish_V (derived) +    3.8%Abhkasian (derived)   @2.17
2]96.3%Polish_V (derived)+    3.7%Georgian_Imereti (derived)@2.19
3]96.1%Polish_V (derived)+    3.9%Georgian_Laz (derived)@2.24
4]55.2%   North-East-European (ancestral)+44.8%Kosovar (derived)@   2.25
5]95.2%   Polish_V (derived)+    4.8%Adygei (derived)@2.25

Those are my[Eastern Europe] results using the different calculators which are pretty much in line with other analysis[Dr McDonald- although he did find some Indian, as did one of the Dodecad runs, Kannada? and Gedrosia?; on a side note perhaps Balkans Z2105 made it as far as, Pakistan, India and China you never know].

  Gen 2.0 will change things, so you might want to wait see what happens in the next few weeks.
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« Reply #51 on: November 19, 2012, 02:40:25 PM »


Yes autosomal, not str.

YDNA: R-BY593 Śląsk-Polska
MtDNA: U5b2a2*
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