Mapping the Origins and Expansion of the Indo-European Language Family

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It would explain it quite well if it weren't that Indo-European people (single grave prestige burials with axes, copper daggers, drinking cups) were not already in places like North and West Italy 800 years before Bell Beaker/Corded Ware and even slightly before Yamnaya came into existence.

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How does anyone know any of these prehistoric groups was Indo-European-speaking prior to the invention of writing? The fact is, we don't really know that about any of them.

Guys, please read this: you will see stuff about the methods dating and locating languages.

Quote from: Richard Rocca

I don't, it is as per both Mallory and Gimbutas. It worked to support their Kurgan theories up until five years ago when radiocarbon dating started to show, like I mentioned above, that most of these groups pre-date CW/BB and the Yamnaya expansion into the Carpathias significantly and the very existence of the Yamnaya Culture in the Ukraine. If there was ever a Kurgan invasion from the Steppe into Italy (and I'm still not convinced there ever was), it must have pre-dated Yamnaya. Perhaps Kemi-Oba as they were the original Ukrainian stelae makers and were confined mostly to the Crimean Peninsula.
1. We don't need Yamnaya influence in Italy, because Indo-European language did not spread to Italy directly from the steppe. There were many steps of expansion.
2. Archaeological continuity does not correspond linguistic continuity.
(Here you can see how NOT to date and locate languages...)


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