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Author Topic: SNP's are here!  (Read 1869 times)
Mark R Putnam
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« on: March 10, 2012, 05:01:10 PM »

SNP’s are Here!

For a number of years, we have defined our lineage mainly in ySTR Markers.

They are the 12, 25, 37, 67 and 111 markers that you see so commonly. The steady increase in the number of ySTR Markers helped refine our understanding of who we match and who we don't match particularly within people with the same or similar surname.

The Pootman/Putman family descendants match within 65 or more of the 67 ySTR Markers.

However, we are now on the verge of entering a new genealogical era with the assistance from another part of the y-Chromosome - the ySNP. YSNP stands for Y-Chromosome Single Nucleotide Polymorphism.

A ySNP mutation occurs only once in history and is passed down to all of the male descendants of the man who first had that mutation. YSNP’s will in the future define a family lineage or line.

Over centuries ySNPs built up a progression that allowed scientists to catalog and deduce their place in the Family Tree of Man. The branches of these ySNP’s are called Haplogroups.

The Dutch-American Haplogroup is currently designated simply as I1. I1 is usually designated by the ySNP M253.
 Haplogroups were assigned capital letters of the alphabet initially and then are further broken down into branches such as I1f1a.

The identification of ySNPs has exploded and is now the new frontier in yDNA research on a genealogical level or order.

Haplogroup names are getting much longer. The longer names indicate that more and more branching is being discovered. However, while others may have a long Haplogroup name, such as in the R1 Haplogroup family, the Dutch-American

Pootman/Putman family still is classified simply as I1.
I had a number of ySNP’s tested in my yDNA in the past and include the following list where + means I tested positive for the marker and – means I tested negative for the marker:
L22-, M161-, M170+, M21-, M223-, M227-, M253+, M258+, M26-, M307+, M72-, P109-, P19+, P259-, P30+, P37.2-, P38+
M21- means that the Pootman/Putman family is not I1a or one of its subgroups.

M227- indicates that we are not I1b . . ..

P259- indicates that we are not I1c . . ..

L22- indicated that we are not I1d . . ..

That leaves I1f or one of its subgroups or I1g as possibly family lines for the Pootman/Putman family.

We could still not test positive for either and would need to wait for other ySNPs to be discovered. Also, we may remain at I1 over the short term.

However,, the most informative Haplotype predictor on the web currently indicates that the Pootman/Putman family is I1g or positive for the ySNP Z63.

I am currently having my yDNA tested for the Z58 and Z63 SNP Markers.

Z58 indicates the I1f branch, which has subgroups, while Z63 currently indicates the I1g branch.

The markers I had tested and those I am testing will reflect the values for all those with the surname Pootman/Putman or the Dutch family.

Below are the current Haplogroups in the I1 Tree:

• I1 L64, L75, L80, L81, L118, L121/S62, L123, L124/S64, L125/S65, L157.1, L186, L187, M253,
M307.2/P203.2, M450/S109, P30, P40, S63, S66, S107, S108, S110, S111 [We currently belong to this major group]
• • I1* -
• • I1a M21
• • I1b M227
• • • I1b* -
• • • I1b1 M72
• • I1c M507/P259
• • I1d L22/S142
• • • I1d* -
• • • I1d1 P109
• • • I1d2 L205
• • • I1d3 L287
• • • • I1d3* -
• • • • I1d3a L258
• • • I1d4 L300
• • I1e L211
• • I1f Z58
• • • I1f* -
• • • I1f1 Z59
• • • • I1f1* -
• • • • I1f1a Z60, Z61
• • • • • I1f1a* -
• • • • • I1f1a1 Z62
• • • • • • I1f1a1* -
• • • • • • I1f1a1a Z140, Z141
• • • • • • • I1f1a1a* -
• • • • • • • I1f1a1a1 L338
• • • I1f2 Z138, Z139
• • • • I1f2* -
• • • • I1f2a Z73
• • I1g Z63 [Predicted to be the Pootman/Putman line.]

I am having my yDNA tested at the Z58 and Z63 ySNP Markers. If positive for either, our family Haplogroup will be further defined and have a longer name that will extend us closer to our current written history.

If I test positive for Z58 there are other ySNP’s for which I may test that would further define our family heritage.
I have read on a forum that possibly greater than 50% or more of the Il group not yet classified will be classified under the Z58 and Z63 ySNP Markers.

Lineages or families [by surname] in the near future will have their own unique ySNP. The Putman family will eventually have a ySNP that identifies the family surname Pootman/Putman.

SNP’s are here!

Within a year or a few years we'll see lineages with their own defining Haplogroup. We’ll also see multiple Haplogroups within a lineage or a surname. As the ySNP research progresses, we will see Haplogroup branches tracked into historic times that will connect with our own paper trails even down into our current history.


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