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Author Topic: Oetzi&dogs  (Read 884 times)
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« on: February 29, 2012, 07:36:26 AM »

What a pity for Oetzi! Many dogs are around his bones. Say Dienekes, but also Razib Khan and finally also Birrarung, alias Ponto.
Dienekes says:

1.   Sardinians have lost due to drift alleles that were present in continental Europe
2.   Continental Europeans have gained alleles that were not present in their Sardinian-like ancestors

Certainly he bets on the latter solution, because if it will be demonstrated the former, all his work will be worth nothing.

And what to say about Razib? Someone born on the Ganges who thinks to know something about Tiber. He writes:

These data strongly point to the possibility of rather major genetic changes in continental Europe, and in particular Italy, since the Copper Age.  Juvenal complained that the “River Orantes has long flowed into the Tiber,” a reference to the prominence of easterners, Greek and non-Greek, in the city of Rome.

Everybody against Italy and Italians, also who was born in the opposite part of the world and has a little bit to do with us (and I’d want to know his R1a: the most ancient R-M420 has be found so far only in Europe, in spite of the Indian Nationalism). But doesn’t know Mr Razib (I apologize for my scarce English, but I don’t know which scientific title it is) that the Levantines in Rome were of the kind of Encolpius and Ascyltus of the Satyricon of Petronius and of the Emperor Elagabalus?

The data at our disposal demonstrate some certain things, like I have said in the past on many forums, now mostly closed to me:
1)   Oetzi was an Italian linked clearly with ancient to-day people of Sardinia but much more of Corsica, the mountainous South-West above all
2)   The pretension that hg. G has come from Caucasus is undemonstrated: it is in Italy from many thousands of years (I have spoken many times about this)
3)   The link of Oetzi with North Africa and Middle East someone claims is inexistent
4)   He was lactose intolerant, like me, all my relatives, the 83,3% of Tuscans, whereas North Europeans are lactose intolerant at the 8,8%. This demonstrates one thing I support from many years: the migration from North to Italy has never happened, but, as I have said with my theory of the Italian Refugium, has happened the other way around: amongst people migrated from Italy to North after the Younger Dryas (mostly of hg. R) happened the mutation of lactose tolerance in Central Europe which didn’t expand to Italy, like the hg. R-L21, born in Iberia from an Italian R ancestor, didn’t reach Italy.

It is interesting that a boy of the Madrasa has landed to atheism, but he should know that, whereas the believers have at last an unique god, atheists have their own, that of their origin.

But there was also Birrarung/Ponto! Not, he is negligible.


YDNA: R-Z2110

MtDNA: K1a1b1e

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« Reply #1 on: February 29, 2012, 01:57:20 PM »


I don't want to fight with you, but it is posts like the one you wrote today that really turn people off. Anyone who reads it comes away with the following impression:

Anyone that doesn't agree with you is:
1. A dog
2. Anti-Italian
3. Not entitled to have an opinion on anything related to Italian genetics

Is there a reason why you write like that?

Rich (Rocca)

Probably you are right. I wrote this post for 23andme and I didn't think to post it to Worldfamilies. On 23andme I am more free: I am a customer and even though the "Canadian friend" asked my banishment, I pay for tests and nobody goes against me. If there is something wrong, they could delete my post. After I posted it to Worldfamilies also because there were some mistakes and it was impossible to correct them on 23andme. But but...
This is my style, of a polemist, ferocious if you prefer, but this is the satire. But, beyond this, mine are only scientific analyses. Don't you see in what Razib or Dienekes or Ponto write a distortion of the truth of the data?
Beyond my style I'd want that others, but above all you, did respond to my analyses. Don't you see in what they write a prejudice against Italians? I have written these things from much time and on many forums, then with less satire, less polemics etc.
I am a writer, a polemist. In Italy this is the normal thing, and they aren't less ferocious than me.
Kind Regards, Gioiello

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YDNA: R-Z2110

MtDNA: K1a1b1e

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