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November 24, 2017, 12:31:02 AM
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Author Topic: Napoleon’s Y  (Read 1483 times)
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« on: January 12, 2012, 02:06:36 PM »

The fact that some sites are forbidden to me is good for science and truth?

Didier Vernade writes on Rootsweb:
“List, On the following link you can find a haplotype on 37 markers from a descendant of Napoleon the first and the result was confirmed on hair from Napoleon the first (SNP testing).
My surprise is that there is a perfect match on ysearch database and no one on this list detected it. Is this list sleepy (still active ??) ?
The haplotype has the very rare value DYS454=7 and, although many people would say that one marker isn't enough I would say that tracing those M34+ with DYS454=7 will give the origine of Napoleon the first. A jewish origin seems likely . Didier”

Lawrence Mayka writes: “1) There is no match in Ysearch that I can see. GSBG6 is the Napoleon haplotype entered into Ysearch by iGenea itself, and WT88H is  clearly the same thing entered by Gioiello, who likes to do such things. He even
attached an Italian surname to it, but according to the E-M35 Project that
surname belongs to someone who is a GD of 16 away. Perhaps that surnamed
person was at one time closest to the Napoleon haplotype, but there is now a
closer one, kit E1836 of Switzerland, who is a GD of 13 away.
2) Looking for DYS454 = 7 is a good idea. Have you found any?
3) I see no reason at all to think the haplotype is Jewish. Its great
distance from any other haplotypes in our databases is a strong
counterindication. Most Jewish haplotypes have many matches in our
databases, due to the "demographic miracle" of European Jews across the
16th-19th centuries as well as that community's vigorous interest in genetic

Gioiello writes (private letter): “Dear Mayka, I have put Napoleon’s data on ySearch after I have read the posting of Vernade, just to find the person on ySearch he was referring to, and I was studying the matter. After I have had to do others, but that account I’ll delete soon. I too wasn’t convinced of the Jewish origin of Napoleon, who was a Tuscan in his origins (Florence and San Miniato, near my birth place). As he was a nobleman we should think more to a German origin, but I have seen that many Italians belong to these haplogroup, also many Jews, but also Greeks and Balkans, besides Germans and others. Probably a deeper research will be able to give us the answer about the origin of Napoleone Buonaparte, which was his real surname. Certainly the DYS454=7 is an important clue, but it could be a recent multistep mutation, or even an ancient one. And certainly Italy, like other European countries, gets this haplogroup from many thousands of years. As I don’t write on this forums, I’d be grateful to you if you could post my answer and my true reasons, which weren’t ”to do such things”. Kind Regards, Gioiello Tognoni”.
Mayka writes: “One of his ancestors, Francesco Buonaparte, has been called "il Mauro". His ancestors can be traced back to the city of Sarzana in northern Italy. In the Middle ages this city has frequently been under attack by Saracens
who controlled the Mediterranean Sea at this time. Therefore, Napoleons
arabian ancestors probably came to Italy during the islamic expansion as
conqueror or merchants”.
Gioiello replied (private letter): “The oriental origin is possible, in fact I have given the surname Del Turco, which is a Florentine family and may allude to an oriental origin, but what says igenea is false. The family of Buonaparte was Florentine (and lived also in San Miniato (Pisa)) from the 12th century. The Buonaparte of Sarzana migrated from Tuscany and the explication about the Arabian incursions is ridiculous. Buonaparte could be of oriental origin, but not for this”.
The closest to Napoleon Bonaparte (Napoleone Buonaparte) on ySearch is Cardamone from Calabria (Italy) at the GD of 1 out of 12 markers.



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Richard Rocca
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« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2012, 02:45:03 PM »

The inhabitants fleeing the Saracens incursions would take refuge in Sarzana and the fleets of Genoa and Pisa defeated the Saracens. Therefore Saracens never lived there.

iGenea as a DNA company is a complete joke.

Here is a link to the real scientific paper:
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« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2012, 04:49:21 PM »

Many thanks for the paper, Rich, which seems to be very interesting. I have printed it, I have another paper printed to read, I must prepare my lessons for to-morrow and I am awaken from 16 hours and shall also to sleep some hours.



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« Reply #3 on: January 12, 2012, 08:16:47 PM »

Interesting that both Napoleon and Hitler were E1b1b.

Napoleon Bonaparte belonged to haplogroup E1b1b1c1* (E-M34*)
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