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November 22, 2017, 01:02:03 PM
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Author Topic: Etruscan and Indo-European  (Read 1022 times)
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« on: October 16, 2011, 05:53:04 AM »

Seen that Glen Gordon hasn't published on his blog "Paleoglot" this posting, I post it here. In Italy the owners of their truck we call "padroncini". They are the most dangerous for traffic.

“Yet we're left with a curious bag of roots that match Etruscan aθami both phonetically and semantically and which simultaneously lack conclusive Indo-European etymologies:
- Greek atmís ~ atmós ~ ethmē 'vapour, steam'
- Germanic *ēθmaz 'breath'
- Sanskrit ātman- 'breath, soul'”

Then, if these words are linked, they belong to the Indo-European legacy and cannot be entered into the singular languages. But there are two problems yet open: where was this IE fatherland and where was also that of Etruscans? Problems unresolved.
But what is ignored is that also ancient languages had many traditions like the modern ones and these words could be this case. I.e. the Mallory/Adams hypothesis could not be false:
*h₁eh₁tmen- could explain some traditions of IE, but also this “root” must be understood.
h₁e- is necessary to explain the *a- of pretty all the languages, but the second laryngeal could have suffered a metathesis, i.e. it could presuppose *h₁t- from *Ch₁- and the root would be that we find in IE *dhumo- “smoke”. See the laryngeal but also the glottalized theories.
Etruscan then would follow the root *h₁e-th₁um- and IE mostly the metathetic root. And also the same English “steam” etc. could belong to this root, because *s- could be the result of *h₁ etc.
Who knows me and also my genetic theories knows where I think the fatherland of Etruscans and Indo-Europeans was.
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