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Author Topic: Pedigrees  (Read 3452 times)
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« on: July 31, 2011, 02:56:33 PM »

Use this forum topic to post your Slecht family pedigree. Once your pedigree is posted here the moderator will review and post it on the Slecht Surname DNA Project Patriarchs page.

You may opt to include information pertaining to living descendants in your pedigree.
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« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2011, 07:04:26 PM »

The line of descent of the researcher is highlighted.

Please note the text in bold, which indicates the earliest mentions of the surname Slecht given in this pedigree. Significantly, the earliest mention is Cornelis Jansz alias Slecht te Woerden on 25 October 1577, nine years earlier than all save one record of confrontation between the Slecht family and the Bailiff of Woerden, possibly indicating an origin for this surname other than parochial pejorative; The earliest record of confrontation occurred on 9 August 1562, which pertained to the brother of Cornelis Jansz alias Slecht te Woerden, namely Gerrit Jan Pieter Florisz, later called Gerrit Slechten on 14 July 1609.

The Slecht family is thankful to Nico Plomp, former Deputy Director of the Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie (CBG), who researched and published the first seven generations of the following pedigree. His work expounds beyond the pedigree given here.

Plomp, Nico. "Nieuw-Nederlanders en hun Europese Achtergrond." Jaarboek van het Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie Deel 50 (1996): pp. 131-160.

1. Floris Dirkszoon: Recorded as Lessee of Snelle, Woerden, South Holland, a Leasehold Estate of the Count of Montfoort, 1463; Recorded as Lessee of a Leasehold Estate of the Chapter of Oudmunster of Utrecht, 1479.

2. Peter Florisz: Inherited the Leasehold Estate(s) of his father, Floris Dirkszoon, upon his death, 1506.

3.1. Willem Petersz: Inherited the Leasehold Estate(s) of his father, Peter Florisz, upon his death, and transferred this property to his younger brother Jan, 1529.

3.2. Jan Peter Florisz: Assumed the Leasehold Estate(s) of his brother, Willem, 1529; Wedded to Marry, 1556; Died no later than 1561. Gerrit Jan Pieter Florisz: Assumed the Leasehold Estate(s) of his father, Jan, 1556-1609; Wedded to Diewer Cornelisdr, mentioned, 1562; Feuded with deputies of the Bailiff of Woerden, 9 August 1562 thru 27 September 1562; Mentioned as 'Gerrit Slechten,' guardian of his grandchildren, 14 June 1609. Pieter Gerritsz Slecht: Mentioned 1588-1604; Wanted by the Court for Assault perpetrated against his uncle Cornelis, 1588. Arrested by the Bailiff of Woerden for Assault against Jannitgen Henricxdr, under the name Peter Gerritsz Slecht, 1601; Wedded to Unknown; Died before 14 June 1609. Gerrit Pietersz Slecht: Mentioned as underage, 1609; Mentioned as of age, 1616; Mention suggestive he lived elsewhere, 1623. Aeltgen Pietersdr: Mentioned as underage, 1609; Mentioned as of age, 1623. Dirck Pietersz: Mentioned as underage, 1609; Not mentioned, 1623. Aechgen Pietersdr: Mentioned as underage, 1609; Wedded to Gerrit Engelen, 9 June 1623. Adriana Jan Peter Florisdr: Widow of Jan Dircksz, 1562. Peter (Pieter) Jan Petersz: Mentioned 1561-1594; Wedded to Geertgen Jansdr, mentioned posthumously, 1616. Jan Pieterszn: Resident of Snelle, 1616. Marichgen Pietersdr: Wedded to Crijn Janszn and resident of Geestdorp, 1616. Ariaantgen Pietersdr: Wedded to Willem Corneliszn and resident of Cattenbroek, 1616. Aeltgen Pietersdr: Wedded to Thonis Floorenzn and resident of Snelle, 1616. Cornelis Jan Petersz: Alias Cornelis Jansz Slecht; Born, 1537/1538; Mentioned 1563-1603; Filed suit in the Court of Holland under the name Cornelis Jansz alias Slecht te Woerden, 25 October 1577; Wedded to Marichgen Barentsdr; Died between 27 December 1603 and 24 December 1604. Jan Cornelisz Slecht: Recorded as Lessee, 1604; Wedded to Anneken Jaspersdr; Died and bequeathed various weapons (perhaps indicative of military service), 1604. Cornelis Jansz Slecht: Mentioned as underage, 1604; Died, without heirs, 1626. Gerrit Cornelisz Slecht: Mentioned 1609-1612; Died before 10 November 1635; Wedded to Unknown. Neeltgen Gerritsdr Slecht: Wedded to Jan Nijsz Hack, 12 May 1634; Died, 10 February 1657. From this marriage: Gerrit Jansz (mentioned as Gerrit Jansz Slechten, 1648), and Lijsbet Jansdr Hack. Neeltgen Cornelisdr Slecht: Mentioned, 1631 and 1635. Lysbet Cornelisdr Slecht: Mentioned as underage in 1604; Wedded to Dirc Dircksz de Wilde, 17 November 1608; Died before 20 May 1629; Had issue (see Plomp). Barent Cornelisz Slecht: Mentioned, 1604-1652; Wedded to Pietertgen, Midwife of Woerden, 1628-1655; Wedded possibly also to Jaquemijne; Immigrated to New Netherlands aboard the Purmerland Kerk, 29 March 1662. Cornelis Barentsz Slecht: Mentioned at Woerden, 1640-1653; Distiller and Brandy Maker and later Brewer of Esopus (Kingston, NY); Wedded to Trijntgen Mathijsdr Bosch, 1643-1653, later Midwife of Esopus; Wedded to Elsje Jansdr at Kingston, NY, 1684.

7.1. Heynderick (Hendrick) Cornelisz Slecht: Witness to a deed in Beverwijck, Renselaerswyck (Albany, NY), 1660; Resident of Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY, 1675 and 1677; Wedded to Elsje Lieveling at Kingston, NY, 8 August 1666; Mentioned, 1694; Had issue; Died 01 May 1705 in Flatbush (Breucklyn), Kings County, New York.

8.1. Cornelius Hendricksen Sleght: Born at Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, August 1678; Wedded to Johanna Van de Water at Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, 11 April 1696; Died at Maidenhead (now Lawrenceville), Hunterdon County (now Mercer County), New Jersey, 1 March 1792.

9.1. James Slack, Sr.: Born at Brooklyn, New York, British Colony, about 1697-1706; Wedded to Elizabeth Price at Maidenhead (now Lawrenceville), Hunterdon (now Mercer) County, New Jersey, British Colony, 31 May 1732; Died Abt. 1791 at Ewing area, Somerset County, New Jersey.

10.1. James Slack, Jr.: Born at Ewing, Somerset County, or in Mercer County (then Hunterdon County), New Jersey, about 1733-1740; Wedded to Rebecca Chamberlain Bef. 1760 in Amwell, New Jersey; Died in Mercer County (then Hunterdon County), New Jersey.

11.1. Uriah Slack: Born, 1761.

11.2. Daniel Slack: Born at Hopewell, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, 27 June 1769; Wedded to Mary Lusheard (Lushett) 25 August 1792 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Died 05 January 1851 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

12.1. Amos P. Slack: Born at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, about 1799; Wedded to Lucretia Jane Wilson, who lived from 1806-1881; Died, 1859.

13.1. Eliza Slack: Born 1826; Wedded to George Washington Gardner, who lived from 1818-1869.

13.2. Daniel Slack: Born 1828.

13.3. Amos Slack: Born 1831.

13.4. Mary Ann Slack: Born 1832.

13.5. James F. Slack: Born at Brown County, Ohio, 1834; Wedded to Louisa Maria Teegarden who lived from 1837-1894; Invented 'White Burley Tobacco,' along with his neighbors; Died, 1907.

14.1. Albert M. Slack: Born at Brown County, Ohio, 1859; Moved to Oregon.

14.2. Fred Slack: Born at Brown County, Ohio, 1862; Wedded to Anna Maria Melick, who lived from 1868-1929; Died at East Enterprise, Switzerland County, Indiana, 1955.

15.1. Baron Bliss Slack: Born at East Enterprise, Switzerland County, Indiana, 1890; Died 1890.

15.2. Mabel Aldean Slack: Born at East Enterprise, Switzerland County, Indiana, 1891; Wedded to Alvah (Jonah) Rayls; Died 1990.

15.3. James William Slack: Born at East Enterprise, Switzerland County, Indiana, 1893; Wedded to Alma; Died 1985.

15.4. Harry Melick Slack: Born at East Enterprise, Switzerland County, Indiana, 1895; Wedded to Emza Scudder, who lived from 1897-1936; Wedded to Gladys (Ferguson) Birley, who lived from 1906-1977; Died 1988.

Generations 16-18 are living and withheld for privacy.

15.5. Carrie Agusta Slack: Born 1896; Wedded to Jess Works; Died 1986.

15.6. Tommy Slack: Born 1898; Died 1918.

15.7. Olive Bessie Slack: Born 1900; Wedded to Edwin Scudder; Died 1980.

15.8. Albert Ury Slack: Born 1902; Wedded to Dorothy Scudder; Died 1988.

15.9. Mary Eleanor Slack: Born 1904; Wedded to Vaton Kelly; Died 1989.

15.10. Douglas Fred Slack: Born 1906; Wedded to Mildred Kelly; Died 1997.

15.11. Ruth Naomi Slack: Born 1908; Wedded to Wilbur (Wib) Baatz; Died 1989.

14.3. Lula Slack: Born, 1871; Wedded to Frank Peabody at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

14.4. Osa Slack: Born 1873; Wedded to Lee Coulter.

14.5. Myrtle Slack: Born 1875; Wedded to Charlie Smith at Oregon.

13.6. Jane Slack: Born 1836.

13.7. Susan Slack: Born 1838; Died 1883.

13.8. Uriah Slack: Born 1842.

13.9. George Washingon Slack: Born 1845.

13.10. Naomi Slack: Born 1848.

13.11. William C. Slack: Born After 1849.

12.2. Uriah P. Slack: Born 1801; Died 1814.

11.3. John Slack: Born, after 1769.

10.2. Daniel Slack: Born, after 1733.

10.3. Rachel Slack: Born, after 1733.

10.4. Richard Slack: Born, after 1733.

9.2. Engeltje Slack: Born, About 1699.

9.3. Hendrick Cornelius Slack: Born, about 1702.

9.4. Benjamin Slack: Born, after 1712.

9.5. John Slack: Born, after 1715.

9.6. Abraham Slack: Born, after 1715.

8.2. Abraham Hendrickse Sleght: Born, after 1666.

8.3. Anna Catharina Sleght: Born, after 1666.

8.4. Johannes Hendrickse Sleght: Born, after 1666.

8.5. UNK Sleght: Born, after 1666. Jan Sleght: Born, about 1643. Jacomyntie Sleght: Born, about 1645. Annetje Sleght: Born, about 1647.

7.2. Jan Cornelisz Slecht: Baptized at Woerden, 6 March 1643; Killed by American Indians, 1659.

7.3. Jaquemijne (Jacomijntje) Cornelisdr Slecht: Baptized at Woerden, 25 July 1645; Wedded to Jan Kunst at Wildwijck, 29 April 1663 (From this marriage: Heyltje Kunst, wife of Nicolaas Roosevelt and forbear of two American Presidents); Wedded to Gerrit Focken at Kingston, NY, 1668; Wedded to Jan Elting, 1677.

7.4. Annitgen (Annetje) Cornelisdr Slecht: Baptized at Woerden, 18 October 1647; Wedded to Cornelis Hoogeboom, 17 August 1676; Died 4 May 1719.

7.5. Petronella (Pieternelletje) Slecht: Wedded to Jochem Schoonmaker, 31 August 1679; Died between 29 April 1687 and 24 August 1690; Had issue.

7.6. Mattijs Cornelisz Slecht: Wedded to Maria Crespel/Crispel; Mentioned 6 November 1707; Had issue. Marritgen Barentsdr Slecht: Mentioned 1637-1673; Midwife of Woerden, 1655-1673; Wedded to Cornelis Dircksz Griffioen alias 'boekendekoeck,' 1635; Had issue (see Plomp).

3.3. Gerrit Peter Florisz: Mentioned as user of land in Harmelen and Haanwijk, 1536.
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