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July 22, 2017, 11:00:17 AM
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 on: May 14, 2017, 07:52:02 AM 
Started by mansonAdmin - Last post by TJManson1
I didn't realize that this was in fact a post!  Until I better understood the home screen for this Surname Project Forum (I'm assuming that is what it is).  And I now see that this post (the one I am responding to) was made over 12 years ago!  So it is doubtful if: 1. it will be acknowledged and, 2. if this forum is even being monitored.  What is most depressing however is that it is obvious it is not getting much attention even though it is an active page in this etherworld.

Last evening I send my GedCom file to the email address listed in the original post ("") and then this morning (no more than an hour ago) I sent some other info (the bulleted items below the email address) that I had overlooked last evening.

Here's my abbreviated Manson pedigree:

Manson, Patrick, b1768 Bower, Caithness, Scotland (or Cork, Cork, Ireland), d1843 Sandy Creek, Venango, PA, USA
Manson, John, b1899 Venango County, PA, USA, d 1881 Victory Top, Venango, PA, USA
Manson, Jesse Miles, b1842 Sandy Creek, Venango, PA, USA, d1928 Cornplanter, Venango, PA, USA
Manson, Benjamin Franklin, b1880 Sandy Creek, Venango, PA, USA, d1957 Rynd Farm, Venango, PA, USA
Manson, Palmer Wilson, b1918 Rouseville, Venango, PA, USA, d2016 Waynesboro, Franklin, PA, USA
And then me :)

It would be wonderful if I got a response from somewhere (either from the email addressee - Mari, or from this post), but after recognizing this 12-year lapse, I am not confident of such a response.  After all, many many genealogists are old folks and an additional 12 years could represent the end of a life of one of those senior researchers.

Regards to all,
Thomas John Manson
Frederick, Maryland, USA

 on: May 13, 2017, 11:14:15 PM 
Started by MWilbanks - Last post by MWilbanks
My ancestry goes back to a William Woolbanks (Wilbanks) that was born in VA in 1747.  He moved down through the Carolinas settling around Union, SC. There are records that he and his family were members of a Padgett Creek Baptist church by 1800. This is the only mention of the name Padgett I have seen in my family history. Well with the Y DNA results I have found that I along with others that go back to William Woolbanks are not related to the presumed Wilbanks ancestors in England, the Walbank family, but instead match the Padgetts. My first four Y DNA matches were Wilbanks and the next ten or so were all Padgetts. I am 538438 on the DNA chart and I appear to match the Padgett family. So I am guessing that there was an event around William Woolbanks time that a Padgett entered the family.

 on: May 13, 2017, 01:58:33 AM 
Started by Arthur C. Barker - Last post by Arthur C. Barker
Family Tree DNA has issued an interesting SNP Pack for its 95th offering.  It is the Q-Backbone SNP Pack.  It sells for just $34.00, but it only has 34 SNPs included.  I am not sure if this is a temporary Sales price or not.  We do not currently have any Project Members in yDNA Haplogroup Q, but I hope this SNP Pack will be successful because it would be great to learn more about the phylogenetic structure of Native Americans.

 on: May 12, 2017, 02:06:25 PM 
Started by Arthur C. Barker - Last post by Arthur C. Barker
I would like to thank Terry Barton for posting my previous comment in this thread.  World Families Network transitioned to a new version of their software and they were not aware that errors seen elsewhere also impacted Forum posts.  The professor who does their programming is in finals week and therefore it is uncertain when the issues will be rectified, so Terry rolled the software version back in the meantime.

As for SNP Packs, the day after Family Tree DNA released the newest one, they changed the name on it from J1-M267v2 to J1-M267v3.

 on: May 11, 2017, 06:41:15 PM 
Started by TJManson1 - Last post by TJManson1
AncestryDNA first:
I have the raw data from my AncestryDNA test.  I am told that I can upload that raw data to FTDNA, but I don't know if that is of any value or if it is, what value it is.  Will it help define my lineage, or should I be considering y-DNA testing?

Manson Lineage:
I have traced (fairly easily) my Manson paternal line back to my GGG grandfather in 1791 in western PA.  Further back from that date there seems to be no documentation that supports my GGG grandfather's immigration to the USA (assuming he did), or his birth whether it was in the UK or here in the USA.  Will the Manson Project help me find the older ancestors?

 on: May 11, 2017, 02:17:41 PM 
Started by Fred Rowntree - Last post by canscrapbook
My maternal grandma has a ROUNTREE branch
Her maternal grandmother was a ROUNTREE
Mildred ROUNTREE B. 1 Oct. 1900 Ontario Canada D. 18 Feb 1977 Ontario Canada.  Married Melvill Ray LANG

Her father:
Charles ROUNTREE  B. 13 Mar 1870 Ontario Canada D. 21 April 1911 Ontario Canada
Married Sophia FULTON

William ROUNTREE B. ? Possibly Ireland according to census records
Married Sarah NEWTON

 on: May 11, 2017, 08:45:07 AM 
Started by Marty Sadler - Last post by Harold Keisling
LOOK for Sadler's in Livingsston TN (Overton County) I once knew 3 or 4 of can get to the thru someone in Hist Soc, DAR or descendants of Civil war Vets...Hrol

 on: May 11, 2017, 06:36:43 AM 
Started by woolfAdmin - Last post by shariandpatbarton
1.  Louisa Wolf (or Wolfe) born October 12, 1812 probably Kentucky and died December 15, 1893 in Parke County, Indiana married Edward Byers (born Sept. 30, 1802 in Ohio and died April 4, 1876 in Parke County, Indiana) married before 1830.  Both buried Clear Run Cemetery in Parke County, Indiana.

2. Franklin B. Byers born March 16, 1847 and died January 15, 1913 (born and died Parke County, Indiana) married Mary Ann Ward, born Jan 1838 in Putnman County, Indiana and died November 30, 1911 in Parke County, Indiana.  Both buried Clear Run Cemetery Parke County, Indiana.  They were married August 26, 1869 in Parke County, Indiana. 

3.  Charles F. Byers born Nov. 20, 1870 in Parke County, Indiana and died Sept. 7, 1952 in Vigo County Indiana.  Married Martha Evelyn Lovett (born May 5, 1880 Clay County, Indiana and died February 21, 1925 Vigo County, Indiana) they married December 26, 1900 in Clay County, Indiana. Both buried Highland Lawn Cemetery, Vigo County Indiana.

4.  George Henry Byers, born October 31, 1908 in Clay County, Indiana, died February 8, 1987 in Marion County, Indiana and married (December 31, 1933 in Vigo County, Indiana) to Dovie Belle Jennings (born October 8, 1912 Vigo County, IN and died Jun 26, 2009 Vigo County, Indiana) both buried Roselawn Cemetery Vigo County, Indiana.

5.  Patsy Joan Byers (me)

DNA has matched both myself and my daughter to descendants of a Wolfe family in Orange County, Indiana.

We have no further information of Louisa Wolfe.

 on: May 10, 2017, 09:08:15 PM 
Started by Harold Keisling - Last post by Harold Keisling
Here is the Pedigree for the Keesling, Keisling. Keasling etc Family line back in Germany.  No need to post this in your individual Pedigrees on the Patriarch Page as it will be on the FORUM page.
1.   JACOB KIßLING   about 1500-about 1610; Probably Hohenzollern Principality (Now Winterlinbgen, Wuttermberg, Germany)
2.   LUDWIG KIßLING abt 1580-abt 1660; ; Probably Hohenzollern Principality (Now Winterlinbgen, Wuttermberg, Germany); Married  Anna Koch
3.    HANS KIßLING (The Older) abt 2 July 1612-abt 10 Feb 1680 Winterlingen, Wuttermberg; married Anna Berner
4.   HANS KIßLING (the Younger) abt Apr 1632-abt 1716; Winterlingen, Wuttermberg;
 Married Anna Schauter
5.   JOHANN KIßLING abt Sep 1676-before 1719; Winterlingen, Wuttermberg (Principality of Hohenzollern);
Married Anna Richert
JOHANNES  KIßLING  abt Oct 1698-unknown; Winterlingen, Wuttermberg (Principality of Hohenzollern);
Married Anna Barbra Schempp
6.   HANS JACOB KIßLING  Jul 1705-Jan 1741 ;Winterlingen, Württemberg (Hohenzollern); married Ursula Catherine Herter
HANS JACOB KIßLING  27 Sep 1729 Truchtelfingen, Württemberg -4 Feb 1784 Berks Co PA, USA;
Married Walburga Müller; Migrated to America in 1749
JOHANNS KIßLING 3 Jul 1732-24 Mar 1736 Truchtelfingen,  Württemberg
JOHANNS GEORGE KIßLING 17 Feb 1735 Tructelfingen, Württemberg-June 1788 Montgomery Co VA, USA; married Anna Maria Müller.  Migrated to America in 1749 Berks Co PA.

HISTORICAL NOTE: It is not known when the village of Winterlingen went for the Principality of Hohenzollern to the state of Wurttemberg.  Germany was a collection of small states, principalities and confederations until the 1850s, when it was first organized into a nation called Deutschland (Germany).

 on: May 10, 2017, 08:44:36 PM 
Started by Arthur C. Barker - Last post by web master
Posted for Chris Barker:

Family Tree DNA has released an upgrade for the J1-M267 SNP Pack, called J1-M267v2.  This SNP is one of the ones responsible for the creation of the yDNA Haplogroup J1 sub-branch and therefore this SNP Pack is effectively a Backbone SNP Pack for men of J1.

As a re-introduction, this new version is currently priced at $99.00.  Unfortunately, there are no current Members in the Project in the J1 sub-branch.  They are all in the J2 sub-branch, whose Backbone-equivalent SNP Pack is J2-M172.

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