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November 20, 2017, 02:50:24 AM
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 on: November 18, 2017, 07:33:38 PM 
Started by mcclurera - Last post by mcclurera

 on: November 18, 2017, 02:28:10 AM 
Started by Arthur C. Barker - Last post by Arthur C. Barker
Slowly, word is leaking out about another Sale.  I do not know why Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) did not discuss this in either their Monday or Wednesday customer e-mails this past week.  But it first came up on an external website of a person involved with genetic genealogy and was confirmed when an FTDNA customer ordered Big Y for her Cousin and then was contacted later by FTDNA Customer Service to tell her that she had also just received a free STR upgrade to 111 markers for her Cousin.  This has now been confirmed also on an FTDNA marketing page.

If you order Big Y, they will give you a free upgrade of your STR test results to 111 markers.   As you know, Big Y is on sale now for $475.00 and the only coupons that I know about for sure are $25.00 off.  So, if you have taken any STR test (Y-DNA12 through Y-DNA67) and order Big Y, they will upgrade your STR results to 111 markers at no cost.

Because this is so irregular, I would recommend that you call FTDNA Customer Service to place your order and confirm with them that you will receive your free STR upgrade.  I doubt this will be shown in their online order form because of how irregular this is, both in content and timing.

 on: November 18, 2017, 02:12:58 AM 
Started by Arthur C. Barker - Last post by Arthur C. Barker
Family Tree DNA has now added a 104th SNP Pack - R1b-M343(xM269).  This means that is for the M343 Clade, but excludes the huge M269 sub-branch.  The small sub-branches that this would test for would include M73, the sister to M269, V1636, V88 and PH155.

Currently, the price shown for this SNP Pack is $119.00, which makes me wonder if this might be a glitch since that has been the standard price of SNP Packs in the past and they have usually be introduced at a price of $99.00.  Furthermore, most SNP Packs are currently being sold at $101.00.

 on: November 17, 2017, 12:47:00 PM 
Started by mcclurera - Last post by mcclurera
A buy NOW, Big Y holiday pricing offer.

 on: November 16, 2017, 10:53:46 PM 
Started by TStephens - Last post by TStephens
Hello, I am Tina Stephens (Garver)
I am new here and I need help with my Hatfield Line.
Here's what I have, and I know it's probably not correct, all help is appreciated.

Noah Garver (1869-1942) m Leonia (Leona) Garver (born Tennis)(1875-1945)
  her parents were: John Tennis (1854-1900) m Olive Jane Tennis (Ashba) (born Hatfield)(1854-1914)

Her parents: Samuel Hatfield (1820-1899) m Mary Ann Hatfield (born Watson)(btwn 1837/38-??)

His Parents: John Newton Hatfield (1773-1855) m Mary Ann Hatfield (born Harris)(1788-1861)

   His Parents: John Hatfield (1755-1832) m Rebecca Hatfield (born Bottoms)(1753-1850)

   His Parents: George Goff Hatfield I (1715-1795) m Marthy Toms "Thoms" (maybe Shawnee from Chief James or John Logan

His Parents: Abraham George Hatfield (1695-1745) m Margaret H Hatfield (born Winans)(1693-1745)

   His Parents: Abraham George Hatfield, Sr.(1670-1706) m Phoebe Hatfield (born Ogden)(1674-1720)

and finally: Methias M Hatfield I (1640-1687) m Mariken (Maria Meriken) Melijn Hatfield (born Melijn)(1637-1694)

I have reviewed the Patriarchs page, but I am not sure what's wrong with my findings. I have tried not to follow much of what's on Ancestry or other sites, because everyone just seems to copy each other without looking any further.
I have been told my whole life by my mother's grandmother who is passed now, that we are related to the Hatfields.
My mother's family is mostly from Logan County, Ohio & Pennsylvania.

Thank you in advance for any help
This is my project for my daughter and my nieces and their children, so I want it to be right.


 on: November 16, 2017, 03:46:55 AM 
Started by Arthur C. Barker - Last post by Arthur C. Barker
After reintroducing the J1-Al-Mubailesh SNP Pack on 5 September 2017, it was once again deleted on 28 September.

Now, two more SNP Packs have also been deleted, R1b-Z156 and R1b-Z326, bringing the total number of SNP Packs now available down to 103.

In addition, around the time that the year-end Sale began, and unannounced as far as I know, the prices of the SNP Packs changed apparently.  Most of them are now $101.00, down from $119.00.  The E-L674 SNP Pack is now $195.00.  The I1-M253, J1-M263v3 and the R1b-M343&M269v2 Backbone SNP Packs are now $84.00 each.  And the Q-Backbone SNP Pack is $33.00.

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