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March 27, 2017, 01:01:43 PM
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 on: February 03, 2017, 10:14:08 AM 
Started by GutierrezAdmin - Last post by lalizm
I am looking for any information on my great grandfather, whose name was Ramon Gutierres.  He was from Ciudad Guzman, Jalisco, Mexico. Born around 1888, died Mar 27, 1955. He married Casimira Sanchez from Ciudad Guzman Jalisco, Mexico, born around 1905, died around 1969.
My grandfather was Vidal Gutierrez Moran born in Jalisco, Mexico on Jan 12 1925, died in Ciudad Guzman, Jalisco on June 2011. Ramon and Casimira had several children most of them are deceased. Their names are Francisco Gutierrrez, Antonio Gutierrez. Miguel Gutierrez, Guadalupe Gutierrez, Senayda Gutierrez (living), Trinidad Gutierrez, Vicente Gutierrez.
As far as I know all relatives lived in the city of Ciudad Guzman, Jalisco, Mexico. But I would like to know where Ramon came from. Any information would be helpful.

 on: January 29, 2017, 06:10:42 PM 
Started by chasingdykesroots - Last post by chasingdykesroots
I am a descendant of Martha "Patsy" Dykes b. 1782 NC - d. 1868 Fl.
I am looking for family members with the same H Haplogroup -
mtDNA -
HVR1: 16066G, 16519C  and  HVR2: 146C, 263G, 315.1C

 on: January 25, 2017, 11:56:14 PM 
Started by Larry Bentley - Last post by paulbnavy
If you have a copy of "One Branch of the Bentley Family of Rhode Island" you have my lineage history.
William ?-1720
Benjamin approx 1690-1744??
William ,1720s-?
William 1756-?
John 1780-1818 lost at sea
John 1817-1862
George Alphonso 1853-1924
Fred Harold b. 1882
George Perry became George Paul went by Paul b. 1910 d. Approx. 1988
William Perry goes by Bill b. 1947
William Paul goes by Paul (me) b. 1978
Jordan b. 2009

 on: January 25, 2017, 07:52:28 PM 
Started by Megabolt - Last post by Megabolt
The * in R1b-FGC12791* represents a split from the remainder of the sub group of FGC12791 who have divided on the experimental Tree of R1b-U198 (YFull), with the sub groupings of R-Y5976 and R-Y28669, while H5 will eventually be (FGC12791*) R-BY1463/V3473, presently Novel, when other Testee's come forward.

H5 is classified (as tested) by the following companies.

FTDNA                R1b-FGC12791
YFull                   R-DF89
Britains DNA       R1b-S15627
Geno 2.0            R-U198
YSEQ                  R1b-DF89
23andme           R1b1b2a1a1a
FGC                    R-S29 (3rd Party)

Cheers for 2017

 on: January 25, 2017, 11:18:07 AM 
Started by Robert Kelly Dazet - Last post by Robert Kelly Dazet
Greeting Dietrich Project members from Salt Lake City, Utah!
I'd like to introduce myself and and my genealogical goals. 
I'm hoping to break down "brick walls" keeping the origins in the Germanic states hidden from my family. Johann Dietrich, my 3 x great grandfather, was born about 1769 and emigrated, presumably with his parents to Kischker (Kisker, Kleinker), the Batschka, Hungary (now Serbia). He married Katharina (surname unknown). His son Johann Jakob Friedrich Dietrich was born 1793 in Kischker,.  They had at least 2 other children Katharina and Peter. About 1807 they emigrated again, this time to Neuburg, Grossliebental Districh of Odess, South Russia (now the Ukraine).  My great grandfather Johannes was born 1837 in Neuburg and married Christina Schmidt of Freudental.  The family immigrate to Scotland, Bon Homme, South Dakota with 7 children in 1873. My mother, Phyllis Dietrich was born and raised in North Dakota.
My brick walls are in Hungary as is seems most if not all records were destroyed during and after WWII.  The few clues that I've been able to find are in OFBs for the German colonies in Hungary and books written about the Auswanderunderer from the Germanic states as well as registration records for Conists in Vienna, Austria.  Unfortunately, I've found these writings  not always accurate.
I'm hoping DNA will help break down these brick wall eventually!  I'm administering my first cousin Bill Dietrich's Y-DNA67 and atDNA tests as well as my own YDNA67, atDNA and mtDNA tests, though in this case my YDNA won't be of use as I'm a Dazet.
I'm wondering if there are any Dietrichs here that share similar family stories?
Kind regards,

 on: January 25, 2017, 01:31:12 AM 
Started by Stephen Moore - Last post by genealogy_bug
Kit # 404160
Family Finder only

Parker Shipler b. abt. 1811 Williamsport, Lycoming, Penn. d. 31 Oct. 1882 Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio
   md.1 Phebe Gard b. 1817 Butler Co. Ohio d. 12 Apr. 1840
          1. Jane Shipler 1836-1869  md. John H. Silvers
          2. John B.W. Shipler 1840-1921 md. Mary Lucy Phillips
   md.2 Ann Sarver or Sarsner b. abt. 1821 d. bef. 1850
           1. James Elliot Shipler
           2. Unknown Shipler

James Elliot Shipler b. 25 July 1847 Butler Co. OH  d. 5 Nov 1922 Rice Co. Kansas
   md. Millia Jane Slyter 31 Dec 1869 Wabash Co. Indiana
            1. John Edward Shipler 1871-1940
            2. Roy Leighton Shipler 1874-1936
            3. Samuel Carr Shipler  1878-1922
            4. Wm. Clyde Shipler  1880-1940
            5. Cassandra Maude Shipler 1885-1960

Roy Leighton Shipler b. 4 Aug 1874 Macon County, Ill.  d. 10 Jan 1936 El Centro CA
   md. Cora Alice Bales 1893 Rice County Kansas
            1. Millie Maude Shipler 1896-1939
            2. Pearl Beatrice Shipler  1898-1954
            3. James Arthur Shipler    1899-1969
            4. Meta Pauline  1917-1918    

 on: January 24, 2017, 11:57:19 PM 
Started by Stephen Moore - Last post by Stephen Moore
Kit 468164

Peter Shepler (b1742 Germany - d1820 PA) & Mary Hammond (1742 PA - ?)
Samuel Shipler (b1787 PA - d1861 IA)
Samuel H Shipler (b1833 IA - d1918 IA)
Maturien B Shipler (b1863 IA - d1926 IA)
Ralph B Shipler (b1889 IA - d1955 IA)

 on: January 24, 2017, 04:12:26 PM 
Started by Arthur C. Barker - Last post by Arthur C. Barker
Family Tree DNA has released three additional SNP Packs at the introductory price of $99.00.  This brings the total number of SNP Packs available to 88.  The three new SNP Packs are:


The new L-M20 SNP Pack is the first one for that yDNA Haplogroup and looks like an excellent one that starts at the SNP that created that branch.  Unfortunately, we have no Members in that Haplogroup.

The J1-BY66 SNP Pack is for advanced testing of that sub-branch of yDNA Haplogroup J.  But since all of our Members are in the J2 sub-branch, this SNP Pack is of no use to them.

However, the new I-M253 SNP Pack, which I am not sure is labeled properly and should actually be I1-M253 instead, looks great for our I1 Members who currently have the I-M253 SNP on their FTDNA yDNA Badge, whether estimated (in red) or confirmed (in green).

 on: January 24, 2017, 12:26:18 PM 
Started by web master - Last post by web master
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 on: January 24, 2017, 12:24:59 PM 
Started by web master - Last post by web master
We invite you to submit your "Pedigree" for this Surname.   Our Surname Project is primarily interested in your Paternal line, as surnames are passed down from father to son, just as the yDNA is passed down. 

If you ARE A MEMBER of this Surname Project at Family Tree DNA, send your pedigree by email to at  The pedigree will then be posted on the Surname Project's Patriarchs Page by or sent to the Project’s Administrator.

Please include the following:
•       Name of project
•       Kit Number
•       Name of person posting pedigree
•       Email address to be posted with pedigree
•       Name, birthdate, birthplace, spouse of Earliest Known Ancestor
•       List each succeeding generation, using only those four items of information (or substitute another item of information if missing an item)

 (If you have more information you would like to share, you may also post a more extended version of your family pedigree on the project website’s Pedigree Forum below)

If you are NOT A MEMBER of this Surname Project at Family Tree DNA, you are welcome to post your pedigree on the Pedigree Forum below.  We hope an interested researcher will see it and contact you to share information.

To post on this Pedigree Forum:
1.  Register and log in at
(How do I register to post a pedigree? Click here
(I've already registered. How do I log in? Click here
2.  When you have logged in, scroll to the last posting on this forum, click "reply" and post your pedigree.
a.  Please do not include names for anyone born after 1910, to protect privacy.
b.  If you have questions or are unable to post your pedigree on this forum, please contact

For a step-by-step guide to using DNA for genealogy, please read DNA the Smart Way

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