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March 29, 2017, 08:47:05 AM
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 on: March 28, 2017, 03:12:18 PM 
Started by jjpackard56 - Last post by Gloria Leslie
Lloyd Mills # 234149

James Mills b. 1745 County Antrim, N. Ireland D. 1823 Great Falls, Chester Co., SC
married Isabella Leslie
 b. 1760 County Antrim, N. Ireland d 1841 Great Falls, Chester Co., Sc

William Mills b 1780 Chester Co. SC d. ???
Married Katherine Kelsey b. 1784 d. Nov. 819 Lawrence or Pike Co MS

James Albert Mills
b. 6 Jan. 1805 Chester Co, SC d. Now. 11, 1890 Wayne Co. MS
married Harriet Elizabeth Bunch b. 12 Oct 1811 d. 26 Sept 1868 Wayne Co., MS

Asburn Berry Alonzo Mills b. 7 April 1846 Greene Co. , MS d. 23 June 1914 Wayne Co. MS
married Louisa E. Henderson b. 25 April 1853 Greene Co., Ms d. 5 Now. 1922 Wayne Co, MS

Chapman H. Mils b. 1 May 1877 Chicora, Wayne CO. MS d. 25 May 1952 Clara.Wayne CO. MS
married Quinnie V. Mills b. 21 Feb. 1880 Clara, Wayne Co., Ms d. 13 Apr 196 Wayne Co , MS
Richard H. Mills b. Clara Wayne Co., MS d. New Orleans., LA     

 on: March 28, 2017, 02:23:24 PM 
Started by Gloria Leslie - Last post by Gloria Leslie
Lloyd Mills  kit # 234149

James Mills b. 1745County Antrim, N. Ireland d. 1823 Great Falls, Chester Co. SC
married Isabella Leslie b. 1760 Co. Antrim N. Ireland D. 1841 Great Falls, Chester Co. SC
William Mills b 1780 Chester Co. SC d. unknown
married Katherine Kelsey b. 1784 Chester Co., SC d. Nov. 1819 Lawrence or Pike Co MS
James Albert Mills b. 6 Jan 1805 Chester Co. SC d. 11 Nov 1890 Wayne Co. MS
 Married Harriet Elizabeth Bunch b. 12 Oct 1811 Washington Co MS d. 26 Sept 1868 Wayne Co., MS
Asburn Berry Alonzo Mills b 7 Apr. 1846 Greene Co. MS d. June 23 1914 Wayne Co. MS
married Louisa E. Henderson b. Apr. 25, 1853 Greene Co. MS d. 5 Nov 1922 Wayne Co., MS
Chapman H. Mills b. May 1, 1877 Chicora, Wayne Co., MS d. 25 May 1952 Clara. Wayne Co., MS
married Quinnie V. Mills b. Feb 21 1880 Clara, Wayne Co., MS  d. 12 Apr 1966
Richard H. Mills b. MS d. New Orleans, LA

 on: March 27, 2017, 01:06:03 AM 
Started by ryanAdmin - Last post by calculusentropy
My gr gr Grandfather arrived in the USA sometime between 1821 and 1855.  I have not had much luck with ship manifests.  We know he is from Cappamore Limerick because I obtained a photo of his grave marker in Negaunee MI, and it states he is from Cappamore parish.  I have had my DNA tested and my FamilytreeDNA kit is B144416.  I am also on  I have submitted my pedigree to Marilyn for review via email.

Below is the rest of the story:

1.   Lawrence (Laurence) Ryan b abt. 1821 Cappamore, Co. Limerick, Ireland d 20 Jan 1871 Negaunee MI, USA m Mary Madden
a.   Annie Ryan b 1855 Portage MI, USA d 30 Oct 1872
b.   Julia Ryan b 1856 Negaunee MI USA d 5 Sep 1878 Negaunee MI USA
c.   Mary Ryan b 19 Apr 1858 Negaunee MI, USA d 29 Oct 1878 Negaunee MI, USA
d.   Margaret Ryan b 1863 Negaunee MI, USA d 17 Dec 1890 Negaunee MI USA m Patrick Ryan
e.   Ellen Ryan b 1864 Negaunee MI
f.   Patrick Lawrence Ryan b 1865 Negaunee MI USA
g.   Bridget Ryan b 1869 Negaunee MI USA d 29 Apr 1869 Negaunee MI USA
h.   Anna Ryan b unknown d 1 Sep 1895 Negaunee MI USA
2.   Patrick Lawrence Ryan b 3 Oct 1865 Negaunee MI, USA d 8 Feb 1934 Detroit MI, USA m Felice Antoinette Viger 17 Oct 1900
a.   Lawrence Viger Ryan 28 Apr 1901 Detroit MI USA d 3 May 1956 Detroit MI USA
b.   Edward Chapoton Ryan b 20 Feb 1910 Detroit MI USA d 3 Aug 1985 Saint Clair Shores MI USA
c.   Robert Francis Ryan – see below
3.   Robert Francis Ryan b 3 Jan 1914 Ontonagon MI, USA d 27 Jun 1990 Tacoma WA, USA m Dolores Elizabeth Brady 24 May 1941

 on: March 26, 2017, 03:36:27 PM 
Started by Robert Kelly Dazet - Last post by Robert Kelly Dazet
I've been reading articles recently about  "Auswanderung  aus der Pfalz".  There is a translation of the introduction  to Angela Hefner's book "Tscherwenka - 1785-1944 - Tscherwenkaer Familienwhich" which  is very informative about reasons for the exodus of many Germanic people from the various German "Duchies" .

It seems many ancestors of Dietrich project members came to the US during the period of  the large Palatine migration.

My ancestors it seems, were part of the Great Schwabian Trek:  and were later immigrants to the USA in 1873.  The period from 1820 to 1920 it seems was the period of the largest immigration of German people.



 on: March 25, 2017, 05:01:08 PM 
Started by Linda Magellan - Last post by Patrick Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald project
Kit B171745
Patrick Fitzgerald pedigree starting with grandfather

James Joseph Fitzgerald Jr.; 26 Aug 1903; Omaha, NE; Helen Robison
James Joseph Fitzgerald Sr.; 29 Aug 1869; Knockgraffon, Cashel, Tipperary, IRE; Katie O'Rourke
William Fitzgerald; 29 Mar 1846; Masterstown, Cashel, Tipperary; IRE; Johanna Maher
William Fitzgerald; 4 Aug 1822; Knockgraffon, Cashel, Tipperary, IRE; Mary Quirke
Edmund Fitzgerald; ?; ?; Ellen Doyle

 on: March 25, 2017, 04:50:44 PM 
Started by Linda Magellan - Last post by Patrick Fitzgerald
Hi Shane! I was just about to enter my pedigree, which I'll enter below, when I saw your post. My ancestors are mostly from Knockgraffon as well. We're a distant match (only 1 cM!) but I think that is a function of how many generations we're looking back! E-mail me if you'd like to compare pedigrees.

 on: March 24, 2017, 09:01:17 PM 
Started by Robert Kelly Dazet - Last post by Robert Kelly Dazet
Hi All Dietrich Project Members,

We all have genetic genealogy goals and reasons for taking the the Family Tree DNA, Y-DNA test.  My reason is to break down the "Brick Wall" keeping me from finding my Dietrich families origins in the Germanic States.  They seemed to just have magically appeared in Neuburg South Russia near Odessa on the Black Sea in 1807.  Others in my Dietrich family that had done research, assumed that they came from Württemberg, like many other colonists in South Russia.  For the colonies of South Russia there is a massive volume of information compiled and published by Dr. Karl Stumpp. And there are many Historical Societies such as the Germans from Russia Historical Society with all kinds of great info. There are two early census's from 1812 and 1816 that record  Johann Dietrich, wife Katharina and 3 children as living in Neuburg.  After 1833 there are church records archived in St. Petersburg Russia that are available on films at the FHL in Salt Lake City.
By 1833, the only member of the family that seems to still be alive in Neuburg is Son Jakob Dietrich, his wife Katharina Elisabetha Schneider and children.  The Lutheran Churches in the Grossleibental Districh of Odessa which included Neuburg kept pretty good records.  Each family, in addition to having births, baptisms, marriages,deaths and burials recorded, had a page/pages in a church family book.  This church family book number and page was also entered in a column in the main church records that were archived in St. Peterburg.  I could not find Jakob's death record.  After extensive research I checked each index for all Dietrichs in Nueburg and looked at the films for the Church Family Book number and page.  I found him recorded as Johann Friedrich Dieterich who died in 1842. This showed me that you always have to check every possible spelling of the Dietrich name, and be aware that each individual could have had up to as many as 5 given names!.  This was hims for sure because of the age at death, and the church family book and page number, plus there was only one Dietrich family in Neuburg at the time.  Now here was the important fact that was recorded.  His place of Birth, Kis-ker Hungary!!!.   
So I started to research the Ortsippen Books for Kishker/Kis-ker/Klein-ker, the Batschka, Hungary (now Serbia). I found  no record of Johann Dietrich and family.  However there were two not related Dietrich families from the Pfalz.  One was the Johann Nicolaus family from Hirschfeld, Pfalz and the other was the Johann Valentine family from Mariental, Pfalz.
There is a book written about the German emigrants who settled in Hungary Called the "Sammelwerk Donauaschaben" by Stader.  He lists a Johann Michael Dietrich and family living in the house next to his brother Johann Nicolaus.  Only the brother Johann Michael appeartly was never in Kischker. While registering in Vienna was sent to Landestreu, Galicia.  I found the records for them having lived there.   Stader says this Michael Dietrich from Hirschfeld, a sheppard and cowheard whent to Kischker with wife Margaretha and two sons Mathtias and Johann Burckhard, who was born in 1769, the correct act of my Johann This was not Nicolaus 's brother, it was his cousin. .  Of course there is no proof that was my family.  That is what I'm hoping my Y-DNA67 test will prove, or disprove.  If it is disproved, than who was Johann?  This is my Brick Wall.
I'm wondering what goals others here have and what your research stories are?
Now here is the possible killer.  Johann Nicolaus and Johann Michael of Hirschfeld, Hunsrück, Pfalz, were decendents of Hans Dietrich of Hattgenstein.  Dietrich Project Administrator, Brian Dietrick lists Hans Dietrich as his oldest known ancestor.  Brian is haplogroup R-M269 and we are haplogroup E-M35!!.  What do you think? 
Kelly, administrator of my first cousin, Bill Dietrich's YDNA67 test

 on: March 24, 2017, 07:02:11 PM 
Started by Steven Bird - Last post by Freebyrd
William Emmett Byrd b. 6-10-1852 Va or NC d. 11-11-1928, Wilkes Co. NC
          (siblings George,Solomon,Avery,Evin(sp?), Manley and James b. 1868 per 1880 census)
         m. 8-20-1875 Sarah Caroline Brown b. 8-22-1860 Wilkes NC d. 7-24-1916 Wilkes NC     
      ch.  John A Byrd b.6-22-1876 d. 3-2-1935
                  m. 11-12-1899 Martha Ellen Gregory b.1880
                  ch. Beatrice Byrd b. 1909
             Mary Elizabeth BYRD b.3-2-1877 Wilkes County NC d. 12-7-1954 Guilford County NC
                  m. William P Byrd b 9-9-1870 Wilkes Co NC d 11-25-1944 High Point Guilford NC

             Moore Macon  b. 3-8-1877 Hays NC. d. 2-28-1966 Danbury,NC.
                  m. Allie Ayers b.1887 d. 12-5-1987

           Lewis McClellan Byrd b.1881 NC d. 1913 NC
                  m. Clara Belle Chambers b. May-28-1888 Wilkes NC d. Oct-18-1967 Wilkes NC
                                                                             d/o Alfred Brown and Elizabeth Harrald
                        ch Luther McClellan Byrd b 8-13-1913 Hays NC d 1974 Northfork WV
                                  m Mable Isadora Hall b 1917 Hays NC d 2001 Northfork WV
                                ch Clyde Junior Byrd b Jul 13 1934 Pinnacle WV d Mcdowell  WV
                         m Madonna V Lawless b Oct 21 1935 Crystal WV d Feb 18 1989 P'ton WV                                                                                   
                                     d/o Sylvester Christopher Lawless and Nettie Lee Shelton
                 Clara m2. J. Marshall Harrold Jr. b. Feb-13-1877 d. Jun-6-1951, Hays,NC
                                    ch of Marshall Harrold and Clara Bell not listed

           Robert Harvey Byrd b.1884 d.1944  m. Ida Chambers b.1886

           Wadie Consadie Byrd b 8-10-1886 d 7-18-1929 m Doctor (given name)Frank Byrd
                                                                                            b. 12-11-1881 d. 4-13-1951
           James Walter Byrd b.5-29-1887 Wilkes Co NC
                  m. 4-26-1908 Bryan Surry NC Celia C (Sealie) Bartley b. 1889 Surry Co NC

           (Sarah) Fonzie Byrd b. 5-9-1895 d. 10-30-1983, N. Wilkesboro Wilkes Co. NC
                       m. Abraham Yale

 Well seems Wadie and her sister Mary married other Byrds. I traced both Doctor Frank Byrd and William Peyton Byrd back 3 generations or more so I guess they were already established here when my Byrds come along. My Byrds have migrated from Va to NC to WV and back to NC.
You may contact me at

 on: March 24, 2017, 07:51:18 AM 
Started by laila - Last post by laila
Hi, I am very new when we are talking about DNA, but I have to ask. My brothers haplogroup is R-M207
Subgroup R1b1b2a*-S128.

What is the name of them so I can find something about it, I have seen many different text and numbers but it´s complicated I think.

Best Regards

 on: March 23, 2017, 07:51:40 PM 
Started by daveculp - Last post by daveculp
I have a close match with kit 280248 in the Kolb surname project, and I would like to contact the kit's administrator to find out more about his ancestor Georg Martin Koob.  I don't see a way to do this, i.e. look up an administrator using the kit number.

BTW, this kit has no pedigree associated with it.

Any ideas?

Dave Culp

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