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August 23, 2017, 12:30:46 AM
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 on: August 22, 2017, 11:08:04 PM 
Started by HoffmanAdmin - Last post by Danette
Hello, I am a Hoffman through my grandfather, my mother's father.
Hoffman Line as researched by my cousin:
Herr Von Hoffman 1212-1289 Austria
Herr Andreas Hoffman 1240-1289 West Austria
Wilhelm Von Munsterburg Hoffman 1285-1350 Praha, Central Bohemia, Czech Republic
Johann Hoffman 1315-1380 Bohemia, Germany
Heinrich Hoffman 1345-1400 Bohemia, Germany
Johannes of Munsterburg Hoffman 1371-1479 Styria, Germany
Baron Friederich Hoffman 1403-1468 Prague, Czech Republic
Johan Hoffman 1429-1531 Styria, Austria
Ferdinand Hoffman 1470-1565 Styria, Austria
Frederick Hoffman 1522-1607 Styria, Austria
Andreas Hoffman 1568-1625 Germany
Wilhelm Hermanzen Hoffman 1585-1645 Tallinn, Estonia
Martin Martinus Hermanzen Hoffman 1625-1688 Revel on gulf of Finland, Sweden
Nicolas Hoffman 1680-1750 Kingston, N.Y.
Martinus Hoffman 1707-1772 Kingston, N.Y.
Captain Martin Herman Hoffman Jr. 1747-1797 Kingston, N.Y.
Herman Hoffman M.D. 1765-1829 Sheffield, Massachusetts
Chauncey B. Hoffman 1795-1847 Fair Haven, Vermont
Reuben C. Hoffman 1833-? Bainbridge, N.Y.
Chauncey T. Hoffman 1856-1903 Will County, Illinois
Reuben M. Hoffman 1888-1935 Cedar Butte, South Dakota
Derrol L. Hoffman 1921-1983 Nebraska (My Grandfather)

 on: August 22, 2017, 03:37:30 PM 
Started by web master - Last post by susan cornell Casteel smith
John Allen Casteel born March 31, 1873 in Colorado Springs, Colorado,died March 23, 1951 in Martinez, Ca. John Allen Casteel"s dad was George Washingtion Casteel,born November 15,1845 in Buchanan County, Missouri, He died Aug 28th 1918 in Colorado Springs, Co. George Washingtion Castell"s father was David M Casteel, born in 1811 in Clay, Tennessee.

 on: August 19, 2017, 03:20:36 PM 
Started by PurcellAdmin - Last post by Judith Purcell
Pedigree for NLindegren kit 162593

Thomas Purcell b c 1666 m Christiana Van Woggelman
John Purcell b c 1698 m Hannah Hall
Thomas Purcell b 1720 New Jersey m Mary Van Hook
Benjamin Purcell b c 1746 m Elizabeth Osborn
Samuel Purcell b c 1775 Virginia m Ann Brewer
Benjamin Purcell b 1806 Indiana m Mary Smalley
Peter R Purcell b 1845 Illinois m Nancy J Dodds
Charles S Purcell b 1884 Texas m Katherine Montague

I descend from this line also with the son of Thomas named Daniel who first married Elizabeth and second Keziah.  Daniel wound up in Allegany County, Maryland. 

 on: August 19, 2017, 03:02:38 PM 
Started by - Last post by Judith Purcell
I read somewhere that with the last baron the line died out due to there being no more descendants.  I hope I am stating that clearly enough.  The last baron became a priest.

 on: August 19, 2017, 09:55:58 AM 
Started by Mkk - Last post by lucileburt
Yes I know. I keep an eye on the papers that Dienekes helpfully draws our attention to.

But the date of a mutation is not the same as the date that said mutation arrives in any particular place (other than the one it was born in). mtDNA H could have been born in the Near East at any date you please, but it will not immediately fly to every point on the globe.

So estimates for particular haplogroups are just one factor to bear in mind. We also need to think about evidence for migration, and most especially ancient DNA, which is solid proof of arrival. Even then lineages can die out, so that people today of a particular haplogroop could be descended from a later arrival than the one we see in aDNA. All very complex. But interesting.
that Sykes book was written for the BNP shows that he has an agenda.

 on: August 17, 2017, 08:16:17 PM 
Started by briscoeAdmin - Last post by RonanB23
If anyone is still here, I can give with certainty the last 4 generations without looking anything up.

Daryl Coates Briscoe, b.1928 in MS, m. Effie Geraldine Gahagan, d.2007 in Scobey, MS, had 5 children, one son.
David Owen Briscoe, Sr. b. July 17, 1954 in MS, m. Debra Mitchell in 1973, Alive, had one daughter and one so .
David Owen Briscoe, Jr. b. February 3, 1978 in MS, m. Tiffany Hampton in 1997, divorced in 2010, Alive, has two sons
Jacob Gage Briscoe, b. February 10, 1999 in Nashville, TN (Alive)
Ronan Michael Briscoe (Me), b. August 2, 2001 in Murfreesboro, TN (Alive)

 on: August 17, 2017, 07:50:18 PM 
Started by gagnonAdmin - Last post by SharonD214
Gagnon DNA Project, kit #433638, posted by Sharon (Gannon) Dankwardt,

James John Gannon, 1827, Roscommon, Ireland, Elizabeth Fitzsimmons
James John Gannon, 4 May 1854, St Helen's, Lancashire, England, Mary Evangelist Smith
Raymond Joseph Gannon Sr, 27 Aug 1895, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, Lily Constance Marion Geraldine Young
Raymond Joseph Gannon Jr, 17 Jul 1923, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, Elizabeth Ann Marcotte

 on: August 16, 2017, 03:22:42 PM 
Started by timmonsAdmin - Last post by Jeffrey Clark Timmons
Pedigree of Jeff Timmons:

1. Charles Timmons possibly born 01/12/1751 (1750 or 1771) buried in Old Cadiz Cemetery, Cadiz, Belmont, Ohio, USA Mary Magdalene Forney 09/11/1793.
2. Forney Timmons b 03/03/1817 Cadiz, Harrison, Ohio, USA.  d 05/16/1886 Cadiz, Harrison, Ohio, USA. m Elizabeth Stinson Lacey 06/11/1839 Cadiz, Harrison, Ohio, USA.
3. Robert Lacey Timmons b 10/10/1850-Cadiz, Harrison, Ohio, USA. d 10/29/1920 Wheeling, Ohio, West Virginia, USA. m Isabella Amanda Howard 1868 or 1879.
4. Robert Lacey Timmons b 06/08/1890 Cadiz, Harrison, Ohio, USA. d 07/22/1966.  m Ruth Alberta Brown 08/05/1923 Flushing, Ohio, USA

the above is my grandfather. 

 on: August 16, 2017, 02:40:13 PM 
Started by Arthur C. Barker - Last post by Arthur C. Barker
Family Tree DNA, perhaps temporarily, has withdrawn the relatively new R1b-M343(xM269) SNP Pack for some reason.

This was the SNP Pack that tested for SNPs outside of the main R-M269 branch that includes the two large sub-branches of R-P312 and R-U106 that most R1b men are on.

This reduces the number outstanding SNP Packs at Family Tree DNA to 97.

 on: August 15, 2017, 11:36:20 PM 
Started by William Thomas Farrar, III - Last post by rrkkff
Pedigree for Keith Farrar c/o Laurel Farrar, Laurelwfarrar at gmail dot com
Kit number 754181 (on order)

Richard Farrar b c1727 Goochland Co VA m Elizabeth Sanders
 Stephen David Farrar b 1756 Goochland Co VA m Catherine Catey Lansford
  Stephen David Farrar Jr b 1797 Greenville Co SC m Orpha Alsey Kennifax
   Thomas Linton Farrar b 1827 Chambers Co AL m Elizabeth (Babe) Campbell
    Daniel Jackson L Farrar b 1859 Chambers Co AL m Harriett Ann Dean
     Jesse Clifford Farrar b 1897 Chambers Co AL m Mabel Ross Cadenhead

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