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Title: McManus/O'Conor
Post by: MihalMacMaghnusa on August 01, 2011, 04:52:07 AM
Hello, I transferred my record from DNA Heritage about a month ago to the McManus Project. The most exciting news recently to come to our group is some new data available through the Connor YDNA Group at Family Tree DNA It has allowed us to calculate the deduced modal haplotype of the McManus Family of Kilronan, Roscommon, Ireland. A modal haplotype is the most common result for each marker tested in a group of results. From this can be deduced the ancestral signature of the oldest known or suspected haplotype for a lineage. We can now show this through comparing the haplotypes of seven of our Kilronan McManuses and the O’Conor Don. This has been characterized as the Deduced Modal Haplotype of Manus O’Conor of Kilronan (circa 1150 AD), the son of Turlough O’Conor, High King of Ireland. According to the old Irish annals, the sons of Manus O’Conor, or in the Irish Maghnus Ua Conchobair, changed their name to MacManus, i.e. sons of Manus, and the name continues to this day. If the annals are to be believed, we are really O’Conors but by comparing the YDNA data we have been able to bring much more credence to the old records which associate the two names. This is an important breakthrough for our group. It also holds great potential for identifying the genetic ancestral fingerprint of anyone who may be a Kilronan McManus and wishes to take the YDNA test and join our group. There’s much more to see in our reference section at the group web pages Best wishes. Michael.