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Title: My Farrar line
Post by: Delanti on August 17, 2010, 03:12:17 PM
John Farrar, born ABT 1723, Soyland, married Sarah Brooke Born 1733 Married 1 Aug. 1758, died BET June 1792 and Oct. 1793
. John Farrar, born ABT 1758 Soyland, married Sally Hopkinson 4 May, 1788 Died 9 Dec. 1833.
.. John Farrar, Born 1779, Soyland, married Sarah Crawshaw 28 Dec. 1801, died 22 April 1844
... William E. Farrar, born 1803, Soyland, married Mary Hartley 7 March 1830, died 1883, Portland NY
.... Robert H. Farrar, born 1 Nov. 1838, Portland, NY, married Annie Bothun 24 Dec. 1843, died 12 Feb., 1918
.....Fannie G. Farrar,  born 1886, Portland, NY married John Baker, 1907, died 9 April, 1967

I believe that Isaac Farrar born BET 1689 and 1696 who married Sarah Brooke to be the father of John born ABT 1723 but have not confirmed it yet.

Title: Re: My Farrar line
Post by: William Thomas Farrar, III on August 19, 2010, 08:57:47 PM
My name is William Farrar. I'm the project admin for the Farrar DNA project at

I firmly believe that we are cousins, in as much as the Virginia and Massachusetts (New England) Farrar's both came from West Riding Yorkshire, my progenitor Henry Farrar's great grandfather built Ewood Manor, Midgley, West Riding, Yorkshire in 1471 and according to the map and data Soyland and Ewood manor (tore down in 1973) are only 5 miles apart.

It would be great if you joined the Farrar project, and enrolled in the Y 37 DNA test.


Title: Re: My Farrar line
Post by: Holly Piper on February 05, 2011, 02:15:45 PM
My Farrar lines are from New Hampshire through my grandmother's family.
The Farrars are prominant in the history of Troy New Hampshire and much information about the family is contained in the book aptly titled "The History of Troy New Hampshire"
My Lineage with regard to the Farrars is as follows:

Nathan Tucker, Feb 10, 1925 DOB m Claire Ouellette (My Parents)
Norman Tucker Mar 26, 1896 DOB m Margueritte Farrar Hale June 10, 1900 DOB Troy New Hampshire
Perley Hale Oct 19, 1866 DOB m Edith May Farrar July 24 1871 DOB (New Hampshire)
Daniel W Farrar 11/7/1839 DOB m Nancy A Piper 4/19/1842 DOB (New Hampshire)
Daniel Mellen Farrar 11/7/1815 DOB Sophronia Keith 12/10/1810 DOB (New Hampshire)
Daniel Farrar 10/10/1782 DOB m Lucena Mellen
Daniel Farrar 1755 DOB m Lucy Joslin (Bruce) (Sudbury, Lincoln, Middlesex, Mass.)

I may be reached at and look forward to hearing from you.

Title: Re: My Farrar line
Post by: Judith Farrar Feuss on August 26, 2011, 12:29:54 PM
Joseph P. Farrar, b. 1800, NC, d. MO c. 1860  m. Mary Jane Kenworthy, b. 1803, NC, d. MO c. 1870

    William J. Farrar, b. 1825, MO, m. Elizabeth Brickey, daughter of Peter Brickey & Nancy
    Elizabeth Farrar, b. 1827, MO, m. James Franklin Compton 1849, b. 1828, MO
    Levi  Farrar, b. 1830, MO, m. Elizabeth Johnson, Crawford Co., MO
    Eunice Frances Farrar, b. 1831, MO, d. 18 Apr 1873, Crawford Co., MO, m. John C.
       Coleman 1853, MO, b. 1833, MO  (Son of Thomas Coleman & Elizabeth Brickey)
    John W. Farrar, b. 1834, MO, m. Martha Ann Harrison 18 Aug 1853, b. 1835
    Joshua Kenworthy Farrar, b. 02 May 1841, Steelville, Crawford Co., MO, d. 03 March,
      1923, m. (l.) Emily Arminta Brickey m. 1862 (daughter of John Brickey & Mary Webb),
       b. 1845, d. 1874, Crawford Co., MO.  m. (2.) Louisa Elizabeth Duncan m. 1877 in
       Washington Co., MO (daughter of James Duncan & Levica Bowles), b. 13 Apr 1856
        Washington Co, MO, d. 17 Oct. 1900 Howell Co., MO.  m. (3.) Sarah Melissa Gill
    Emily Jane Farrar, b. 1843, MO, d. 1905, MO, m. William Belew 1866, MO

         Issue of Joshua Kenworthy Farrar:
           (w. wife 1.)-- Alice F. Farrar, (1864-1920)m. Abraham Lincoln Duncan, brother of
            wife 2.
             John Curtis Farrar, b. 1867, MO d. 1900, MO

Issue of Joshua Kenworthy Farrar (w. wife 2.):
     William Joshua (Bunk) Farrar (1876 - 1965)
      James W. Farrar (1879-1948)
      Arminta Jane Farrar (1880-1952)
      Sherman Farrar (1883-1921)
      Iola Farrar (b. 1884
      Walter Parker Farrar (1886 - c. 1925)
      Lincoln S. Farrar (1888-1960)
      Joseph Burton Farrar (1891-1956)
      Fannie Ila Farrar, b. 1894
      Manley Farrar (1896-1950)

         Issue of Walter Parker Farrar
            Earl LeRoy "Roy" Farrar, b. 11 Nov 1908, Howell Co, MO, d. 15 Jan 1975, TX
            Hazel Marie Farrar, (1909-1994)
            Jeanetta Mae Farrar (1912-1998)
            Irene Farrar (c. 1916-1984)
            Walter Merle Farrar (1919-2006)

rfeuss at optonline dot net


Title: Re: My Farrar line
Post by: JDavidB on October 14, 2011, 11:54:11 PM
Hello: Has anyone joined from the family of Isaac Farrow, of Prince William County, Virginia. I think that this is my line. I have an 89 year old Farrow uncle, who might be willing to take the DNA test. Thank you.

Title: Request from Project admin
Post by: William Thomas Farrar, III on December 26, 2012, 01:12:10 PM
Please do not post on this thread anymore. Post on the Farrar Pedigrees thread.
This thread is not read nor was it set up by Admin. And if you wish to receive any information or a response then leave your email address in this form person at yahoo dot com.

The last person who left a message did not leave an email by which to reach him.