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Title: Welcome to New Project
Post by: Bob May on August 07, 2010, 09:31:24 PM
Hi all
The journey to this project started some time back when I hit a roadblock in my genealogy search for my wife's paternal great grandparents. There was no birth record for her grandfather. There was evidence of the area where he had grown up but nothing that said who his parents were. In the search for more information I could find that he was fostered by two families, one in the area where is was said he was born and another in the area where he married, but there was not known biological connection to either of these families.
Further investigations by myself a several other members of the extended family all arrived at a point were we were failry certain who the parents might be, but we ran into that stumbling block of "How are we going to prove this?" Further investigations of methods led to the finding that through DNA we had the only chance of being able to say yes, that is the man or woman. As he was deceased and he only had a son and two daughters still surving we had to get our skates on to get the closest living Y DNA sample. That would take care of the paternal side and to save money we also decided that we would do his mtDNA. The search continues for a contender to test for his materal side. And the search continue for the male and female we can test to prove these connections. our ancestors believed in making things interesting and keeping us occupied.
Well the reults came back and he was I Haplogroup. OK things may as well stay hard so we did a little extra testing and you guessed it, I2* a very young Haplogroup with at least 3 major sub groups. Joining discussion groups, listening to advise I then proceeded and began this project at FTDNA and after opening a site with google I also have just opened a site with World families. Over the next few days I will be working to develope this site.
I would invite anyone who has tested I2* as we endevour to discover more about this haplogroup and advance the details of it on the World Haplogroup tree and define some of the braches.

Title: Re: Welcome to New Project
Post by: Bob May on August 07, 2010, 09:34:52 PM
The links to the other sites are
FTDNA I2* Haplogroup Project (
Google- Bob's DNA I2* (

Title: Re: Welcome to New Project
Post by: Bob May on September 05, 2010, 09:11:02 PM
This message from Ken Nordtvedt was posted overnight (to my time zone)
This is great news and proves the value of projects
Sent: Sunday, September 05, 2010 11:56 PM
Subject: [yDNAhgI] Exciting new I2* Clade
Over the last couple days an exciting new, isolated (in both time and geography) clade of I2* has been found.
1) It is funny what excites some of us, and 2) I believe its I2*.

 Present count of members consists of 6 Italians, 3 Croats, I Greek, 1 Serbian, and 1 Tyrolean?  The clade, itself, looks to be only about 2000 years old to its TMRCA, but this could be biased down because such an isolated clade is likely to be found with its most conforming haplotypes first.
 But here's what is so interesting:  it's interclade node with other clades of I2* are ancient.  Let's call this clade for now I2*-ADR; the I2* project folks may want to use a different clade nickname?  Here are interclade node age estimates:
 ADR-Arm   12,000 years
 ADR-J         15,500 years
 ADR-14      12,750 years
 ADR-13       12,900 years
 ADR-12       14,000 years
Arm stands for Armenian cluster; J stands for Jewish cluster.  The estimated TMRCAs for Arm, J, 12, 13, 14 clades are all much, much less than 12,000 years
 Ethnic clades J and Arm seem to be affiliated with I2*-14 clade.  The J clade is so young it just reaches back to a historic era TMRCA.
Members for this new I2*-ADR were found in ysearch, smgf,, yhrd, and other geographical projects.  Just the Greek has snp tests, and they point toward I2* but have not totally closed the deal yet (P38+, P37-, M223-, M253-)
There is a brand new I2* project with gung-ho administrators.  I2* seems to be our deepest in time peek into the origins of y haplogroup I due to mainly to its age and pecularities of its geographical distribution in Europe and SW Asia.   My own database contains hundreds of I2* haplotypes.  Only a small fraction of them have joined the I2* project so far because of the newness of the project.  I urge I2* folks to join that project.  Some of the benefits are discounts on further STR or SNP tests.  Many of these I2* haplotypes I see in my database only have a limited number of STR markers.  By expanding to the full 67 plus smgf markers, you could greatly help research into the phylogenetic tree structure of I2* and learn how your line relates to it all.
Here's the address for the I2* project.  Join up and let's try to find out where our haplogroup I earliest ancestors were and when?


Title: Re: Welcome to New Project
Post by: Bob May on January 28, 2012, 07:16:27 PM
Project Update
I2* Project commenced in late 2009 with the knowledge that the I2a and I2b had conducted WTY projects on two kits with no results.
Our first WTY kit discovered three new SNPs in late 2010 being L415, L416 and L417. After testing other project members and members of other I2 Projects it was confirmed that these SNPs identified a new clade which was designated I2b by ISOGG (note at the same time the old I2a and I2b clades were re-designated I2a1 and I2a2 because of the discovery of the SNP L460 which after extensive testing was found + in both these clades but - in I2* and I1).
A second WTY was conducted in 2011 discovering two new SNPs L596 and L597. Testing confirmed that these SNPs identified the balance of the I2* project current members and was designated I2c By ISOGG.
As this meant that to our knowledge no I2* people have tested that have not been able to be placed into I2b (L415, L416 and L417) and I2c (L596 and L597) and the fact that the ISOGG HG I Tree and the FTDNA (YCC) HG I tree were out of sync waiting update, the project was retitled I2*, new ISOGG I2b and I2c. When the FTDNA (YCC) HG I tree is updated shortly the title will be altered to comply to that designation and will continue to cover the I2*, I2b (L415, L416 and L417) and I2c (L596 and L597).
The I2b people form a small group in the project and ancestral links to Italy, Germany and Scotland.
The I2c people fall into 3 major cluster with 3 outlier groups. This indicates to us that we have more work to do in discovering SNPs to further identify sub clades of I2c. To this end it is planned that kits from the other two major groups within I2c namely (C) DYS393/390 12/22 and (B) DYS393/390 14/24 be submitted to the WTY project testing this year (funds permitting).
Could you be a part of this project. Have a look at the Project site at (http://"") and compare your results with those of project members.
Feel free to contact any of the Administrators.
We use the World Haplogroup & Haplo-I Subclade Predictor (http://"http://") and designation of I-S31* or I-S31*-C (or A or B) indicates that your results fall within the parameters we use.
If your results do not fall within the project and you still want to be part of our discovery endeavour you can by going to the Project site listed above and scrolling down to General Fund and make a donation to WTY project cost, SNP validation cost or general project cost by using the link provided. I can assure you that any donation will be gratefully accepted and used to further the Goals of the project.
Bob May