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Title: Oxley Origins
Post by: Vincent Exley on December 09, 2008, 11:12:52 AM
Oxley is an English surname and many Oxleys in America trace their origins to England.  However, there are instances in the colonial records of Georgia in which the German surname Oechsle was rendered as Oxley.  Therefore, this question comes to mind: are there Oxleys today who  have ancestors with the German name Oechsle or variations, such as Oechslen or Oechslin?

Title: Re: Oxley Origins
Post by: exleyformike on February 18, 2013, 03:14:59 PM
pedigree for kit number 2667240 is as follows:
 1.Joseph Exley b. 2 Aug 1780 Leeds, Yorkshire, ENG D. 7 May 1837 Apperly Bridge, Yorkshire, ENG m. Jane Richardson b. 5 July 1785 d. 15 Mar 1842 Bootham, York, Yorkshire, ENG children: Joseph, Hardin, John, Thomas, Sarah Elizabeth
2. Thomas Exley b. 25 Oct 1820 Apperly Bridge, Yorkshire, Eng d. 4 Aug 1905 Clark, IA m. Cynthia LaFoon b. 14 July 1828 Surry NC d. 6 Nov 1912 Clark IA children: James, Rebecca, Benjamen Franklin, Joseph, Hardin LaFoon, Sarah Emma, Sanford, Mary Ann, Linnie (Charles), Cora
3. Joseph Exley b. 19Mar 1852 Eddyville, Mahaska, IA d. 29 Apr 1934 Sargent Custer, NB m. Charity Elizabeth Shores b. 11 Jan 1854 Guesnsey OH d. 23 June 1907 Sargent Custer NB children: Nora Edith, Orville Melvin, Viola, Lawrence, Frederick, Arthur H.
4. Orville Melvin Exley b. 8 June 1883 Sargent, Custer NB d. 19 Aug 1938 Sargent, Custer NB m. Mary Etta Zion b. 29 June 1891 Lamoni Decatur IA d. 3 Mar 1977 Sterling, CO