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Title: Patriarch Update
Post by: Katherine Borges on November 09, 2008, 04:17:33 PM
I have made a first attempt at editing all of the Pat postings loaded by yours truly, i.e. John Herbert Thompson of SC through George Thompson also of SC.  The absence of a totally uniform format and even uniform punctuation offends my perfectionist sensibilities but I will be happy if I spelled names correctly, put people in the correct generation and have children following parents.  Let me know if you see mistakes in those three categories. I did not attempt to edit the prior posts by other admin volunteers nor did I attempt to determine if some of the postings do not qualify as "patriarchs" in a DNA project.  I decided those decisions would have to be made by a person in a higher pay grade.  Hmm??  To reiterate, I did attempt to follow Terry Barton's sensible suggestions on limiting the info on a Pat Page, although I did fudge on deleting persons born a few years after 1900 if it seemed to make sense to include them.  I will attempt to review new Pedigree postings at least once a week and post them to the Pats.  I hope we will have decisions about "eligibility" and a numbering system that ties the Pat to DNA results in the near future.  Mark 11/09/08