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Title: McClendon/McLinden Y-DNA Match
Post by: Mary Lee Becker on November 07, 2008, 07:33:27 PM
We have the 37 marker test results back for M-20 Hugh McLinden, b. c. 1815 Ireland, and they match the McClendons/McLendons:
We are seeing a couple of mutations, one on DYS #570 and CDY b, exactly as would be expected, if this family separated prior to 1700 AD.
It appears that the McAlindens/McLindens of Northern Ireland are definitely the cousins of the McClendons/McLendons of America.
This almost certainly shows that the McClendons/McLendons of the Southern U.S. are descendants of the ancient Mac Giolla Fhiondain, and Oriel Sept of Ireland.
The descendants of Hugh McLinden have also joined our Oriel Septs of Ireland DNA Project. All McClendons/McLendons are eligible to join he Oriel Project, in addition to the McClendon DNA Project.
Please contact me, if you have any questions.

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Title: Re: McClendon/McLinden Y-DNA Match
Post by: Fionnghal on March 13, 2009, 05:29:24 PM
hi Mary Lee
We have only one known male McLinden left of all Michael's descendants.  He's in his 60s and i had asked him if he'd not be tempted to have his DNA analysed, but he was reluctant to fork out that cost.  He's a pensioner, not keeping well, and it would have been quite a chunk of money for him to find. 

I suspect another descendent, William John McLinden b.26 July 1877 Ca, who lived for a while in Devon England, may have returned to Canada but don't know if he had any male heirs.   Frustrating.  I would love to have known what our DNA signature and Haploid groups were  :-( 

However, I take heart from the DNA return you have got.  Maybe we're linked :-)

le durachd  :-)
Fionnghal in wintery Scotland