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Title: update
Post by: Katherine Borges on October 25, 2008, 07:31:15 PM
As of today, 10/25/08, all "eligible" postings on the WFN Pedigree page for the Thompson DNA Project have now been posted on the Patriarchs page maintained by WFN for the Project.  THIS IS NOT THE LAST WORD ON THIS SUBJECT.  I will now undertake the process of cleaning up the "word processing" mistakes and problems and will make "substantive" corrections that are posted on the Forum by members.  Katherine will undertake the job of double checking my decisions on "eligibility" and develop a new numbering system.  The goal, of course, is to make the Patriarch page useful to the DNA participants.  Wish us luck.  Some comments on style, etc.  I tried to follow the WFN suggestions on format, etc, including: using only name, birthdate & place of birth and name of persons married, NOTHING ELSE;  I generally followed the no persons born after 1900 rule, unless I decided that it was "OK" and privacy issues did not seem "flagrant."  (After all, the info is on the Pedigree page.) If anyone wants more deleted on Patriarchs, just let me know;  I tried to follow the rules on punctuation, etc, but probably failed miserably.  Mark 10/25/08