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Title: Looking For Ancestry Info
Post by: ndfi697 on May 16, 2008, 08:35:43 AM
Hi All, My Name is Shane Conner, I am looking for more information that may help me find out more about my ancestry, When asking my mom if our last name was Irish, she told me that my grandpa's dad and/or his grandpa emigrated from Ireland, My grandpa told her that there last name was altered due to many emigrating to the United States, my mom told me the last name of O'Shonner? She spelled it out to me as she heard it pronounced to her. I grew up in Missouri, and also found out that My Grandpa as relatives in Indiana. I don't know if this helps with anything but this is all I got to go off of and cannot afford a DNA test, If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciative

Thank You

Shane Conner