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Title: Help With Burns Lineage
Post by: JeffGossett on March 25, 2008, 08:21:54 AM
Following is research I've done on my Burns line which was located in the York/Spartanburn/Cherokee County, SC area. If anyone has ideas or thoughts I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks. Jeff Gossett

As stated previously, Susan Morgan’s mother was Honor Burns. Honor’s grandmother and mother can be determined from the 1860 census for Spartanburg County:
Honor Burns            78   VA
Sarah Burns             35    SC (later as “Sallie”)
Honor M. Burns         14    SC
Frances Burns            8    SC
James A. Burns          5    SC
John H. Burns            1
The family is also listed on the 1850 census for Spartanburg County, page 503:

Oner Burns      60   SC       Listed in the index as “Owen”
Sarah         24   SC
Hannah                   20   SC
Onery (Honor)                 5   SC
Daniel                    1/6   SC

To determine the husband of Honor Burns, I analyzed the 1840 census records for Spartanburg and York Counties.  I matched the ages of the people on the 1840 census with the known ages of Honor’s family from the 1850 census. I found about 18-20 families and examined each.  I eliminated all those who were too young to be Honor and her husband.

Since Honor's husband was not alive in 1850, I eliminated the men who were still alive in 1850. This included a William and Hannah Burns the correct ages to have been Honor and her husband.

I was left with only one family that matched, and it matched perfectly. They are in Spartanburg County. There are two page numbers on the page, 503, and either 327 or 527:

William Burns, born between 1781-90       
Wife, born between 1781-90, a perfect match for Honor who was born about 1782
Son, born 1821-25, a perfect match to be the son who married Sarah _______ (born 1825)
 Two females 10-14 and 2 females 20-29 who obviously would have also been grown by the time of the 1850 census.

Who then, were the parents of William Burns?  Based on the age and location, William is very likely the son of Samuel Burns. Consider the following information:

Burns, Samuel
State: SC
Series M805, Roll 145, Image 201, File W9757

South Carolina, York District

Before me personally appeared Amos Burns and made oath in due form of hand that he has the record of his father Samuel Burns’ marriage to his mother Mary Lesley showing their marriage together along with the births of their children which is written on the inside of the cover of Samuel Burns’ Bible and cannot be taken out and that it is in his father Samuel Burns own hand writing and believed to be correct and has always been in his said fathers family a copy of which is hereunto attached in support of said marriage. Sworn to & subscribed before me July 11th 1853 John G. Enloe Magt. Ex. Off. signed Amos Burns

Samuel Burns and Mary Lesley were married July 25th 1781
Samuel Burns is thirty years of age on Sept 17th 1784
Zabdiel or Habdiel (?) Burns was born June 28th 1782 about ten o’clock at night!
William Watson Burns was born November 2nd 1783 about one o’clock at night
Margaret Burns was born November 22, 1785 between break of day and sunrise
Anne (?) Burns was born 26th March 1788 near an hour before sunset
George Burns was born April 1790 about two hours after dark
Martha Burns was born Jany. 19th 1792 near 12 o’clock at night
Saml. Burns was born January 15th 1794 almost day
John Burns and Mary Burns born March 29th 1796
Grace Burns borne October 1798
Joab Addi Burns & Cyrus Iddo Burns born Sept 29th 1800 two or three hours after
Amos Burns was born October 27th 1802
Jediah Burns was born July 23rd 1805 2 hours before sun down
Saml. Burns Senior was born September 17th 1754

South Carolina, York District
I, John M. Ross, Judge of the Court of the Ordinary for the District Court aforesaid certify that Samuel Burns, who was a revolutionary pensioner of the United States, departed ! this life in York District, So. Ca. on the first day of September One thousand eight hundred thirty seven leaving his wife Mary, a widow who died in York Dist. So. Ca. on the second day of Feby. one thousand eight hundred & forty eight, having surviving the following Children, viz: Samuel Burns, Margaret Davison or Dawson (?), George Burns, John Burns, Mary Burns, Cyrus Burns, Anne or Anna or Annis (?)Burns, who was now his only surviving children & all of Lawful and in testimony whereof I have hereunto offered the seal of my office & subscribed my name, done in open court.
John M. Ross

 This information was part of the Revolutionary War pension application of Samuel and Mary Burns
As can be seen, William Watson Burns is the right age to have been Honor’s husband. Additionally, this action shows that William was dead by 1848.  Census records analyzed showed that Honor’s husband, William Burns was alive in 1840 but dead by 1850, again, a fit for William Watson Burns.
Assuming that Honor’s husband is William Watson Burns, here is the remainder of the family lineage:
Robert Burns b. abt. 1590:
John Burns b. 1627 m. Hellen Lyon. They had:
John Burns b. 1659 m. Margaret Cuming. They had:
George BURNS b: 1680 in Scotland died 1755  m.  Jordan Probst b. 1659. They had:

Charles Burns
Birth: 1717 in Scotland
Death: 1789 in Henry Cnty, VA
Will: after 3 Apr 1789 Henry County, Va
Death at Marrow Bone Creek, Henry County. Burial at Martinsville
Marriage 1 to Mary Webb, b 1729, Goochland, VA, divorced 1779
Marriage 2 in 1779 to Ann Rea, b abt 1761 VA, daughter of James Rea

Their children are:

Alexander (Sr) BURNS b: abt 1746 in Pittsylvania Cnty, VA
William BURNS b: abt 1756 in Pittsylvania, VA
Andrew BURNS b: abt 1758 in ? VA
Samuel BURNS b: 17 Sep 1754 in Halifax Cnty, Va
John BURNS b: in Virginia
Charles BURNS b: abt 1764 in Halifax Cnty, VA
Andrew S BURNS b: abt 1766 in Halifax Cnty, Va
Ann BURNS b: abt 1759 in Henry Cnty, Va

April 12, 1768, Surveyed for Charles Burns, 68 acres of land on the branches of Marrowbone Creek, and bounded as follows. Viz: Beginning at a Chestnut tree on Randolphs Order Line, thence 92 poles to a white oak on a branch thence new lines 186 poles crossing the branch to a red oak, thence 94 poles to a hickory and white oak in the Order line, thence 24 poles crossing a branch to the first station. By: T.H.A., Surveyor.. Transferred to W. Archibald Roberson, Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

January 4, 1774: Pittsylvania County, Virginia Deed Book 4, page 25, from Charles Burns of the Parish of Camden in Pittsylvania to Theophilus Feild and William Call, Merchants in Prince George Co., for 45 pounds, all that parcel of land in Camden Parish and Pittsylvania, containing about 254 acres on the south side of Irvin River, and bounded by (trees).
Signed (his mark) Charles Burns
Wm. Wilson,
John Wilson,
Peterson Thweatt,
Burrel Smith.

Recorded May 26, 1774.

The wife of Charles, came into court and voluntarily relinquished her right of dower to the lands conveyed.


IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN. I Charles Burns, Sen. of Henry County, State of Virginia, being sick and weak in body, but of perfect mind and memory thanks be to Almighty God, calling unto mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament, that is to say Principally and first of all, I give and recommend my soul into the hands of Almighty God that gave it me and my body I recommend to the Earth to be buried in the Christtlike Buriel at the direction of my Executors and as touching my Worldly Estate wherewith it has pleased God to blys me with in this life, I give and dispose of in the following manner and form, I give and bequeath unto my Dearly beloved wife Ann Burns my land whereon I now live, my stock all kinds, my house hold furniture, my working tools as long as she may live, then to be disposed of in the following manner to wit, at the desire of my dearly beloved wife Ann Burns what remains to be sold and divided amongst my children as followith. I give to my son Alexander Burns one Shilling Sterling. I give unto my son Samuel Burns one Shilling Sterling, I give unto my son John Burns one Shilling Sterling, I give to my son Charles Burns Jr. one Shilling Sterling, then the balance that whom I make my whole and sole Executor of this my Last Will and Testament. ! In Witnys Whereof I have hereunto set my hand this Third day of April in the year of our Lord God 1789.
Signed Sealed and Delivered his
In the Presents of us Charles B. Burns L.S.
Jonathan Pace
Robert Lorton
John Ray

Who were the parents of Honor M. Burns, wife of Peter Morgan?

The answer is found in the estate settlement of James Madison Gaffney who died 12 Aug 1844 (Spartanburg County File 1120, 1851). James was the son of Michael Gaffney, the founder of Gaffney, SC.

James married Minerva Jones. The couple had two sons, Joseph and Thomas.

From the estate settlement, which began in 1844 and concluded in 1852, it is clear that after James’ death Minerva married C.N. (Christopher) Burns. In late 1845 or early 1846 she gave birth to Honor M. Burns.  An analysis of the dates of census records, the reported age of Honor on census records, and the date of death of James Gaffney, shows it highly unlikely that Minerva was pregnant with Honor when James died.

Joseph and Thomas were also mentioned in the will of their grandfather, Michael Gaffney, but Honor isn’t mentioned offering further proof that she wasn’t the daughter of James Gaffney but WAS the daughter of  C.N. and Minerva Jones Gaffney Burns.

C.N. Burns was appointed guardian ad litem for Honor. It was common practice at that time for all monies to pass from male hand to male hand. So, any money inherited would have to be handed to the father or even the husband of the female inheriting the money. If there was no male, a guardian ad litem would be appointed. In most cases, the father was appointed guardian ad litem if the inheritance was through the mother to a female child. The guardian ad litem would then be paid a fee for handling the transaction.

From the estate of their mother, each of the three children received $24.94 and the two boys each received $266.90 from their father’s estate.  C.N. received $37.41 as Honor’s guardian ad litem.

Thus, Honor Burns Morgan, mother of Susan F. Morgan, was half-sister to Thomas and Joseph Gaffney.

After James Gaffney’s death, Joseph and Thomas went to live with their uncle Henry G. Gaffney. Henry was administrator of James’ estate.

The C.N. Burns family should appear on the 1850 and 1860 census but doesn’t. In fact, Honor is living with her grandmother Honor Burns during this time.  It isn’t known why she wasn’t living with her parents. C.N. received money from the James Gaffney estate as late as 1852 so he certainly should have been on the 1850 census. Perhaps Minerva had died and C.N. couldn’t care for Honor by himself. 

The suggested lineage is:

•   George Burns and Mary _______
•   Charles Burns (from Scotland in 1737) and Mary Webb
•   Samuel Burns and Mary Lessley
•   William Burns and Honor ____________
•   C.M. Burns and Minerva Jones Gaffney
•   Honor M. Burns and Peter Morgan
•   Susan Frances Morgan and Charles Mills Painter