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Title: Street surname research
Post by: kylests on March 23, 2008, 06:08:24 PM
The first occurence of anyone in England surnamed 'Street' was that of Modbert in 1100 X 1130 where his anglo-saxon name was spelled as "Modbert De Strete". There was also an occurence of a William Strete who was the King's butler in 1375. Nicholas Stretch (Gaelic: Straoit) was in 1377, a bailiff, a prominent man of high wealth who was the ancestor of all Irish Street families. In French, Street is De La Rue, an equivalent to the Italian name Strada. John Streate was part of the West England Virginia Charter of 1609. He was either of the Irish Street family or the Somerset Street family. William Street settled in Virginia in 1704 with 350 acres of land. William is most likely descended from John Streate. William's lineage is possibly the following:

Capt, John Street 1640-1711
Master of ship the Providence, Anthony Streate 1615
No occupation (Irish indication?), John Streate -1627 with a lawsuit

If Irish, John's line would be, strating with him, John, Richard, William, Nicholas III, Nicholas II, Nicholas I, Richard III, Richard II, Richard I, Nicholas III, Nicholas II, Nicholas I (bailiff in 1377).