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Title: James Huddleston & Isabella McKinley of Lincoln and Haywood Co., TN
Post by: Mary Lee Becker on March 19, 2008, 06:47:17 PM

"Tennessee, Records of Haywood County, Journal C, (County Minutes), 1834-1840, Historical Records Project. Official Records Project No. 465-44-33-115. Copied under the Works Administration Program [WPA]. Copied, Indexed & Typed by Annie Sue Holland & Helen L. Rutledge, Dec. 27, 1938"*
State of Tennessee, Haywood County
Monday October 1st, 1838 (Page 454):

   Isabella Huddleston came into Court and administered upon the estate of her late husband James Huddleston deceased, and entered into bond in the sum of five hundred dollars with David H. E. Sanders and Tobias B. Hall as securities and took the oath required by law, which was approved by the Court and ordered to be filed.
   Ordered by the Court that Sydney P. Smith, Alexander Batchelor and Joel Watkins, be appointed commissioners to lay off and set apart one year's provision to Isabella Huddleston widow of the late James Huddleston and report to the next term of this Court.
Monday 7th September 1840 (Page 550):
   An account of sale of personal property James Huddleston deceased was this day handed into open court which was received by the court and ordered to be recorded.
   The commissioners appointed to set apart one year's allowance to the widow of the late James Huddleston dec'd report that they have discharged the duties enjoined on them which was received and ordered to be recorded.

*[Note: This publication is available through Mountain Press, P.O. Box 400, Signal Mountain, Tennessee, 37377-0400,]

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