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Title: Haplogroup W Project World Families Site
Post by: Mary Zucker on March 19, 2008, 10:36:04 AM
The mtDNA Haplogroup W Project at World Families is starting up. OUR SITE HERE IS VERY MUCH UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

The FTDNA mtDNA Haplogroup W Project has been in existence for approximately 2 years.  At this time we have 156 members.  We have a public site at FTDNA:  

One of our members has created a funny and informative web site that he owns and operates:

We have a private, by invitation web site at MyFamily for current members who have been tested by FTDNA (Genographic Project members included).

Our presence on the World Families site is a result of exploring other venues for sharing results and research.

At this time we do NOT have a process for including non-FTDNA tested individuals.  We hope to begin exploring this in the not too distant future.

Bye for now,
Mary Zucker
Volunteer Co-Administrator, FTDNA Haplogroup W Project