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Title: Before I Die
Post by: dash126 on February 26, 2008, 11:34:41 AM
I have been identified as a "Hatfield" through FTDNA. I just don't know my "pedigree"! I have no pedigree to post but I'm trying to find someone that might know something about my unknown family. My father was "John Hatfield" and he was born around 1916 -1920 in WV. He was a Corporal in the US Army and in late 1945 he was 26 or 27 and located in San Francisco. I don't know if he was stationed there or just passin' through. My mother said she worked with him but was only with him a couple times and he left before she knew she was pregnant. He was about 5'9", medium build and complexion with dark curly hair and brown eyes. My mother judged him to be of average intelligence. She knew nothing of his education or family background.  I was born 8-14-1946 to Ruth Marion Rasmussen in Detroit , MI. My mother was married at the time I was conceived and her married name was Elwartowski but her California divorce became final in June, 1946.

I'd really like to find where I belong before I die. My FTDNA # is 104367 and my 37 Marker #'s are located at the Hatfield Project   

Doug Hamilton (