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Title: Melchior Oechsle - 1752
Post by: Vince Exley on February 06, 2008, 01:23:09 PM
Often named as the immigrant ancestors of the Effingham County, GA, Exleys are Melchior Oechsle (Ochsle) and Maria Niess.  The name "Melchier Oachsle" appears in a Nov. 1752 list of land grantees in colonial Georgia.  Melchior has often been listed in Exley genealogies, with no apparent documentation, as the father of John Michael Exley, who died in 1813 in Effingham County.  Also Melchior is identified as an inhabitant of early Ebenezer, GA, in several published books (genealogies and histories).  However, in researching the Exley family for many years, I have not found a single primary source--a record of the 1700s--that documents the presence of an adult named Melchior Oechsle in Ebenezer or any of its dependencies.  If any one knows of a source in the 1700s that documents Melchior's presence at Ebenezer, please share this with me: