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Title: New DNA Surprise: Carl Rove And Barack Obama Related
Post by: Marilyn Teaff Barton on December 27, 2007, 10:53:16 PM
New York, NY, December 14, 2007 12/14/2007 03:45 PM GMT (FINDITT)


In the December issue,, The Sanely Funny Humor Magazine, reveals the new DNA surprise that Carl Rove and Barack Obama are apparently related.

Little did Carl Rove’s wife know when she decided to requested a genealogy study that she would discover that her husband, like Dick Cheney before him, is a distant cousin of Obama’s.

The immediate question is, with so many Republican relatives, can Barack possibly remain a Democrat?

Asked about the apparent conflict of parties, Obama stated, “I don’t care how many Republican relatives I have. No way I’m going to become a Republican.”

The revelation may, however, help explain why Carl Rove has recently been giving Barack Obama advice about how to beat Hillary Clinton. Carl is just hoping to keep the presidency in the family. Since he is a consultant, he may also realize his best Republican days are behind and, if offered a paycheck, would be willing to become a Democrat.

There is, however, the slightly more probably rumor that Mr. Rove has decided Obama would be easier for a Republican to beat than Clinton.

The latter reason does sound especially plausible, DNA humor rumor or not.

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