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Title: Hornsby:Danish roots
Post by: noj1 on November 24, 2007, 01:23:58 PM
I invite fellow Hornsbys to check out my "Origins of Hornsbys" searched on over the past 20/30 years:

That all Hornsbys UK and abroad connect:
That they "came in" to UK with Danish incursions/invasion/immigration after 800AD, particularly c870 - 970AD;
That they came in principally via the East Coast up into Cumbria: Hornsby Gate: Carlisle: Penrith.   Hornsby notable surname reference in Cumbria monastry for c970AD.
That they came in also on the Welsh and ports on South Coast.
That Lolland island of Denmark seems a jump off point.
See, tap down to Ho/Hu place name search and find HUNSEBY/HORNEBY Locality map.
Check out Danish place names for Ho
Check out the Hornby/Hornsby surname in Yorkshire parish histories connecting to Vikings.
Same North East and Cumbria.
Check out Danish/Viking History on online sites, (Wikepedia, etc. for quick authoritive overview).
Although the Hornsby name has always attracted the range of derivatives, I dont think the Hornby Horneby derivates from Yorkshire are neccessarily Hornsbys but originally families from side areas of Lolland.   (Further look here).
Invite all to look at the www.fallingrain maps, see pertinent place names and the maps showing the short hop for any incursion to East Coast.  Today a 2/3 hour ferry journey.
Comparitive DNA for Hornsbys should confirm the above -- to be further
confirmed eventually with H bloodline contact in Lolland area(s). 

welcome feedback.  John Hornsby

ps: Assists to check out Danish influence on England prior 1066 and Danish monarchs of England.