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Title: Rakovchick Ancestry Minsk-Anyone have any connections
Post by: sacredsisters3 on August 30, 2007, 11:11:17 PM
Hello All

I am researching my Rakovchick/Rakovschick ancestry. My great-grandfather David Rakovchick was born about 1882-84 in Minsk-Belarus, Russia. I am not sure when he immigrated to America. He supposedly immigrated to Montrteal, Canada first before coming to America in 1917. I have been unable to find him listed in any of the US Canadian Border Crossing Entries, which confuses me. It even states on his naturalization papers that he first went to canada, but no specifics.

In America he shortened his name to Rakoff. I do not know how many siblings he had, but he did have a brother who immigrated to America also. His name was Israel Rakovchick, but he went by Isadore Rakoff. He died in New York in 1938. David died in 1965. Isadore Left 4 children behind when he came to America in 1916. He also went to Canada first and i was able to find his entry. He was born in 1887. In the mid 1920's his 4 kids were finally sent for, but it was not a happy reunion for them. The names of the parents of my great-grandfather were Moische Aaron & Bertha/Bernice(Levine)Rakovchick.

If any of this sounds like a connection to anyone out there, then please get in touch.