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Title: Database growing
Post by: Dick Norwood on June 29, 2007, 10:48:58 PM
Well, our database is growing--slowly.  So far, we have only unique haplotypes, no clear groupings, and interestingly, the Norwoods represented show no relationship to one another.  In fact, there are two separate haplogroups involved, one Nordic (I) and the other of the Western Atlantic Modal (R1b1), the most common of the western European haplogroups.

No conclusions can be drawn yet, but with more data, we might be able to begin to differentiate different families and their branches.

Please encourage any male Norwoods you may know, especially fairly distant cousins with good conventional documentation of their descent, to request and submit DNA samples for this project.

Best Regards,

Dick Norwood
Asst. Project Admin.