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Title: DNA Results uploaded to database
Post by: Hensley Admin on September 29, 2006, 11:32:03 AM
Hi Folks,
Recently, I sent a note to those participants that had not uploaded their DNA results to the database.  For those Hensley lines that have already made connections to other Hensleys  via the DNA Project, and don't feel that there's a need to upload their data, please consider this very real possibility.  Other individuals, myself included by the way, have established connections with other surname lines as well, by using this database's much more extensive set of DNA results.    A number of other non-Hensley lines have been closely connected to Hensley lines.  Bottom line of uploading the DNA results to this free database is that additional connections both from within and without the Henslee DNA project are potentially invaluable to genealogy researchers where no paper trail ever existed.

So I urge you to participate in the project if you haven't already  and if you have no particular connection to our project, you may find connections that you never knew existed.  Drop me a note if you have any questions or issues that I may be able to help you answer or resolve.

Warmest Regards,
Joe Henslee
Hensley DNA Project Administrator

p.s.  We've got 2 more DNA tests in the pipeline with results scheduled mid November for availablilty.