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Title: Sears Family Trees
Post by: lrsears on August 23, 2006, 01:06:08 AM
In my 30 year quest to find the descendants of Richard Sears of Plymouth Colony (Cape Cod) I have come across many other Sears families.? I think we come from all parts of the world.? The name? Cyr (French) has sometimes been anglicized to Sears.? Also Sayres, Seers, Soares(Portuguese), Sayers, Sares, Zaher(German) and I'm sure other variations.? I have had emails from Sears that live in England, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland and other places.? ?I have about 60 "Sears Trees"? ?at? and numerous other one or two generation families named Sears.

I think a large number of the families have English roots.? This project will be a wonderful aid to figure out if some of these individual trees can be grafted together.? I look forward to working with others in the project.? ?Please feel free to contact me with questions about the Sears family.? I currently have 20,743 people in my genealogy database with the surname? SEARS.

Happy hunting,
L. Ray Sears, III