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Title: A question on probability...
Post by: constant_d on July 15, 2006, 09:52:29 AM
Here's a question on probabilities... I'm adopted and I have no records on my birth parents, so my last name could be anything. I recieved my 37 marker test and went to my "Y-DNA Matches" page. Under my 25 marker matches I have a significant amount of exact matches with a certain sirname or a variant of it. I don't have any exact matches on my 37 markers, but I do have two people of that same sirname that match at a distance of 2, and one person of the same sirname that matches at a distance of 1. Now, can these results be interpreted as that I actually belong to this sirname group? Or do I need more definetive proof (ie. paper trail, 67 marker test, etc)?

Title: Re: A question on probability...
Post by: Biscuits on June 05, 2007, 08:12:13 PM
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