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Title: Terry Lineage Group II Formed - John S. Terry (VA) & Andrew Terry (IL)
Post by: Terry Family Historian on July 08, 2006, 01:41:29 PM
This is pretty exciting....

FYI: Tim Moore who you see answering a lot of census type questions on Terry Genforum has quite a bit on his web site concerning the descendants of John S. Terry and related families. I have emailed him making him aware there have been two TERRY males who have tested out of this family who apparently share a common ancestor:

All I can say is Wow! I am in such a lucky position as Co-Coordinator of the Terry DNA Project as my mail in box just lights up every time anyone in the Terry DNA project gets a match so I get to share in the participants excitement. We now have a 37/37 or 100 percent marker match on T-6 and T-27 so I created Terry Lineage II in the project and will move the patriarchs information for these individuals to the top of the list:

Terry Lineage II (You are all in this group on the patriarchs page now!)

T-6 John Self Terry b. ca. 1780 Bedford Co. VA
T-27 Andrew Terry b. ca. 1805, Madison Co. IL

T-6 was one of the early participants in the Terry DNA project joining in 06/14/2005 and did not have a match until 07/08/2006 with T-27 who joined the project in 05/25/2006. I'm sure T-6 and T-27 will have a lot to talk about concerning their family research and their "Brick Walls".

My point here is, do not be frustrated if you do not have a match quickly and you have to have some patience.... Some of us have been working on our families for 20 plus years and we have in the last couple of years and months seen matches which has helped us focus our research on certain geographical areas. -- All due to us being "DNA Time Travelers"!!!

Robert "Mike" Terry
Co-Coordinator Terry DNA Project

I am updating these links today: