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Title: DNA project to trace ethnic origins
Post by: Marilyn Teaff Barton on April 14, 2005, 07:14:38 PM
Max Jarman
The Arizona Republic
Apr. 14, 2005 12:00 AM

? ? ?Tucson researchers are looking for 100,000 people with $100 who are curious about their ethnic origins and can handle unexpected answers. The Arizona Research Laboratories at the University of Arizona is working with the National Geographic Society and IBM Corp. to trace human migratory routes 50,000 years and older through DNA.
? ? ?The Genographic Project, announced in Tucson on Wednesday, aims to collect and analyze, over the next five years, DNA samples from 10,000 indigenous people at sites around the world and from 100,000 people from the global population at large. DNA samples contain distinct markers that can be used to trace an individual family's ethnic origins and development over thousands of years.? ?Researchers hope to use the samples to develop a database that will enable them to map the migration of humans from Africa 50,000 years ago and their dissemination throughout the world.
? ? ?"This is not a genealogy test, and you won't learn about your great-grandparents," National Geographic's Web site explains. "You will learn, however, of your deep ancestry, the ancient genetic journeys and physical travels of your distant relatives."

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Title: Re: DNA project to trace ethnic origins
Post by: sirjames thomas on June 28, 2005, 11:43:48 PM
I am intrestead in learning my ethnic orgin and I have 100 dollars. I look like a white man my mom is black and i do not know what or who my dad was. I know you can not tell me who my dad was that is not what I am asking for. I do want the chance to participate in you research. I would like to know what you all find out about the migration of people. I am really into history of people as a whole world wide. pleasese respond soon thank you.