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Title: Fowler Family Pedigrees
Post by: Don Fowler on February 18, 2005, 03:35:47 PM
We invite you to submit your "Pedigree" for this Surname.   Our Surname Project is primarily interested in your Paternal line, as surnames are passed down from father to son, just as the yDNA is passed down. 

If you ARE A MEMBER of this Surname Project at Family Tree DNA, send your pedigree by email to    The pedigree will then be posted on the Surname Project's Patriarchs Page.

Please include the following:  (If you have more information you would like to share, you may also post a more extended version of your family pedigree on the project website’s Pedigree Forum below)
•       Name of project
•       Kit Number
•       Name of person posting pedigree
•       Email address to be posted with pedigree
•       Name, birthdate, birthplace, spouse of Earliest Known Ancestor
•       List each succeeding generation, using only those four items of information (or substitute another item of information if missing an item)

If you are NOT A MEMBER of this Surname Project at Family Tree DNA, you are welcome to post your pedigree on the Pedigree Forum below.  We hope an interested researcher will see it and contact you to share information.

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1.  Register and log in at
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2.  When you have logged in, scroll to the last posting on this forum, click "reply" and post your pedigree.
a.  Please do not include names for anyone born after 1910, to protect privacy.
b.  If you have questions or are unable to post your pedigree on this forum, please contact

For a step-by-step guide to using DNA for genealogy, please read DNA the Smart Way

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Sabrina Nobles on March 08, 2005, 11:40:35 PM (S. Nobles in SC)

John Fowler b. abt. 1720 m. unknown wife -
Sons Samuel Fowler (Sr.) b. 1747 c. abt. 1843?
William Fowler b. 1745

Children of Samuel Sr.:?
Dempsey Fowler b. 1785
Samuel B. Jr. b. 1788 b. SC or VA d. abt. 1862 AL

Samuel B. Fowler (Jr.)
m. 1.) Lucy Unknown b. abt. 1790 NC d. 1850 DeKalb, GA
Dempsey b. 1809
Russell b. 1815 to 1825
Madison b. 1819
Louisana Fowler b. 1821
m. 2.) Unice or Eunice (Eliza or Elizabeth) Pope Hilburn 1850 in DeKalb, GA, b. 1826 NC d. 1921 in AL.? Other names: Nica, Piana, Elizabeth, Eliza, Rana W.N. or Widow Nicey Fowler. First spouse:? Ebenezer Hilburn d. abt. 1846-1847 Mexican American War in SC
UNCONNECTED SONS of Elizabeth Pope Hilburn:?
Ezekiel HIlburn Fowler b. 1848 GA or AL d. TX
1.) Frances Boggus m. in Heard Co., GA b. abt. 1845 GA d. TX abt. 1878-1879?
2.) Sarah James Walker m. in Coleman Co., TX abt. 1879 b. TN d. TX

Thomas Hilburn Fowler b. 1850-1851 GA or AL
James T. Fowler then James Thomas Hilburn aft. 1871 d. in TX?
1.) Susan A.R. Boggus m. in Heard Co., GA b. GA d. TX

(Unknown father-either Samuel B. Fowler or Ebenezer Hilburn)

Children of Eunice Pope Hilburn/Samuel B. Fowler:

James Fowler b. 1852 m. AL d. most likely TX
Francis Marion Fowler b. 1855 AL d. 1943 in AL m. AL d. AL
Jefferson (Jeff) J. Fowler b. 1857 m. AL d. most likely TX

Eunica Fowler b. May 1869-1870 in Randolph Co., AL to? (W.N.) Widow Fowler d. unknown

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Terry Barton on March 11, 2005, 03:28:21 PM
Hi, Sabrina.  It's posted.  If you will post your email address on the patriarch page, you might be contacted by other Fowler researchers.  Thanks.

Title: Pedigree
Post by: S. Nobles on March 12, 2005, 10:56:02 PM
Sorry, but I didn't see where I could post it on that page, so I added it to the above pedigree. 

Sabrina in SC

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Terry Barton on March 15, 2005, 04:26:22 PM
Hi, Sabrina.  I've posted your email address of the patriarch page.  Thanks.

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Melissa Speed on April 04, 2005, 06:52:29 PM
Family Ancestry - Melissa Speed []

Anthony J. Fowler b. 1798 Greenville Co, SC d. bef. 1870 Blount Co, AL
  m. Sarah Hyde b. 1800 SC d. bef. 1870 AL
    2 Daniel E. Fowler b. FEB 1825 d. c 1910 Hall Co, GA
      m. Nancy H. Puckett b. c 1820 d. c 1900 GA
      m. Millie A. ? b. MAY 1825
    2 Nicholas D. Fowler b. c 1829 d. aft. 1900 GA
      m. Malinda ? b. AUG 1837
        3 Andrew Fowler b. c 1857
        3 Daniel Fowler b. c 1865
        3 Franklin or Fulton Fowler b. APR 1870
        3 Albert H. Fowler b. 1868
        3 Felix F. Fowler b. MAY 1872
    2 Francis Fowler b. c. 1833
    2 Jeremiah C. Fowler b. JUL 1828 d. c 1900 Grayson Co, TX
      m. Lucinda C. Brown b. MAY 1836
        3 Thomas B. Fowler b. NOV 1853
        3 Henry F. Fowler b. 27 JUL 1855 d. 25 JUL 1906 TX
          m. Mary Estelle Sterling b. 14 SEP 1860
            4 Oscar C. Fowler b. 1878
            4 Ernest F. Fowler b. MAY 1880
            4 Harold Dude Fowler b. 2 FEB 1882 d. 5 MAR 1940 Grayson Co, TX
              m. Lillie Estelle Shires b. 1 JUL 1884
            4 Ira Bert Fowler b. NOV 1887
        3 John M. Fowler b. ABT. 1874
        3 James C. Fowler b. 31 DEC 1876 d. 15 MAR 1907
Based on naming patterns, Anthony's father may have been Daniel Fowler listed in the 1820 Greenville Co, SC census.
Personal Pedigree: 4th generation - Harold Dude Fowler was my g-grandfather.
Database at:

Currently, trying to get 2nd cousins to join DNA project,
Melissa Speed

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Marilyn Teaff Barton on April 05, 2005, 04:19:21 PM
Hi, Melissa.  It's posted.  Hope you can get your cousins to join the DNA project.  Good luck with your research.

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Sabrina on April 25, 2005, 11:23:54 PM
Terry, or whomever can tell me...we have two DNA results now. One other is just getting ready to do his, so it will be some time before his is completed.  Anywho! I looked both over and have the numbers printed out on the 12 markers, but honestly, I don't know squat about this yet.  I do know that neither of them show up on each other's matches with names and email addresses and both are set to be added for that.  Is this the SIGN that they are not connected to each other in this Fowler family?  One of these fellows is not going to use the computer to do anything.  His cousin and I will do that for him.  The other "may" do his Ysearch data, not sure.  What do I do next...anything?  Or sit tight and wait for you to post the results of their tests on this Fowler page?


Title: Pedigree
Post by: T Halliday on May 28, 2005, 03:53:38 PM
Looking if DNA testing proves kinship with 2 early Anne Arundel County, MD Fowler families.

My Fowler's:

Eliza Abigail Fowler b 1868 Dent Cnty, MO m John Wiley Cunningham 1891 Howell Co, MO (my great-gma)
d/o John Milton Fowler & Hannah Catherine Moore - John b 1844 Dent Co, MO
s/o Reason Davis Fowler & Margaret T. Pectol - Reason b 1805 KY m 1834 Floyd Co, IN
s/o Joshua Fowler, Sr. & Amelia Finley - Joshua b 1758-1759 Anne Arundel Co, MD d 1839 Floyd Co, IN
s/o John Fowler, Sr. & Susannah Unknown - John b 1736-1740 Ireland d abt 1815 Mongolia Co, VA

Suspect Fowler Line:

Thomas Fowler
b abt 1674 South River Parish, Anne Arundel, MD
d bef 1716 Anne Arundel Co, MD
m Susannah Iiams 10/15/1696 South River Parish, Anne Arundel, MD
      b 1677-1679 South River, Anne Arundel, MD
      d bef 1753
      ch Jeremiah Fowler
             b 5/12/1711 Queen Anne Parish, Prince George, MD
             d aft 2/28/1773
             m Daniella Drusilla Isaac 2/10/1737-1738 All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel, MD
                    b 4/5/1723 Queen Anne Parish, Prince George, MD
                    d aft 1800 Madison Co, KY
      ch 11 other Fowler children

The later Fowler line were in Madison Co, KY a location of many collateral lines.  Plus have connections to other main lines of mine including Oldham and Conway.    Also trip over these other Fowlers in many locations....

If these 2 lines connect I believe it is in Ireland as my line came later to US if above info totally correct.

I didn't see the DNA info for me to compare or to see who is who....   

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Marilyn Teaff Barton on June 07, 2005, 11:03:32 AM
Hi, Sabrina.  I'm referring your questions to Terry.  Glad you're part of the DNA testing.

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Marilyn Teaff Barton on June 07, 2005, 11:05:59 AM
Hi, T Halliday.  I posted your pedigrees on the Patriarch page, with a link back to your posting.  I am referring your comments to Terry.  He can help with any questions about DNA testing and research.  Thanks.

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Lisa_C on July 20, 2005, 11:47:26 AM
Hi All.? I am new to the group and am currently waiting on DNA results.? Here is my direct Fowler line:

William T. Fowler a/k/a Tom Fowler, b c1854 TN, d. c1910, KY, m Henrietta Graves
James D. Fowler, b 30 September 1873, KY, d 14 October 1958, KY, m Mary Francis Perry
Curtis Fowler, b 30 November 1900, KY, d 16 March 1998, IN, m Millie H. Britt
Richard M. Fowler, b 06 September 1926, KY, m Virginia Ruth Brown
Richard L. Fowler, b 1947, KY, m Joan C. Austin
Lisa A. Fowler, b 1968, IN


Title: Pedigree
Post by: C.T.Jewett on July 20, 2005, 09:19:06 PM
? My mother,? ?Virginia Fowler b1889/James M. born1868/ William Albert b.1843/Dempsey Williamb.1809/Samuel Barney b.1786/ SamuelBarney b.1747/John b.1720

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Marilyn Teaff Barton on July 28, 2005, 09:12:16 AM
Hi, Lisa.  Your pedigree is posted.  Good luck with your research and your DNA test results.

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Charlene on July 31, 2005, 04:21:41 PM
From Charlene?
The earliest ancestor I know about is John C. Fowler born @1818 KY, I BELIEVE he has at LEAST one brother Jackson H. Peter Fowler b. @1815 KY.? A land deed was signed over to these two men by a Robert Fowler 1843 in Osage Co., MO (I have not seen it, I was told this by a historian in Osage Co., MO.)
John C. Fowler married Olivia Heath Jan 15, 1843, Gasconade Co., MO
They had the following children:
1.  Ellen Fowler b. @1843 MO I lose her after March 1861 when she married Cornelious Lewis in Collin Co., TX

2.  D. (probably David) William Fowler b. @1845 MO m. Cassandra Minerva Jane Enterprise Goodman Sep 1, 1878 and he was dead before 1884.  D. Will Fowler may have been married previously but I have not really proved it, he was just pretty long in the tooth for the marriage to Cass to be his first.  I never located him on the 1880 Census, nor his wife or son, John Henry Fowler who was b. Jan 6, 1880, Searcy Co. AR.  I never located D. William Fowler after the Sep 1, 1878 marriage in Van Buren Co., AR.

3.  Isabella Fowler b. @1850 MO I never located her after the Stewart Creek, Denton Co. TX 1860 Census.

4.  Mary "Mollie" Ann Fowler b. @1855 McKinny, TX is a whole other ball game and married 5 times and moved often, I will make a separate query about her but she was married first to Robert Meek who abandoned her and their baby, William Francis Meek.  Then she married James Clark Thomas, a widower with many children and she has two surviving children (she lost several), Fanny Beatrice & James Clark Thomas.  Then husband James Clark Thomas dies leaving her with small children.  Mary "Mollie" then marries Henry Britton who does not like her children and she divorces him.  She then marries a Mr. Tucker of Texas, I do not know when or where.  Mary "Mollie" has a daughter Ethel, born @1892, I do not know if she was child of Britton or Tucker but it is her last child.  Mr. Tucker is dead by 1910 I THINK.  She is then alone raising a grandson until Mar 4, 1931 when she marries Henry Ha (that is his last name "Ha"), she is 75 and he is 77.  She remains with him until she dies Mar. 29, 1938.

5.  Olivia Martha Fowler b. @1862? Dallas, TX  she married Francis Matchett Sep 9, 1883 in Searcy Co., AR and remains with him in AR.  They had 3 sons, John C. Matchett, Joseph W. Matchett & Dallas Clarence Matchett.
There may have been more children born to John C. Fowler & Olivia Heath Fowler, I got these children's names from Census records, all we had known about was D. William Fowler, Mary Ann & Olivia until I located the Census Records.
My Fowler line hopped around like a frog in a hot skillet.?
Part of the time they were near the Aunt of Olivia Heath Fowler, Olivia Heath Gray.? Aunt Olivia Heath was b. 1799, Nicolas Co., KY & she married Joseph Ross Gray b. 1802 KY.? They lived near one another on the 1850 Census & on the 1860 Census.
My John C. Fowler family were on the following census records
1850 Saline Co. MO Dist. 90 (with children Ellen & William)
1860 Denton Co, TX Stewart Creek Twp (with Ellen, William, Isabella & Mary Ann)
1870 Newton Co. MO Granby Twp (with Mary Ann & Olivia)
1880 Searcy Co. AR Bear Creek Twp (with Olivia & grandson William Fowler, s/b Wm. Meek, son of Mary "Mollie" Ann Fowler, Meek, Thomas, who had a new baby with husband & family nearby)
In 1855 David Heath, father of Olivia Heath Fowler, wrote a will stating John C. Fowler & Olivia Heath Fowler were in? Cooper Co., MO.
From testimony of Olivia Fowler May 1888 on Homestead Pre-emption after the death of John C. Fowler they had moved to Searcy Co., AR 1876 & moved on the homestead land 1881 & John C. Fowler died Dec. 1887 in Searcy Co., AR.? I don't locate the Mother, Olivia Heath Fowler after that.
Family lore says that John C. Fowler, Olivia Heath Fowler and their son, D. William Fowler are all buried near the youngest daughter, Olivia Fowler Matchett at the Canaan Cemetery just outside Marshall, Searcy Co., AR.  There are no headstones John C., Olivia & William Fowler that I know about.  The daughter-in-law of Olivia Fowler Matchett had told Fern McGuairt that her mother-in-law was buried near her brother and parents at Canaan Cemetery.
We know very little about this family.  I descend from D. William Fowler who married Cassandra Minerva Jane Enterprise Goodman (this is all one woman) Sep 1, 1878, Van Buren Co., AR.? They had one son, John Henry Fowler Jan 6, 1880.? I do not know when or where D. Will Fowler died but he was dead by Jan 1, 1884 when Cass married Laborn Stafford, they were both widowed.? My Grandpa, John Henry Fowler moved out and began working on other farms at age 11 (eleven) and was on his own after that time and had no information except that his Dad was Will Fowler and that there was a sister named "Mollie."? Grandpa knew his Dad died before he could recall.
Fern McGuairt contacted me saying she was a grandchild of Mary "Mollie" Ann Fowler and she believed we were from the same line but Fern's own Mother, Fannie Beatrice Thomas Archer Talley had died when she was a toddler.  Fern could recall her Grandma taking care of her for a while then Fern's Dad moved her away from her Mother's family and he never spoke about them so she knew very little about them.? She is now in her 90s and she shared what little she had heard from a cousin she had located, another grandchild of Mary "Mollie" Ann Fowler, who had ALSO left home at a young age and was now dead.
Fern said that she heard John C. Fowler & his son, D. William Fowler had worked in a mine after the Civil War somewhere up around Joplin, MO but that the Dad (who she had thought was John J. Fowler, a mistake, we now know it was John C. Fowler) got sick and they had to quit working in the mine.? That was how I located them in Newton Co. MO 1870.? I located them in TX because I found the death certificate of Mary "Mollie" Ann & it said she was born in McKinny, TX so that told me they were in TX and I located the 1860 Census and learned about Isabella who we had not known about and we still don't know what became of Isabella Fowler b. @1850 MO.? We don't know if she died or was married but cannot locate proof of either yet.
The daughter, Ellen Fowler, b. @1843 MO married Cornelious Lewis Mar 17, 1861, Collin Co., TX, married by J. B. Wilmeth of T. (Trinity?) Gospel.? They got the lic. Mar 12, 1861.
I checked the 1860 Census for Cornelious Lewis and located him in Dallas Co., Precinct 1, right next to Collin Co., TX living with the family fo R. R. Fletcher a Merchant who appeared to have two boarders living with him & his family, both boarders working as laborers.? Cornelius Lewis shows as born @1835 in Ireland.? I never locate him or Ellen again after the marriage.? This was just before the Civil War so he may have joined & been killed and she may have remarried or died in childbirth or who knows but I have never located them again.? The Fowler's seemed to stay in close touch so I cannot imagine they completely lost touch.

I will put in separate information for brother (?) of John C. Fowler, Jackson H. Peter Fowler and the children of John C. Fowler.

I would like to find the parents of John C. Fowler and where in KY he was from?

I would like to know if he and his son both/either were in the Civil War?

I would like to know what became of Ellen Fowler Lewis & Isabella Fowler?

I SUSPECT that my Fowler line MAY have come from Madison Co., KY and are somehow connected to Joseph Sawyer Fowler, b. Dec. 1791 KY.? Joseph Sawyer Fowler was m. to Ann Johnson, they were in Pettis Co., MO 1850.? Nearby was a Robert Fowler? who appeared to have been b. @1801 KY.? They may have been in the Cole Co. MO area earlier but Joseph & Robert Fowler are common names, just like my John Fowler is a common name.

Any help on this John C. Fowler family would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Marilyn Teaff Barton on July 31, 2005, 10:09:42 PM
Hi, Charlene.  You have some really interesting information.  I pulled out a basic pedigree and posted it on the Patriarch page, with a link back to your complete posting.  Hope it helps your research.  Hope you'll join the DNA project if you haven't already.

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Mary Geier on December 27, 2005, 08:58:32 PM
Baxter Fowler b. 1770-84 S.C. m. (1)Haney? (2)Charity Doughtery d. 1836 Madison Co. Al.
James A. Fowler b. 10 Jan 1808 S.C. m. Mary Hays in 1835 Talladega, Al. d. Nov 15 1869.
James B. Fowler b. May 1854 Tall. Co. Al m. Caroline Abrams 1875 d. Feb 1930 Shelby Co. Al.
Onnie Oscar Fowler b. Feb. 1884 Shelby Co. m. Betty Isbell d. Feb. 1930 Shelby Co., Al.
Clifton Lewis Fowler b. Feb. 1909 m. Alice Hower d. Oct. 1959 Jefferson Co., Al.
Looking for information on parents of Baxter and name of first wife.

Title: Pedigree
Post by: donfowl on January 02, 2006, 06:30:42 PM
1  Hiram Fowler b c1780 m Nancy Ann Hendrix b c1790
   2  Nancy Ann Fowler b 1804 d 1857 m 1821 (1) Thomas Pearson
      3  Ira James Lee Pearson b 1829 d 1920  m Elizabeth Verlinda Rhodes b 1836 m 1855 d 1916
      Nancy Ann Fowler m 1831 (2) William M  Thomas b 1809 d 1890
      3  Dicy A  thomas b 1833
      3  Benjamin F  Thomas b 1834 d 1871
      3  Solomon Thomas b 1836 d 1877 m Mary Melissa Young b 1837 d 1903
      3  Miles W  Thomas b 1838 d 1863
      3  Daniel A  Thomas b 1844
      3  Nancy Emeline Thomas b 1846 m Leander C  Rhodes b 1846
      3  Wiley Berry Thomas b 1848 d 1920 m 1869 Alethea Matilda Rhodes b 1844 d 1917
      3  Sarah Elizabeth Thomas b 1849 d 1904 m 1868  John Harrison Garrett b 1850 d 1925
   2  Joseph Solomon Fowler b 1806 d 1888 m 1828 Elizabeth R  Lowrey b 1810 d 1892
      3  Marinda Jane Fowler b 1828 m 1849 Terrel M  Wood b 1827
      3  Caroline Fowler b 1830
      3  Theresa Louvina Fowler b 1834 d 1922 m 1855 Joe S  Shelley b 1838 d 1861
      3  Martha M  Fowler b 1839 d 1850
      3  William Calvin Fowler b 1840 d 1891 m 1866 Nancy Lucinda Fields b 1842 d 1932
      3  Mary Elizabeth Fowler b 1844 d 1944 William J  Hays b 1840
      3  John Madison Fowler b 1847 d 1924 Catherine Kinnamon b 1849 d 1887
      3  Bennett Webster Fowler b 1850 d 1942 m 1880 Missouri Ann Underwood b 1859 d 1939
      3  Marion Parker Fowler b 1856 d 1944  m 1883 Harriet Matthews b 1866
   2  Hiram Fowler Jr b c1808
   2  Lemuel Fowler b c1813
   2  Miles W  Fowler b 1813 d 1880 m (1) Anne b 1823 d 1854
      3  M  Elizabeth Fowler b 1841
      3  John W  Fowler b 1844
      3  Nancy E  Fowler b 1846
      3  James F  Fowler b 1847
      3  Sarah P  Fowler b 1849
      3  M  C  Fowler b 1851
      3  D  A  Fowler b 1853
      Miles W  Fowler m (2) Elizabeth  b 1819 d 1879
   2  Sevier Clark Fowler b 1824 d 1880 m 1847 Anne Catherine Inman b 1831 d 1927
      3  John Wesley Fowler b 1847 d 1931 m 1868 Elizabeth Fannon
      3  Mary Catherine Fowler b 1850 d 1947 m 1947 Fraley Bee Stroud b 1840 d 1932
      3  Henry James Fowler b 1852 d 1914 m 1872 Rebecca Caldonia Jones
      3  Joseph Franklin Fowler b 1855 d 1939 m 1876 Laura Elizabeth West b 1855
      3  William S Fowler b 1857 d 1870
      3  Sarah Elizabeth Fowler b 1860 d 1929 John H  Grimes b 1856
      3  James Matthew Fowler b 1862 d 1908 Mary Jane Lile b 1865 d 1957
      3  Elvira A  Fowler b 1863 d 1885
      3  Albert Lafayette Fowler b 1867 d 1931 Sarah Ophie Bostic b 1869
      3  Amanda Paralee Fowler b 1869 d 1917 Jasper Franklin Smith b 1876 d 1937
      3  Solomon Clark Fowler b 1872 d 1945 m 1893 Cordelia Belle Davis b 1876 d 1900
      3  Martha T  Fowler b 1875 m Thomas Casey b 1874
   2  Gertrude Fowler b 1828

Thank you, Don Fowler,

Title: Pedigree
Post by: amy pennington on May 09, 2006, 05:44:52 PM
my fowlers are:
David D. b. 1819 in ohio he married Diana Kibler b. 1820.
their children at least what i can findare
James Madison
James is my 3xgreat-grandfather
James married Susan McCrillis
Susan was b. 9/6/1847 d.8/7/1906 is buried in Watts Cem. Oblong,Il
the way i understand it he divorced susan and nothing can be found on him since then.
James and Susan children were:
Bertha  she married Joseph Markwell
David Francis"Frank" my g-great grandfather
Ralph married Villa Goff
Harry married Ida Iiams
James Fred married Melinda Grueisen
John married Maude (Hill) McCrillis
I'm looking for what happened to James Madison and who was David D. parents.
any help would be great any appreciated.

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Marilyn Teaff Barton on May 16, 2006, 08:54:44 PM
Hi, Mary, Donfowl and Amy.  Your pedigrees are posted.  Good luck with your research.  Hope you are all part of the DNA project.

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Melissa Fowler Hunter on August 27, 2006, 04:57:13 PM
Joseph Allen Fowler ?b. 1850, GA ?d. 1926, Tift Co., GA / m. Sarah Elizabeth Pirkle ?26 Oct, 1875, Hall Co., GA ? b. 1857, Hall Co. GA; d. 1901, TX

ch. ?Albert Moses Fowler ?b. ?July, 1876 Hall Co., GA; d. Gilmer Co., GA / m. Margie Bearden ? ?
 ? ? ? ch. Joseph Oscar Fowler b 1905, Ga; d. Pickens Co., Ga
 ? ? ? ch. Flora Dora Fowler b. 1905
ch. ?Nancy J. Fowler ?b. ?04 Nov, 1878, Hall Co., GA; d. Whitfield Co., GA ?/ m. James Adam Smithey ?
 ? ? ? ch. Clara Agnes Smithey b 14 Oct., 1902; ?m. James Wiley Pullen
 ? ? ? ch. George H. Smithey b 08 May, 1904 d. 13 Jan., 1989 / m. Bertha L. Patton
 ? ? ? ch. Carl H. Smithey b. 01 Feb., 1906, Whitfield Co., GA ; d. Whitfield Co., GA
 ? ? ? ch. Lena Belle Smithey b. 20, Mar., 1908 Whitfield Co., GA; d. Whitfield Co., GA / m. Frank Blackwell ?
 ? ? ? ch. Minnie M. Smithey b. 09 Feb., 1910, Whitfield Co., GA; d. 09 Jan., 1993, Whitfield Co., GA / m. Tom Joiner ?
 ? ? ? ch. Leola Nobie Smithey b. 1913, Whitfield Co., GA / M. Mr. Colston
ch. ?James Allen Fowler b. 26 July, 1880, Hall Co., GA d. 20 July, 1950/m. Frances Luella Dudley ?
 ? ? ? ch. Charlie Thomas Buster Fowler b. 21 Sep., 1900, Whitfield Co., GA d. ?Whitfield Co.,GA/ 1st m. Julia Mary Gaddis ;2nd m.Myrtle Orene Wade
 ? ? ? ch. Nettie M. Fowler b. 12 Jun., 1904, Whitfield Co., GA; d. Sept. 1985 Whitfield County, GA
 ? ? ? ch. James Elbert Fowler b. 04 Feb., 1907, Whitfield County, GA d. 1963, Whitfield Co., GA / m. Leathie Keith
 ? ? ? ch. Willie Alice Fowler b. 30 Jan., 1908; d. 09 Jan., 1998 / m. 1st ?Sidney John Mathis, b. 14 Apr., 1891; ?m.2nd Frank Bartenfield
 ? ? ? ch. Johnny Terrell Fowler b. 23 Feb., 1912, Whitfield Co., GA d. 27 Jan., 1993 / m. Mossie Lee Freeland
 ? ? ? ch. Tifton Boyce Fowler b. 08 Feb., 1919, Whitfield County, GA ; d. 1980 Whitfield Co., GA / m. Doris Helen Crow ?
ch. ?Nobia Ophelia Fowler b. Sep 1883 Hall Co., GA; d. Whitfield Co., GA / m. Oscar Bearden ? b. 20 Dec., 1882 Whitfield Co., GA; d. Whitfield Co.,GA
 ? ? ? ch. Rosa Mae Bearden b. 17 Jan., 1904; d. 15 ?May, 1970; m. Fredrick Thomas Headrick
 ? ? ? ch. Lula A. Bearden b. 1909
 ? ? ? ch. Bessie L. Bearden
 ? ? ? ch. Lester J. Bearden b. 29 Nov., 1911
 ? ? ? ch. Ethel G. Bearden b. 1914
 ? ? ? ch. Doss M. Bearden b. 1917
ch. ?Claude Mitchell Fowler b 16, Dec., 1885, Hall Co., GA; d. 07, Dec., 1976, Whitfield Co., GA / m. Maude Lee Jennings ?
 ? ? ? ch. Sarah Mae Fowler b. 1912 / m. ?J.C. Hudson
 ? ? ? ch. William James Fowler b. 1915
 ? ? ? ch. Luther Mitchell Fowler b. 1917
 ? ? ? ch. Dessie Fowler b.04 Mar., 1919 / ?m. John Saggus
 ? ? ? ch. Minnie Fowler b. 14 Apr., 1921 / m. 1st. Arvil Clark / ?m 2nd. John Lewis
 ? ? ? ch. Nettie Alena Fowler b. 1923
 ? ? ? ch. Claude Mitchell Fowler,Jr. b. 1926 / m. Betty
 ? ? ? ch. Harold Fowler b. 1929 (twin)
 ? ? ? ch. Harry Fowler b. 1929 (twin)
ch. ?Minor Harrison Fowler b. 16 Mar., 1890, Hall Co., GA; d. 20 Feb., 1958, Wabash Co., IL / m. Eliza Ann Leroy
 ? ? ? ch. Johnnie Harrison Fowler b. 25 Sep., 1912 ?/ m. Pearl
 ? ? ? ch. Julia Ann Fowler b. 13 Apr., 1915 / m. Arnold Clark
 ? ? ? ch. Henry L. Fowler b. 1920
 ? ? ? ch. Jessie Lee Fowler b. 16 Jun., 1924 / m. Randolph Crow
 ? ? ? ch. Mitchell Andrew Fowler ?b. 1926 / m. Sandra Stover
 ? ? ? ch. Lillie Mae Fowler b. 12 Apr, 1929 / m. Mr. Parks
 ? ? ? ch. David Lee Fowler
 ? ? ? ch. Frank Albert Fowler ?/ m. Dorothy
 ? ? ? ch. Mamie Belle Fowler
 ? ? ? ch. William Francis Fowler b. 13 July, 1931

Title: Pedigree
Post by: ANGELA on August 28, 2006, 12:35:39 AM
daughter Mary Elizabeth FOWLER b. 2-21-1840 Alabama d. 3-19-1910 Cooke County TX
  m.George H. Bratcher b.9-7-1842 Wayne County TN  d. 4-28-1914 Cooke County TX\
    son: John Harvey Bratcher b.6-6-1862 Tennesee d. 10-7-1906 Waynesboro TN  m. Dora Bostic

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Thomas Fowler on August 29, 2006, 09:03:13 PM
william fowler b1780 maryland
william fowler m elizabeth keeling ky
william fowler d  a1853 Indiana
benjamin fowler b 1806 wash. co ky
benjamin fowler m mary gordon ky
benjamin fowler d 1886 mcd co  Il
bloomer fowler b 1830 ky
bloomer fowler m rebecca collier 1850 In
john fowler b 1850 In
john fowler d 1942 Mo

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Richard Barton on August 31, 2006, 11:18:01 PM
Melissa, Angela and Thomas,

Your pedigrees have been posted to


Title: Pedigree
Post by: Rebecca Wilson on July 06, 2007, 11:38:57 AM
Here is the five generation basic family information to go with a DNA sample currently in process.  Can you tell me how we get the connection between the DNA and the pedigree?

Samuel Fowler, b ~1795; m Indah Champion 1814 Madison Co., Ala.
Wiley Washington Fowler, b 1823, m Nancy Elizabeth Clark
Asa Columbus Fowler, b 1868, m Rennie J. Freeman
Arbie John Fowler, b 1893, m Oda Elizabeth McKinzie
Foye Samuel Fowler, b 1915, m Fayenelle Boyles

Title: Hezekiah Fowler Family Tree
Post by: butchie on July 18, 2007, 12:46:36 AM
Have DNA for Charles (Chuck) Fowler - please upload to

1 Hezekiah Fowler b abt 1786, Maryland
   m Isabella b abt 1801, Pennsylvania
   -1820 Washington Township, Darke Co, OH
   -1830 Greenville Township, Darke Co, OH
   -1840 & 1850 Jackson Township, Darke Co, OH
   2 Harrison T. Fowler b abt 1823, Ohio,
   2 Hezekiah B. Fowler b abt 1828, Ohio,
      m 01 Sep 1850, Darke Co, Ohio to
      Catherine Pickett b abt 1830, Franklin Co, Georgia, d Jun 1900
        -1850 Darke Co, OH
        -1860 Granby, Newton Co, MO
        -1870 & 1880 4th Ward, Ottawa City, Franklin Co,KS
       3 Charles T. Fowler b Nov 1854, Illinois
           -1870, 1880 & 1900 4th Ward, Ottawa City, Franklin Co,KS
          m Nellie b Sep 1867, Illinois
             4 Katy Fowler b Apr 1890, Kansas
             4 Ruby Fowler b Oct 1893, Kansas
             4 John Elmer Fowler b 20 Jan 1898, Kansas
                -1910 Coffeyville City, Montgomery Co, Kansas
                -1920 Kansas City, Jackson Co, MO
                -1930 El Monte Township, Los Angeles Co, CA
                m 14 Jun 1924 Baldwin, Kansas
                Winona Eleda Bailey b 9 Oct 1902 Kansas
                  5 Charles Theodore Fowler b 19 May 1925, Kansas
                     d 12 Apr 1994 Redondo Beach, CA
                     m(1) Alberta L. Patterson 29 Aug 1925, Nebraska
                     divorced, d 21 Jan 1972                         
                     m(2) 24 Jun 1972 Living Wagner
                  5  Living Fowler (male twin) b 12 Dec 1927 Kansas
                  5  Living Fowler (male twin) b 12 Dec 1927 Kansas
             4 Goldie Fowler b abt 1902, Kansas
       3 Mary Fowler b abt 1858, Illinois
       3 George C. Fowler abt 1864, Illinois
   2 Benjamin Fowler b abt 1834, Ohio
   2 John Fowler b abt 1836, Ohio
   2 Gabriel Fowler b abt 1836, Ohio
   2 Isaac Fowler b abt 1844, Ohio

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Staff on August 02, 2007, 09:25:38 PM
Hi, butchie.  Your pedigree is now posted:  Thanks for posting your pedigree on the Pedigree Forum at   
Your pedigree is now posted on the Patriarch Page of the Project 6 Page Website: 

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Rebecca Wilson on August 10, 2007, 09:14:05 AM
I have new results for Fowler DNA that match pretty well with several of the "Unassigned" results on the Fowler results page.  How do I get mine added?  And then where do we go from there?  I have done some research on Fowlers in SC, GA, AL and TX during the 1800's.  I'd like to share with others researching in those areas.

Title: Pedigree
Post by: mhalbert on September 03, 2007, 02:18:09 PM
Daniel Fowler, d. c1849, Lauderdale Co., AL, m. Jane Tibb, Davidson Co., TN
William Foster "Foss" Fowler, b. 10-13-1829, TN, m. Martha Jane McDaniel
James Monroe Fowler, b. 1-2-1867, Craighead Co., AR, m. Mattie Elizabeth Smith
William Wesley Fowler, b. 11-4-1896, Craighead Co., AR, m. Julia Elizabeth Cruse

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Staff on September 07, 2007, 02:02:50 PM
Hi, mhalbert.  Your pedigree has been posted:


Title: Pedigree
Post by: november on November 07, 2007, 10:34:55 PM
William Alexander Fowler b. Mar 29, 1864 - d. Feb 6, 1928 McDonald Co., MO
Ernest Cassville Fowler b. Dec 1, 1907 AR - d. May 11, 1970 KS
Paul Fowler


Title: Pedigree
Post by: Staff on November 10, 2007, 12:08:16 PM
Hi, november.  Your pedigree has been posted:


Title: Pedigree
Post by: sfowler on January 19, 2008, 02:57:48 AM
Hello, this is S. Fowler (F-33). E-mail: . Edward Fowler's descendants are now all over the world including the US, Canada, UK, and South Africa.

1 Edward FOWLER b: c.1851 Down, Ireland
.. m Mary A. WHITE b: c.1856 Toomebridge, Antrim, Ireland
..... 2 Peter P. FOWLER b: 29 Jun 1884 Belfast, Antrim, Ireland
......... m Catherine HICKEY b: 31 Mar 1880 Belfast, Antrim, Ireland
..... 2 Robert J. FOWLER b: 1893 Belfast, Antrim, Ireland
......... m Lilian E. WALKER b:16 Sep 1898 Lower Bebington, Wirral, Chester
..... 2 Mary C. FOWLER b: 1895 Belfast, Antrim, Ireland
..... 2 Edward FOWLER b: 1898 Belfast, Antrim, Ireland
..... 2 Josephine FOWLER b: 18 Jul 1900 Belfast, Antrim, Ireland
......... m Thomas H. TAYLOR Sr. b: 14 Feb 1900 Belfast, Antrim, Ireland

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Staff on January 22, 2008, 12:41:34 PM
Hi, sfowler.  Your pedigree has been posted:


Title: Pedigree
Post by: petefowler on February 04, 2008, 09:44:54 AM
I am Pete Fowler Oklahoma
Father---Eddie Donald Fowlerborn 1931
His Father---Mack(Max) Fowler born 1889 Texas
His Father----David Fowler born 1850 Arkansas
Father--i think  David Fowler born 1820 Arkansas--married to Elvira???

Title: Pedigree
Post by: petefowler on February 04, 2008, 09:49:33 AM
My name is Pete Fowler Holdenville Oklahoma
My father was Eddid Donald Fowler born in Oklahoma
His father was Mack (MAX) E Fowler--born 1889 in Texas
His father was David Fowler born 1850 in Arkansas--Married Mary Gooch
His father I think was David Fowler born 1820 in South Carolina

Older than this and I am guessing--Thanks
My email is If anyone can help me past this please email or post. thank you

Title: Pedigree
Post by: cleo fowler on February 05, 2008, 09:57:55 PM
Re Fowler Family Pedigree
by Cleo Fowler (

William Thomas Fowler
aka Tom b1841 ms.d1915Ok.m Emily Melissa Cheek b1844,d1922az, 1860 corinth,ms.

     William (Billy) M. b1861,ms, d1925,tx.

           Maude Mae,born1885 tx,d1963
           Thomas W. b1887tx,d1952tx
           Elmer L.b1890tx
           Clara  E. b1892tx,d1977
            Oscar L. b1895tx,d1949

     George M.T.Fowler, aka George Madison J. Fowler b1864ms,d1934ok


              Edith Pearl -twin b1898tx,d1970ok
              Edna-twin b1898tx,d1970
              Arthur(Art) b1902, d1953ny
              William Henry    d1967ok
               Raymond Allan b1907ok,d1979ok

     John L.Fowler,b1866 tn, d1954ok.


              Horace b1898,ms
              Myrtle b1901

     Andrew C. Fowler,b1869ar,d1948ca


                Clarence b 1901
                 Gladys b1905
                 Elmer b 1910
                 Werwin b1913

     Elizabeth Belle Fowler b1871ar,d1934
         Mrs William Harrison Earp)


                 Lenna Cleo Earp b1888,tx,d1891tx
                 Vinnolia Bell Earp b1889tx,d1954
                 Emily Mabel Earp b 1892tx,d1965ca.
                 Imogene Drucilla Earp b1898tx,d1972az

     Nancy Melissa b.1872ar (Mrs James William Sigh Jackson)

     James E. Fowler b1873,ar.

     Joseph Johnson Fowler  b1875tx,d1960ok


                   Ethel Mae (Mrs Dovel Jack Hopkins)b1905ok,d1983ne
                   Christy Mary  b1906ok,d1977il
                   Cleo Joseph b1908ok,d1973ok
                   Charles Glen b1910ok,d1967ok
                   Lee Lewis b1912ok,d1961ok
                   Ruth Geraldine (mrs Roy O Wilman) b1918ok,d1999il

     Robert Lee Fowler b1878tx,d1947ok


                    Virgie (Mrs. Cecil Davis) b1903
                    James Olan b1905ok d1980ok
                    Orbie Elizaabeth b1909
                    Vernoy Robert b1920
                    Oma Gene b1922

     Note:  We have not been able to identify parents of William Thomas Fowler.  He indicated on census forms that his father and mother were born
in alabama.

               Baxter Fowler on 11 June 1822 married Charity Daughtery.  No record has been located in Madison County,Al of Baxters first marriage nor the death of that wife. Baxter died 14 august 1836. There were seven children surviving from his marriage to Charity,all of whom were still minors in January,1839.  Baxter had seven surviving older children, an two minor children from his first marriage (the older children or their husbands were adults -at least 21 years of age - in January,1839.

               Two  Fowler sisters from Madison County married  Cole brothers in Madison County,Al.  William married Rebecca Fowler, 28 Sept 1828, and Andrew Jackson Cole married Elizabeth Melissa Fowler on 04 Jan 1838.

Charity Daughtery Fowler d c1847 in Tishomingo,ms.  Madison J.Fowler b1823 dc1866ar is believed to be the oldest child of Baxter and Charity. Madison J. Fowler in census records in Tishomingo,ms. after the death of Charity had in his household several minor fowler children presumed to be his bro and sisters, and two or three other fowler children.

We would appreciate any assistance.

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Staff on February 07, 2008, 02:19:57 PM
Hi, Pete.  Your pedigree has been posted:

Hi, Cleo.  If you would like to submit your pedigree in the simplified format we require for the patriarch page, I will be glad to post it there for you.  Thanks and good luck with your research!


Title: Pedigree
Post by: cleo fowler on February 07, 2008, 09:14:01 PM
William Thomas Fowler, aka Tom b1841ms,d1915ok,m Emily Melissa Cheek (
    William (Billy) M. Fowler b1861ms,d1925tx
    George M.T Fowler, aka George Madison J. Fowler b1864ms,d1934
    John L. Fowler,b1866tn,d1954ok
    Andrew C. Fowler, b1869ar,d1948ca
    Elizabeth Belle Fowler,b1871ar,d1934 (Mrs. William Harrison Earp)
    Nancy Melissa Fowler,b1872ar (Mrs James William Sigh Jackson)
    James E. Fowler,b1873ar
    Joseph Johnson Fowler,b1875,tx,d1960ok
    Robert Lee Fowler,b1878tx,d1947ok

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Staff on February 08, 2008, 02:43:04 PM
Hi, cleo.  Your pedigree has been posted:


Title: Pedigree
Post by: Sugarbag on March 07, 2008, 10:41:08 PM

william fowler b.abt.1813 eton reg dist bucks

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Sugarbag on March 07, 2008, 11:07:05 PM

william fowler 1813 eton bucks m sarah ellington 1817 ramsey hunts  -william died about 1867
6 children charlotte william emma harriet george eliza
  william fowler 1847 belgrave middx m emma langley 1851 st george hanover sq middx -william after 1901
  7 children william emma ernest arthur harriet douglas grace
    ernest noel fowler 1877 soho middx m annie elizabeth sheldon 1881 st george hanover sq middx -ernest died 1937
     7 children harriet grace ellen ernest edward emily kathleen
       ernest william fowler 1910 battersea london m fanny fowler 1897 oxford oxon -ernest died 1982
          1 child edward albert fowler 1940 kensington london

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Staff on March 10, 2008, 02:04:28 PM
Hi, Sugarbag.  Your pedigree has been posted:


Title: Pedigree
Post by: egraham on April 06, 2008, 10:30:11 AM
Emery Graham ( )

Daniel Fowler d.1893  b.1866 - Burried in Graham Cemetary, Jacksonville, GA
Sarah Graham Fowler d.1914  b.1877 - Buried in Graham Cemetary, Jacksonville, GA

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Staff on April 09, 2008, 04:12:08 PM
Hi, egraham.  Your pedigree has been posted:


Title: Pedigree
Post by: HuBruPorDu on May 24, 2008, 06:02:17 PM
General Pedigree

Henry Fowler b. Eng 1632, of Providence RI and New York
        m.  Rebecca Newell
  William Fowler b. Providence RI 1660, of Flushing NY
         m. Mary Thorne
    John Fowler b. Flushing, New York    1686
         m.  Abigail Drake      
      Daniel Fowler of New York
            m. ______Budd
        Capt. Daniel Fowler b. New York 1748
               m. Johanna Woolsey
           Elijah Fowler b. 1790
                   m. Elizabeth Donald
            John Fowler b. New Brunswick, Canada 1819
                       m. Hannah Somers
               William John Fowler b. New Brunswick, " 1855
                          m. Adeliza Louida Jenner
               David Jarrod Fowler b. New Brunswick, "  1857

                         William or David the father of
                         Donald Leigh Fowler b. Maine, 1887
                                 m. Ethel Laura  McKusick

                             Marshall Mck Fowler  b. Maine 1908
                             William John Fowler  b. Maine  1909
                             Donald Leigh Fowler  b. Maine  1910

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Staff on May 27, 2008, 12:35:26 PM
Hi, HuBruPorDu.  Your pedigree has been posted:


Title: Pedigree
Post by: musselma on July 31, 2008, 02:19:26 PM
Pedigree for Phyllis Fowler (

Aaron, b 1796, SC, m Elizabeth lnu, d 1844 GA
Nathaniel  Mears, b 1836, GA, m Margaret Vandivier, d 1897 OK
Hosea Lafayette, b. 1859,  AR, m Minerva LeFlore Garland, d 1915 OK
John William, b 1884, OK, m Eula Mae Turley, d 1946 CA
John Weldon, b 1911, OK, m Marsalete Rogers, d 1987 CA

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Marilyn Teaff Barton on August 01, 2008, 11:15:51 AM
Hi, musselma. 

Your pedigree has been posted.


Title: Pedigree
Post by: judiron on October 13, 2008, 01:11:37 PM
Coleman Fowler born 1774 Virginia, died 1854 Pickens Dist., SC
Obadiah Fowler born 1798 Union Co., SC, died before 1880 Chberokee Co., GA
James Martin Fowler born 3 April 1835 Pickens District, SC, died 26 Nov 1886 Cherokee Co., GA
Russell Dodge Fowler born 8 Sep 1874 Cherokee Co., GA, died 25 Jan 1918 Atlanta, GA
Russell Dodge Fowler, Jr. born 29 Apr 1913 Cherokee Co., GA, died 13 Aug 2001 Cleveland, Bradley Co., TN
Russell Doyle Fowler born 13 Jun 1935 Bradley Co., TN, died 19 Oct 2003 Bradley Co., TN
Brently Doyle Fowler born 4 Dec 1970 Bradley Co., TN

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Staff on October 17, 2008, 11:17:06 AM
Hi, judiron. 

Your pedigree has been posted:


Title: Pedigree
Post by: brief1 on January 06, 2009, 03:24:52 PM
John Michael Fowler b.1945

John Wilber Fowler b. 1909 Leon Co. Texas d. 1955 Liberty Co. Texas
M 1929 Rema Iona Ezzell

Leonard Jackson Fowler b. 1885 Leon Co. Texas d. 1947 Bexar Co. Texas
M 1906 Alda Calvin Sharp

Andrew Jackson Fowler b. 1845 Newton Co. Mo d. 1874 Leon Co. Texas
M Sarah Hodges

James S. Fowler b. c1809 Kentucky d. 1855 Newton Co. Mo
M Jerusha Burditt

Richard Fowler b. bef1765

Title: Pedigree
Post by: efowler49 on February 15, 2009, 05:19:56 PM
 Elaine Fowler:
William Martin Fowler born abt 1790 in North Carolina married Anny (Anna) Tuell born abt 1790 in Kentucky on June 13, 1812 in Harrison Co., Indiana. Children: Nancy Fowler born 12-2-1812, Jonathan b. 1816, Warren  b. 1817, Rhoda b. 1818, William, Jr. b.1824
William Martin Fowler, Jr. born 02 Jul, 1824 in Pike Co., Indiana married Frances Emaline Johnston/Johnson born 1826 in Tennessee on 22 Jun 1843 in Randolph Co., Arkansas. Children: William Henry b. 1844, Hannah b. 1846, Thomas W. b. 1847, Ruth A. b 1849, Charles Alexander b. 1851, Jonathan H. b. 1852, Catherine J. b. 1854, Daniel C. b. 1858.
William Henry Fowler born May 12 1844 in Randolph Co., Arkansas married Martha J. Feezor born Oct 22, 1855 in Paducha, Kentucky in Randolph Co., Arkansas. Children: Sarah b. 1883, Thomas b. 1885, Demps b. 1888
Demps Murry Fowler born Sept 28, 1888 in Randoph Co, Arkansas married Myrtle Lee Cox born Dec 23, 1891 in Randolph Co., Arkansas on March 18, 1909 in Randolph Co., Arkansas. Children Mont b. 1909, Lydle b. 1913, Wilma b. 1915, Vernell b. 1921, Helen b. 1925, Charles Henry b. 1925
Mont Ewing Fowler born Dec 11, 1909 died Dec. 30, 1998 in Randolph Co., Arkansas married Gynith Maxine Plumlee born Oct 19, 1917 in Washington Co., Arkansas on Nov 25, 1936 in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Title: Pedigree
Post by: jerry-fowler on February 18, 2009, 11:32:09 PM
Moses Fowler b.abt. 1775  m. Jane Ackland b. abt 1775 m. 5 Feb 1796
William I. Fowler b. abt 1806 Mason Co, Ky m. Elizabeth Andrews b. abt 1816 m. 8 May 1832
Thomas Allen Fowler b. 28 Apr 1852 Mason Co, Ky m. Peal Pevy Wells b. 5 Jun 1870
Neville Styles Fowler b. 22 Aug 1892 Mason Co, Ky m. Lucy Jane Hudlemeyer b. 5 Feb 1890 m. 22 Feb 1914

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Calvin Roy Harrison on March 21, 2009, 02:38:42 AM
Pedigree for Calvin Roy Harrison (CalvinRoyHarrison AT
John Fowler b 1740 Dungaruan County, Waterford, Ireland m Mary ?
  America Fowler, Sr. b 1773 Spartanburg County, South Carolina m Mary ?
    Joseph Fowler b 1796 South Carolina m Lucy Amanda ?
      Daniel Fowler 1821 Tennessee m Anna Sanders
        Joseph Fowler b 1844 Green County, Arkansas m Elizabeth A. Brisco
          Daniel Monroe Fowler b 1871 Jack County, Texas m Cornelia Ball
            Namie Fowler b 1902 Foss, Indian Territory m Roy Finnis Lane

Title: Pedigree
Post by: billie fowler on November 01, 2009, 01:42:43 PM
James Burton Fowler b.1807 So. Carolina  m. Ann Birdwell
George Houston Fowler b. 1843 TX  m. Clarinda Elizabeth Stewart
John Burton Fowler b. 1903 TX  m. Mary Ann Elizabeth Smoot

Title: Pedigree
Post by: DonNelsen on November 19, 2009, 12:56:14 PM

Title: Pedigree
Post by: lauraf13 on December 08, 2009, 07:57:53 PM
   Lawson Fowler, b c 1830, Union Co SC, m Margaret Philips
         Samuel Edward Fowler, b 2 May 1858, Union Co, SC, m Cornelia Hague
           Ona Milton Fowler, b 25 Aug 1897, Rosebud, Falls, TX, m Wilma Pace

My Father (son of Ona Fowler) had a DNA test done by Is there a way to use the information from that test? Here's the raw information from the test:

DYS 393   DYS 390   DYS19/394   DYS 19b   DYS 391   DYS 385a   DYS 385b   DYS 426   DYS 388    DYS 439   DYS 389-1   DYS 392   DYS 389-2   DYS 458   DYS 459a   DYS 459b   DYS 455   DYS 454   DYS 447   DYS 437   DYS 448   DYS 449   DYS 464a   DYS 464b   DYS 464c   DYS 464d   DYS 464e   DYS 464f   DYS 460   GATA H4   YCA IIa   YCA IIb   DYS 456   DYS 442   DYS 438   DYS 444   DYS 446   DYS 461   DYS 462   GATA A10   DYS 635   GAAT1B07   DYS 441   DYS445   DYS 452   DYS 463

13   24   14   -   11   11   14   12   12   12   13   8   30   14   9   9   11   11   24   15   19   27   15   15   17   17   -   -   10   12   19   23   15   17   12   12   14   12   11   15   23   10   14   12   30   24

My e-mail is: fowler.genealogy AT


Title: Pedigree
Post by: bettyf on January 09, 2010, 06:02:51 PM
This is an update to my original post.  
My father-in-law has agreed to do a DNA test for me; the kit number is 215893 and is being mailed in today, 3 Oct 2011.  Here's all the information we have about his father and father's siblings.  The story is that Joe Cecil and his brother Will walked into town one day.  A man named Sam Eubanks took Joe Cecil (Josephas?) in and raised him.  This is confirmed on the 1900 Union Parish, LA Census where he's listed as Cephus Fowler.  Another man took in Will and raised him.  His last name is Farley because one of the boys couldn't speak clearly enough and those were the surnames they were given.  As an adult Joe Cecil lived in Winn and Jackson Parish, LA.  He was a member of Woodmen of the World working at Joyce Laying Camp in Louisiana and later had a meat market.  He searched until he located his other brother, Johnny Strather, who was a farmer in Farmington, LA.  Johnny married and had a son named Pat and at least one other son.  Joe Cecil Fowler also located their sister, Annie (maiden and married surnames unknown.)  It is supposed the surname Strather is different because the three boys had the same mother and different fathers, but even that is not known for sure.  We're hoping some day that DNA tests submitted by others will help us learn more about family members.

Betty Fowler [bettyf AT]

Unknown Fowler  b ? –
o   Joe Cecil Fowler b 1892 LA – d 1943 LA m Maggie E. Hearne
o   Will Farley b c1890 LA
o   Johnny Strather b c1890 LA married
o   Annie
o   Unknown Sister he never located

Title: Pedigree
Post by: kampuskutie on January 28, 2010, 11:14:15 PM
Here is the pedigree as little as is known at this time for Don Fowler. Also, would you post the yDNA results for him on the yDNA project Fowler III Lineage?

Pedigree for Donnie Ray Fowler Kit 167801 kampuskutie AT
Lemuel Fowler, b c1820, prob Henderson Co NC, m Margaret D Galloway
William H Fowler, b c1838, prob Henderson Co NC, m Sarah E Cison
Ashley Atley Fowler, b 6 Dec 1878, Henderson or Transylvania Co NC, m Christiana L Tucker
Avery Eugene Fowler, b 7 Mar 1911, Greenville Co SC, m Willie Mae Tucker

Title: Pedigree
Post by: MelissaCravenFowler on January 30, 2010, 07:40:42 PM
Pedigree for Thomas L. Fowler (no DNA test on file)

Abel Fowler, b 1781 South Kingston, Rhode Island; d. 1864 Monroe Co, NY; m. Mary Eddy of Wallingford VT, c. 1807
Anson Fowler, b 1809 Herkimer Co, NY; d. 1855 Hillsdale Co, MI; m. Harriet Louisa Gridley in 1831
Edward Kirtland Fowler, b. 1832 Monroe C, NY; d. 1898 isabella Co, MI; m. Eunice Tower Eddy in 1861
Anson James Fowler, b. 1866 Isabella Co, MI; d. Traverse City MI 1959; m. Nellie Pearl Brooks in 1893
O. S. Edward Fowler, b. 1895 Gratiot Co, MI; d. 1993 Gratit Co. MI; m. Dora Alice Parrish in 1917
Jack Dudley Fowler, b 1921 Isabella Co, MI; d. 1981 Rangely CO; m. Joyce Elaine Harrison in 1943

We think "our" Abel (1781-1864) may be the same man born to William and Olive Fowler of North Guilford CT in 1781. The CT Abel was "lost" -- perhaps just lost to his family? if so, we cannot account for "our" Abel recording his birthplace as RI.

Comparing FTDNA results with, Thomas matches 26 out of 34 markers tested for Fowler Lineage I and 31 out of 34 for Fowler Lineage III. He was assigned haplotype R1b by
Will send the comparison chart to this list administrator.

pedigree provided by: Melissa Craven Fowler

Title: Re: Fowler Family Pedigrees
Post by: W Fowler on June 12, 2010, 02:24:11 AM
John, b c1794, Ireland, m Christina Elliot
William, b 7 Apr 1848, Ireland, Christina Gilbert
James Gilbert, b 15 Feb 1878, Lesmahagrow, Scotland, m Amanda Husher

Wayne Fowler,

Got my results back in two weeks, all 67, so I'm smilin'
The story passed down for years was that John was murdered in Ireland and that Christina took her sons William and Thomas to Scotland.  Unfortunately, I can't find any other information, dates or places where this happened.

Title: Re: Fowler Family Pedigrees
Post by: Marsha Baker on October 22, 2010, 12:42:51 AM
This is my maternal side. Do not know any Fowler men to do paternal test.

Hezekiah Fowler b. circa 1785, MD, d. 2-11-1853 Darke Co, OH, m. Isabella Duvall (mareen duvall's, the younger, descendant) b. circa 1800, PA, married 4-10-1821
Harrison T. Fowler b. circa 1820, Darke Co., OH, m. Elizabeth Bridgman b. circa 1821, d. 1908, Pittsfield, IL.
Andrew Fowler b. circa 1843 OH, m. Sarah Ann Kearns (or Carnes) b. circa 1852, lived in New Salem, Pike, IL per 1880 census.

Edward Fowler b. circa 1867, IL m. Mahalia Bailey b. circa 1869, NE

William Jennings Brian Fowler b. 11-25-1896 Britney, NE, d. 9-29-67 Riverton, WY, m. 3-17-1917 Edna Elizabeth Ruhl b. 8-18-1898 Douglas, Converse, WY, d. 12-22-79

Title: Re: Fowler Family Pedigrees
Post by: W Fowler on November 04, 2010, 07:58:36 PM
While there may be a distant relationship, I can't see any connection right now.  My Fowler ancestors didn't come to the US until the 1880's.  You should consider taking the new Family Finder DNA test.  That may give you better results than if you did find a known related Fowler male.  It shows possible connections across all your lines rather than just the direct lineage.  Just go to and read about the Family Finder DNA test.  I think you will be pleased to learn the possibilities it can provide.  I wish you all the best in your search.

Title: Re: Fowler Family Pedigrees
Post by: Marilyn Teaff Barton on August 04, 2011, 12:47:00 PM
All the pedigrees have now been posted to the Patriarchs' Page.  I'm sorry for the delay--we did not realize that no one was posting pedigrees.  My apologies to all whose pedigrees were not posted in a timely fashion.  

Title: Re: Fowler Family Pedigrees
Post by: Rebecca Wilson on September 05, 2011, 03:58:25 PM, kit 919330

Samuel Fowler, b c1795 SC; m Indah Champion 1814 Madison Co., Ala.
Wiley Washington Fowler, b 1823 GA, m Nancy Elizabeth Clark
Asa Columbus Fowler, b 1868 TX, m Rennie J. Freeman
Arbie John Fowler, b 1893 TX, m Oda Elizabeth McKinzie
Foye Samuel Fowler, b 1915 TX, m Fayenelle Boyles

Title: Re: Fowler Family Pedigrees
Post by: Paul Harris Fowler III on February 20, 2012, 09:44:34 PM
Kit # 188182

Lyman Fowler  b abt 1799 NY          M Jane Pearl
Steven Fowler b abt 1832 WV/VA    M Hannah Burgess
Isaac Fowler    b 1864      PA           M Belle Grey
Frank Fowler   b Jun 22, 1889 WV   M Della Harris
Paul Fowler     b May 5, 1917  OH    M Eva Hill
Paul Fowler Jr. b Feb 9, 1945  OH   M Elsie Saylor

Title: Re: Fowler Family Pedigrees
Post by: Janis Dianne Fowler on April 20, 2012, 08:17:12 PM
I am new on the Fowler Forum and just ordered the 37y DNA (237291) for my father Luther Ezell Fowler, Jr. to do.

My lineage goes as follows:

1.  Aaron Fowler b 1796 SC d 1844 GA
     m Elizabeth b 1797 SC d 1874 GA

      2.  David H Fowler b 1821
      2.  William Benjamin Fowler b 1824
      2.  Emily Adeline b 1825
      2.  Mary Arrenda Fowler b 1828
      2.  Andrew John Fowler b 1829
      2.  Sarah Susannah Fowler b 1832
      2.  Nathaniel Mears Fowler b 1836
      2.  Matthew Calloway Fowler b 1837
      2.  Martha Arminda Fowler b 1842
      2.  Elizabeth Irene b 1846

      2 Matthew Calloway Fowler b 1837 GA d 1910 GA
         m Corniela Ann Goolsby b 1836 GA d aft 1881 GA

            3.  Savanna A Elizabeth Fowler b 1858
            3.  Missouri Fowler b 1860
            3.  Bluford T Fowler b 1862
            3.  Sylvester Bright Fowler b 1866
            3.  Homer Banks Fowler b 1869
            3.  Bions H Fowler b 1874

       3.  Bluford T Fowler b 1862 GA d 1923 GA
            m Deloram Adeline Born b 1860 GA d 1910 GA

               4. Perry Ambrose Fowler b 1884
               4.  Mary Lou Fowler b 1886
               4.  Luther Ezell Fowler b 1891
               4.  Lucinda Fowler b 1893
               4.  Sarah Elizabeth Fowler b 1895
               4.  Minni Marie Fowler b 1899

         4.  Luther Ezell Fowler b 1891 GA d 1952 GA
              m Fannie Lee Johnson  b 1896 GA d 1978 GA

               5.  Darla Mae Fowler b 1912
               5.  Louiie Cecil Fowler b 1914
               5.  Albert Jarome Fowler b 1917
               5.  Ruby Marie Fowler b 1919
               5.  Mary Carrolton b 1921
               5.  Mildred Lucille Fowler b 1924
               5.  Luther Ezell Fowler, Jr. b 1926
               5.  William Howard Fowler b 1929
               5.  Harold Vernon Fowler b 1931
               5.  Hoyt Denver Fowler b 1933

         5.  Luther Ezell Fowler, Jr. b 1926 GA
              m Ruby Lee Dockery b 1930 GA d 2008 GA

               6.  Janis Dianne Fowler b 1947 GA
               6. (living)
               6. (living)
               6. (living)

Thank you, Janis (

Title: Re: Fowler Family Pedigrees
Post by: Betty McCleskey Harris on October 21, 2012, 05:31:46 PM
Henry Ellis Fowler b 1745 VA d 22 Feb 1808 Union Co, SC mar. abt 1770 VA
Mary Catherine Puckett b 1750 VA d 1800 children Godfrey b 1773 VA d 28 Aug 1850
Wymac b 03 Feb 1785 SC William b 1789 Ellis b 1791 SC
Godrey Fowler m. Nanny Kelly abt. 1792 SC b. 1775 SC d 1857 Union Co, SC both are burried near Jonesville, SC. they had nine children. Son James Fowler b 06 Oct 1793 Union Co, SC d 10 Mar 1858 Cherokee Co, GA Little River Cem. mar. Susan Gault b 1800 SC d 1843 bur. Skull Shoals, Union Co, SC Foster's Chapel Cem. seven children b. My descendant dau. Sarah Ann 'Sally' Fowler b 08 May 1840 SC mar. 04 May 1860 Cobb Co, GA James Franklin McCleskey b 04 Mar 1833 GA d. 08 Sep 1913 AR They had eight children. Sally Fowler McCleskey d 01 May 1925 Shuler, Union Co, AR Freedonia Cem.

Title: Re: Fowler Family Pedigrees
Post by: cornsister on November 08, 2012, 05:00:08 PM
This is my Pedegree
Daniel Fowler b. abt 1755 m. Elizabeth Roath [both lived in Preston Ct.]
Robert Fowler b. abt1870 m. Hannah Giddings
Oliver W. Fowler b. abt 1817 m. Mary Ann Dennis
Henry H. Fowler b. 9 Jun 1866 m. Minnie L. Maynard
Irving M. Fowler b. 26 Aug 1890 m. Lulu C. Avery
Lawrence Fowler b. 1922
My Family Tree DNA Kit is   256045
My Haplotype is I2B1

Title: Re: Fowler Family Pedigrees
Post by: Apearce on February 27, 2013, 05:04:55 PM
FOWLER, Prince George County, MD

James Edward (1889-1964), James Arthur (1855-?), John D Fowler (1805-?)

I have been researching my Ggrandfather Fowler's line for about two years now with very little results until just a few days ago.  I'm hoping to get input and clarification from here.

1. John D Fowler (1805-?) married Harriet Eleanor Menger (?) (1817-1873)
     - William Franklin (1845-1859)
     - Ann Margaret (1847-1879)
     - Josephine M (1849-?)
     - Mary Elizabeth (1852-?)
     - Joseph S (1854-1936) married Martha Perrie (1862-?)
 **- James Arthur (1855-?) married Marie Adams (1864-1954)
     - Hannah E (1857-1858)

     2. James Arthur Fowler (1855-?) married Marie Adams (1864-1954)
          - Lillie Elizabeth (1887-1981) married in 1905 Robert Gardiner
      **- James Edward (1889-1964) married in 1914 Helen R Evans (1897-1952)

I have been unable to locate birth records for James Arthur, Marie Adams, or either of their two children Lillie and James E.  James Arthur Fowler is on the 1860, 1870, and 1880 census with John D Fowler as father. Sometime between 1880 and 1887 James Arthur and Marie Adams wed.
The 1890 census for MD was destroyed by fire so I'm not able to confirm if James Arthur was still alive/with Marie Adams in 1890.

My Ggrandfather James Edward Fowler (1889-1964) spoke of him and his older sister being abandoned after their mother remarried.  They did not know if their father had left or had died prior to their mother Marie Adams remarrying and having more children.  My Ggrandfather did not know his mothers 2nd husband's name.  After much research I believe Marie Adams married Samuel Stamp in 1891.

          Marie Adams Fowler (1864-1954) married in 1891 Samuel Stamp (1866-1941)
               - Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Stamp (1892-1969)
               - Lewis Stamp (1894-?)
               - Samuel Stamp (1895-?)
               - Frank Stamp (1899)
               - Walter Franklin Stamp (1898-?)
               - Carrie Stamp (1902-1974)

The 1900 census for Prince George County MD shows the Samuel Stamp family, noting Lillie Stamp and  James E Stamp who I firmly believe are actually my Fowlers not Stamps and should have been noted as stepchildren on the 1900 census.
I was able to locate on Marie Adams Stamp with daughter noted as Lillie Fowler Gardiner.

               3. James Edward Fowler (1889-1964) married in 1914 Helen R Evans (1897-1952)
                    - Margaret Rae (1915-2009) married Paul Edward Kraft
                    - Daisy Hilda (1917-1989) married John Francis Wilding Jr
                    - James Edward Jr (1918-2002) married Doris Mae King
                    - Maurice Elmer (1920-1994) married Dorothy May Bell
                    - Irene Mary (1922-2009) married William Smith Hopkins
               ** - Helen Virginia (living) married Albert Lawrence Fenn
                    - Doris Lorraine (1926-1998) married Robert McKinley Hoover
                    - Mary Louise (living) married William Joseph Simms

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

Title: Re: Fowler Family Pedigrees
Post by: pattifowler on November 18, 2013, 01:51:01 PM
Alva Fowler Descendants

Kit number: 311979
Y-DNA12 Haplogroup is R-M269   R1b1a2


1. Alva Fowler, b. 12 Mar 1802 in MA or NY, d. 6 Apr 1859 in Leoni, MI, m. Jennette Foster, b. 4 Sep 1808 in New Salem, MA, d. 6 May 1896 in Jackson, MI.

2. Alanson Fowler, b. abt 1825 in NY, d. May 1860 in Rives, MI, m. Mary Jane Small, b. abt 1829 in Vermont.

3. Frank Edward Fowler, b. 14 Jan 1851 in MI, d. 18 Mar 1937 in Grand Rapids, MI, m. 1st Eliza Weston, b. 7 May 1856 in Wisconsin, d. 20 Apr 1899 in Grand Rapids, MI.

4. Burton Fred Fowler, b. 29 Feb 1880 in Jackson,  MI, d. 13 Mar 1961 in Battle Creek, MI, m. Eliza C Newton, b. 16 Mar 1881 in MI, d. 18 Apr 1936 in Minneapolis, MN.

I am trying to find the parents of Alva Fowler. The first actual record I have of him is his marriage announcement to Jennette:
Rochester, Monroe, NY Rochester Telegraph Tue Jun 27, 1824 MARRIED - In Ontario, by James MASON Esq. Mr. Alvah FOWLER to Miss Jennette FOSTER of Henrietta.

Alva's other sons are:
William (1834-1903)
Willis (1836-1924)
Marquis (1841-1918)
Milan (1849-1924)

If you have any information, please let me know.
Thank you.

Title: Fowler Family Pedigrees
Post by: Ben Zitomer on April 07, 2014, 08:43:30 PM
Samuel Barker Fowler descendants
Kit number: 45865


I've been researching my Fowler roots for many, many years, and have been stuck at Samuel Barker Fowler, who was in Greene County, NY as early as 1802.


1-Samuel Barker Fowler b: 1782 d: 29 Dec 1836, Rush Twp, Susquehanna County, PA
+Sylva b: ca 1793, Connecticut d: aft 1880

        2-Samuel Fowler b: 1811, New York d: aft 1873, Wisconsin
        +Sarah Powell b: 1813 m: 24 Dec 1833, St Matthews Church, Pike Twp, Bradford County, PA d: 15 Sep 1840
        +Lucinda Delight Lane m: 1841
                3-William Wallace Fowler b: Jan 1842, PA d: 16 Sep 1919, Elgin, Kane County, IL
                +Isabella Lovett b: 29 May 1848, New York,  m: 7 May 1872, Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin  d: 7 Mar 1919, Elgin, Kane, Illinois
                3-Sarah Elizabeth Fowler b: 1843, PA d: 1874
                +John Sawyer m: 1 May 1862, Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin
                3-Ellen (Ella Louisa) Fowler b: 14 Apr 1845, Towanda, Bradford, Pennsylvania d: 11 Jan 1933, Harftord, Wisconsin
                +William J. LeCount b: 29 May 1833, Greene County, New York m: 7 Feb 1866, Fond du Lac WI d: Nov 1904, Harftord, Wisconsin,
                3-Viletta Fowler b: 30 Jan 1847, Wisconsin d: 14 Dec 1920, Almena, Norton, Kansas
                +Fernando Joseph Rose b: 18 Apr 1841, Lorraine, Jefferson, New York d: 20 Aug 1918, Almena, Norton, Kansas
                3-Charles Edward Fowler b: 1849, Wisconsin
                +Libbie Kirkpatrick
                3-Charlotte Fowler b: 1852, Wisconsin d: 1856, Wisconsin
                3-Isabelle Fowler b: 1855, Wisconsin d: 1883
                3-Alice Fowler b: 1857, Wisconsin
                3-Herbert Fowler b: 1859, Wisconsin
        +Elinora Deckner b: Apr 1846, New York m: 31 Jan 1874, Green Bay, Brown County, WI d: aft 1 Apr 1903

        2-Roxanna Fowler b: 1814, New York d: 1 Oct 1881, Rush Twp, Susquehanna County, PA
        +Isaac J Clink
        b: 1808, Steuben, Oneida County, NY m: 4 Sep 1831, Rush Twp, Susquehanna County, PA d: 18 Aug 1892, Bradford County, PA
                3-Theodore S Clink b: 22 Mar 1830, Auburn Twp, PA d: 1 Oct 1864, Fort Monroe VA
                3-James Clink b: 22 Mar 1837, Auburn Twp, PA d: 5 Apr 1921, LeRaysville PA
                3-Adam H Clink b: 28 Nov 1844, Auburn Twp, PA d: 14 Apr 1918, Pike Twp, Bradford County, PA
                3-Perley Orlando Clink b: 11 Oct 1845, Auburn Twp, PA d: Aug 1910, Rush Twp, Susquehanna County, PA
                3-Amasa Frederick Clink b: 1 Jul 1850/1, Auburn Twp, PA d: 18 Jan 1880

        2-Amasa Fowler b: 17 Jun 1815, New York d: 28 Aug 1891, Morgan County, Missouri
        +Permilla (Millie) D Sherman b: 6 Dec 1816 m: bet 1834 and 1836 d: 14 Dec 1896, Morgan County, Missouri
                3-Susanna Lucina Fowler b: 18 Nov 1836, Bradford County, PA d: 12 Apr 1927, Millcreek Twp, Syracuse, MO
                +Charles Edward McNeal b: 23 May 1830, PA m: 1855, PA d: 28 Apr 1912
                3-Edward Fowler b: 31 Jul 1838, PA d: Beaver Meadows, PA
                3-Sarah M Fowler b: 21 Nov 1840, PA
                3-George Washington Fowler b: 12 Dec 1842, Rush Twp, Susquehanna County, PA d: 8 Sep 1931, Millcreek Twp, Syracuse, MO
                3-Clarissa Fowler b: 4 Apr 1845, PA d: poss 1858
                3-Sylvie Fowler b: 11 Dec 1847, PA
                3-Mary Fowler b: 17 Aug 1849, PA d: 11 Dec 1858
                3-Willis Henry Fowler b: 10 Oct 1851, Rush Twp, Susquehanna County, PA d: 1924
                3-Millie U Fowler b: 6 Jun 1853, PA
                +William L Moon b: 30 Jun 1849 m: 25 Mar 1872, Tipton, Moniteau, Missouri, d: 16 Oct 1910
                +D.O. Jerman d: 25 Jun 1933, Hugoton, Kansas
                3-Nancy E Fowler b: 11 Sep 1855, PA d: 20 May 1885, Morgan County, Missouri
                3-Ellen? Fowler b: 24 Jan 1859, Missouri
                3-Daniel? Fowler b: ca 1860, Missouri

        2-David Fowler b: 16 Apr 1816, New York d: 24 Nov 1903, West Auburn Twp, Susquehanna County, PA
       +Rebecca Coates b: 1817, New York or Connecticut d: 1890
                3-John Albert Fowler b: 22 Jan 1846 d: 25 May 1922, Susquehanna County, PA
                3-Leonard Fowler b: 26 Sep 1847, PA d: 26 May 1928, Auburn Twp, PA
                3-Roxanna Fowler b: Jan 1849, Rush Twp, Susquehanna County, PA d: 1927
                3-Benjamin Franklin Fowler b: Sep 1852, Latrobe, Auburn Twp, PA d: 1938, LeRaysville PA
                3-David L Fowler b: 26 Jul 1858, Fowler Hill, Rush Twp, Susquehanna County, PA d: 8 Apr 1917, Meshoppen PA

        2-Willis Fowler b: 24 Apr 1824, Greene County, NY d: 13 Nov 1899, Morgan County, Missouri
        +Malinda Hodges b: 7 Jun 1834, North Carolina m: 5 Sep 1858, Akinsville, MO d: 26 Apr 1899, Morgan County, Missouri
                3-Sarah Elizabeth Fowler b: 8 Nov 1859, Missouri d: 18 Nov 1880
                3-George Washington Fowler b: 31 Mar 1862, Missouri d: 26 Dec 1882
                3-William Fowler b: ca 1865
                3-James E Fowler b: 11 Apr 1866, Missouri d: 19 Feb 1946, Sedalia MO
                3-Amasa N Fowler b: 21 Apr 1871, Tipton, Moniteau County, Missouri d: 27 May 1955, McDonald Rest Home, Deer Lodge, Powell County, MT
                +Sallie Ann Worley b: 19 Jun 1873, Fortuna MO m: 8 Nov 1894, Windsor Hotel, Livingston MT d: 11 May 1965, Livingston MT
                3-Ezra Fowler b: 29 Sep 1873, Missouri d: 29 Oct 1925

Title: Re: Fowler Family Pedigrees
Post by: Barb Fowler Robertson on December 21, 2014, 01:33:22 PM
Wayne Clark Fowler Family Pedigree
Kit # 387609


I have traced my Fowler line back to Pickensville, Alabama, to a 1850 Census. This is where I am stuck.  The William Fowler DOB: 1786 is where I lose track, and can't find any information.   Would love to find family members of this lineage.  

William Fowler Dob: 1786 Birthplace: GA

Mariah Fowler 48 years old Dob: 1802 Birthplace: GA ( I don't know who this woman is)Could possible be William Fowler's
--children or household members
--John Fowler dob: 1829 21 yrs old
--John James Fowler dob:1831 (My direct line)*
--Balius Folwer dob: 1838
--William Fowler dob: 1840
--Mary Fowler dob:  1842
--Rebecca Fowler dob: 1845

Census Alabama 1860's

James R. (Rice) Fowler dob: abt 1832 Alabama, Southern division Pickens Alabama
Post office, Bridgesville
Household members : James Rice 28 years old married to Tabitha Garnett Fowler dob: abt 1840 (20 years old)  

children: Mary A. Fowler dob: abt 1860 (8mths old)
Rebecca M. Fowler dob: abt 1846 ( 14 years old)

BUT.....The 1880 federal census showed in Franconia, Pickens Alabama that
James R. (Rice) Fowler, age 49 DOB: 1831 Born in Alabama showed his father to be from South Carolina (unknown) and his mother from Georgia (unknown)  

He shows to be widowed and a Farm Laborer.  So....I assume this Tabitha person was his wife and now dead.  Because his children or household members at this time were :
Rebecca Fowler age 34 and is moved out of household
Mary Fowler  (dob: 1860 )
Balus Fowler (dob: 1861)
John James Fowler (dob: 1866) Census has wrong date of birth/ BirthCert. says 1862 if this is same person which I think it is.  ** My direct Lineage
Fanny Fowler (dob:1868)
Lula Fowler (dob: 1871)
William Garnett Fowler (dob 1880)

I am looking to connect with what I think is my direct lineage of John James Fowler DOB: June 12, 1862 in Pickensville Alabama .. TX So... Sometime between 1880 and 1890 he moved to Nac. TX and brought his two sisters with him, fanny and Lula.  ( I have documents of this) **
John James Fowler married Amanda Lavonia Stephens and had 5 children, in Nacogdoches  Texas and lived some in Eastern Smith county (Douglas) He died 4 July 1934
--James William (JW) Fowler
--Wallace Fowler
--Ruth Fowler
--Eula Fowler
--Juanita Fowler

James William (JW) Fowler (my great grandfather) married Lillian Hart Montgomery cty, TX (dob: 6-22-1900) and they had 3 children.
--James Edward Fowler (tootie) dob: 8-1-28
--Wallace Clark Fowler (my grandfather) dob: 2-2-20
--Willie Marie Fowler dob: 6-28-22