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Title: Bradshaw Family Pedigrees
Post by: Alice Bratcher on January 04, 2005, 06:11:24 AM
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Title: Pedigree
Post by: Jayare Parker on April 11, 2005, 05:50:01 PM
Jayare Parker @

Moses Bradshaw b1775? VA (father of Elijah, Isaiah & Abadiah)
Elijah Bradshaw b1790? NC (father of Barnett)
Barnett b1831? IL
Isaiah Bradshaw b179_??? NC
William b1810? IL (father of Daniel & John + 6 girls)
Daniel H b1834? IL
John N b1840? IL
Abadiah Bradshaw b1796 NC (father of the next 6 kids)
Lethe b1824?
John b1827?
Susan Elizabeth bNov 1834 IL
William b1836? IL
Josiah b1839?
Mary A b1840?
John R b1823? MO (father of 3 girls)
Phillip b1825? MO (father of Jesse + 2 girls)
Jesse b1846? IL
Thomas b1815? IL (father of next 4 listed + 2 girls)
John b1839? IL
Erastus b1841? IL
Silas b1842? IL
Gardener b1849? IL

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Marilyn Teaff Barton on April 12, 2005, 03:46:05 PM
Hi, Jayare.  It's posted.  Hope you'll join the DNA project.  Thanks.

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Brent Bradberry on October 01, 2005, 10:35:16 PM
BRADBERRY (also spelled BRADBERY, BRADBURY) family

John Bradberry b. ca 1810, VA
      m. ca 1830 Sarah Anne McClure
      d. between 1870-1880 Greene cy Arkansas

George McClure Bradberry b. 1846 Weakley cy TN (only child of John and Sarah Anne)
      m. 1870 Healon Alice (Allie) Fite, Greene cy Arkansas
      d. 1894 Ridgely, TN

George Dee Bradberry, b. Feb 1883 Hickman, KY
      m. 1907 Lilly Harriet Winn, Dell, Mississippi cy, Arkansas
      d. 1954 San Diego, CA

Winsel Taylor Bradberry b. 16 Feb 1911 Dell, Arkansas
      m. 17 March 1937 Eleanor Martin, Los Angeles, CA
      d. 23 March 2002 Moscow, Latah, Idaho

Brent Alan Bradberry b. 18 August 1939 Los Angeles, CA
      m. 29 July 1961 Donna L. Cook, Sun Valley, CA

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Marilyn Teaff Barton on October 03, 2005, 04:17:07 PM
Hi, Brent.  Your pedigree is posted.  Hope you will join the DNA project.

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Charles Bradshaw on June 05, 2006, 08:25:30 PM
Descendant?s Bradshaw Of Bolton, Lancashire, England
1. Lawrence Bradshaw b. Abt.1576, Darcy Lever, Lancashire, England
? ? m. Sarah Hinchman
2. Rauffe Bradshaw b. Nov 11, 1610, Darcy Lever, Lancashire, England
? ? m. Rachel Penn
3. John Bradshaw b. abt. 1651, Pendleton, Lancashire, England
? ? m. Mary Hillyard
4. John Thomas Bradshaw b. Abt. 1696, Kent Co., Pennsylvania (now Delaware)
? ? m. Eleanor Phillips
5. Robert Bradshaw b. Abt. 1726, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania
? ? m. Unknown
6. David Bradshaw b. Abt. 1759, Derry Twp., Lancaster-now Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania
? ? m. Margaret Nixon
7. Alexander Bradshaw b. Abt. 1804, Bedford Co., Pennsylvania
? ? m. Jane McDowell
8. David Elbert Bradshaw b. March 7, 1829, Moorefield, Nicholas Co., Kentucky
? ? m. 1st Mary Johnson, m. 2d Clara Keeler

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Marilyn Teaff Barton on June 16, 2006, 05:49:46 PM
Hi, Charles.  Your pedigree is posted.  Hope you will join the DNA project.

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Jack Bradshaw on July 18, 2006, 07:27:08 PM
Bradshaw, Henry William  b. 19 May 1839 England d.02 Dec 1920 Paterson New Jersey buried Cedar Lawn Cemetery Paterson  NJ
            Family lore states he won a lottery to come to the United states as a Siilk Weaver.  He was silk weaver in England.  Father may have been William

  + Marth Jame Hudson b. 13 Apr 1839 d. 27 Jan 1908 Paterson NJ. Buried Cdcar Lann Cemetery NJ
           Birth paces of children are Stafforsdshire and  Macclesfield England.

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Jack Bradshaw on July 19, 2006, 11:09:24 PM
In note #7, the email address is wrong.  It should be,  Jack Bradshaw -  Juder

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Richard Barton on July 23, 2006, 02:51:51 AM

Your submission has been posted at

Title: Pedigree
Post by: ANGELA on August 28, 2006, 01:12:03 AM
John BRADSHAW b.1664 England  d. 1711 Virginia
  William BRATCHER b. 1690 Virginia d.1748 Cumberland or Boochland County, VA m. Judith Scruggs
    William Bratcher b. 1741 Virginia m. Margaret
       Elijah Bracher b. 1789 So. Carolina d. approx 1820 Hall Co. Georgia  m. Mary b. 1790 So. Carolina
         John R. Bracher b. 1822 Hall Co. GA d. 1892  m. Mary "Polly" Stults b 1823 TN d. 1896 Texas
             George H. Bratcher b. 9-7-1842 Wayne Co. TN d. 1913 Cooke Co. TX m. Mary Fowler b. 1840
                  John Harvey Bratcher b. 6-6-1862 Waynesboro TN d. 1906 m. Dora Bostic b. 1862 TN
                       Viola Bratcher b. 5-03- 1892 Glenrose Texas d. Seymour Texas (My paternal grandmother)

Title: Pedigree
Post by: jcbradshaw on October 05, 2006, 10:34:26 PM
Jonathan Bradshaw (plusalpha at

Cornelius Bradshaw b 1775 Dutchess Co, New York, m Rachel
  Stephen Bradshaw b 1796/7 New York, m Almira Johnson
    Rufus Bradshaw b c1824 Meigs Co, OH, m Elizabeth Jane Snodgrass
      James Wilson Bradshaw b 1870 Jackson Co, MO, m Lois Johnson
        Charles Henry Bradshaw, b 1905 Coconino Co, AZ, m Hazel Virginia Cline       

Title: Pedigree
Post by: benabratcher on October 27, 2006, 10:46:55 PM
John "Bratcher" Bradshaw b.1664 England m. Elizabeth Pleasants
William "Bratcher" Bradshaw b.1690 Henrico Co., VA m. Judith Scruggs
John "Bradshaw" Bratcher b.1724 Bedford County, VbA m. Jane Canada
Canada Bratcher b.1767 Bedford Co., VA m. Rachel Biddy Robinson
Allen Bratcher b.1794 m. Sarah
Allen Bratcher b.1819 Warren County, TN m. Caroline Parsons
Amos Jonathan Bratcher b.27 Dec 1842 Marion Co. TN m.Melissa Jane Ratliff
Albert Allen Bratcher b.03 Oct 1882 Lawrence Co. AR m. Ida B. Rogers
Kennith Bratcher b.06 Jun 1914 Lawrence Co. AR M. Genevive Jeanne Swindle
Ben A Bratcher b.18 Jun 1942 Fort Smith AR m. Carol Dobiyanski

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Staff on November 21, 2006, 03:23:26 PM
Hi, Angela, Jonathan, and Benabratcher.  Your pedigrees have all been posted on the patriarch page:


Title: Pedigree
Post by: graychurch on January 06, 2007, 11:54:44 PM
Personal Pedigree - Claude Ray Bradsher [posted by his cousin Gray Church, graychurch AT]
John Bradsher, b 23 Jun 1735 Baltimore Co VA m Mary c1754
John Bradsher, b c1771 m Rebecah Moore
Thomas Jefferson Bradsher, b 1811 Person Co NC, m Sarah Wisdom
Jack Albert Bradsher, b 5 Apr 1856, Person CO NC, m Lousinda Ross c1874
William Claude Bradsher, b 23 Feb 1892, m Mamie Pattishall 1913
Claude Ray Bradsher

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Staff on January 09, 2007, 12:25:26 PM
Hi, Gray.  Your pedigree has been posted:


Title: Pedigree
Post by: doraneb on March 06, 2007, 09:01:35 PM
I live in Jamaica. Trying to check my ancestry

Title: Pedigree
Post by: auntiejill on March 12, 2007, 08:31:22 PM
PERSONAL PEDIGREE - Jill Bratcher [auntiejill1 AT]

William Larner Bradshaw, b ca 1648/d ca 1700 Goochland Co., VA

John Bradshaw b.1664 England/d ca 1711 VA/ m Elizabeth Pleasants

William Larner Bradshaw/Bratcher b 1690 VA/d 17 Dec 1748 VA/m Judith Scruggs ca 1712, VA

William Larner Bradshaw/Bratcher II b ca 1741 VA/d 23 April 1817 Overton Co., TN/m. Margaret

Elijah Bracher b. 1789 SC or TN/d ca 1820 Hall Co. GA/m Mary b. 1790 SC

John B. Bratcher b. 17 Jan 1822 GA/d April, 1892 TX/m Mary Carolina Polly Stults 29 Nov 1839

George H. Bratcher b 7 Sep 1842 TN/d 28 Apr 1913 TX/m Mary Eliz. Fowler ca 1861 Wayne Co TN

John Harvey Bratcher b 6 Jun 1862 TN/d 7 Oct 1906/m Dora Eliz. Bostick 8 Apr 1881 TN

Edward Lorance Bratcher b May 1885 OK/d Feb 1942 NM/m Hattie Belle Galloway 9 Dec 1909

Donald Edmond Bratcher b 10 April 1926 TX/d 5 Feb 1970 OR/m Dorothy Lee Clark Oct 1946 NM

Jill Annette Bratcher b 1958, McMinnville, Yamhill Co., OR

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Staff on March 14, 2007, 01:32:08 PM
Hi, Jill.  Your pedigree has been posted:


Title: Pedigree
Post by: Gadgetgranny on September 16, 2007, 02:21:37 PM
Are there Bradshaws from Southampton County Va Posted here?

Title: Pedigree
Post by: CDB-ARB on October 03, 2007, 09:43:46 PM
Family Pedigree - Collen Dale Bratcher (

___________   Bratcher b c 1770-1790, VA., m  ______  b VA
Thomas  Bratcher, b Jan 10, 1812, TN, m Hannah Bryan
Silas Bratcher, b Mar 12, 1834, Grayson Co, KY, m Eliza Jane Shultz
Monroe U Bratcher, b Mar 15, 1858, Butler Co, KY, m Angeline Flener 
Eddie James Bratcher, b Apr 02, 1879, Butler Co, KY, m Dora Bishop
Emerson Virgil Bratcher, b Aug 18, 1910, Ohio Co, KY Margaret E Rule
Collen Dale Bratcher, b Jan 10, 1932, Ohio Co, KY, m Alice Ramer Rice   

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Staff on October 04, 2007, 03:25:12 PM
Hi, CDB-ARB.  Your pedigree has been posted:


Title: Pedigree
Post by: Muss on February 29, 2008, 11:45:40 AM
Harberson Bradshaw b. abt. 1784 ____ m. Priscilla ___ abt. 1800
Uriah Hugh Bradshaw b.abt. 1805 poss, Stafford Co., Va. m. Ellen Briscoe Murray, Va.
Thatcher Saunders Bradshaw b. July 17, 1850 Fredericksburg, Va. m. Virginia Elizabeth Combs, Va.
Kendrick Montague Bradshaw b. July 23, 1877 Stafford Co., Va. m. Katherine "Mary" Katie Kerlin, Va.
Murray Wickliffe Bradshaw b. April 28, 1915 Pr. William Co., Va. m. Esther Warren Pattie, Va.
Richard Kendrick Bradshaw b. Nov. 3, 1937 Washington, D.C. m. Mary Ann Phelps, Md.

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Staff on February 29, 2008, 03:31:00 PM
Hi, Muss.  Your pedigree has been posted:


Title: Pedigree
Post by: Connie Bradshaw on January 02, 2009, 01:22:30 PM
Thomas Bradshaw Pedigree  -- Connie Bradshaw  rvsailor AT

Thomas Bradshaw b England d Kentucky m ? Crockett PA
Robert Bradshaw b 1777 PA d 5 Nov 1852 OH m1 ? James KY m2 Mary Meyers OH
Thomas W. Bradshaw b 10 Jan 1826 OH d 12 Aug 1898 OH m Lucinda Pettit OH
William A. Bradsahw b 1 Jul 1853 OH d 15 Sep 1842 OH m Edith P. Martin OH
Harry Roman Bradshaw b 3 Mar 1884 OH d 22 Dec 1968 NC m E. Daisy Robison OH
Dorian Eric Bradshaw b 31 Mar 1910 NC d 24 Oct 1979 FL m Martha Price Boger SC
Douglas Alfred Bradshaw b NC living

Title: Pedigree
Post by: rgbrad on March 25, 2009, 01:05:54 PM
Pedigree for Robert G. Bradshaw, Jr. []
William Bradshaw, b 1690-93, Henrico Co VA, m Judith Scruggs
Field Bradshaw, b 1716-20, Henrico Co VA, m Judith Robinson
Jonas Bradshaw, b 1759, Cumberland Co VA, m Elizabeth "Ratcliff" Ratley
Jonas(h) Bradshaw, b 1789, Lincoln Co NC, m Elizabeth White
Field Monroe Bradshaw, b 1818, Lincoln Co NC, m Nancy Caroline Milner
    Amanda, b c1844, Harris Co GA, m. George T. Banks
    Susan Elizabeth, b 1848, Harris Co GA
    Mary J., b 1850, Harris Co GA, m Thomas Calvin Henry
    James M., b c1853, Harris Co GA
    Richard Alonzo, b 1856, Harris Co GA, m Sarah Elizabeth Bunch
    John Thomas, b 1858, Harris Co GA, m Mary Catherine Lane
    Benjamin Franklin, b 1860, Harris Co GA, m Lula Bunch
    Caroline, b c1863, Harris Co GA
    Lula Belle, b 1865, Harris Co GA, m Martin VanBuren Hudson II
    Robert Lee, b 1867, Harris Co GA, m Emma Vistula Gamble
Robert Lee Bradshaw, b 1867, Harris Co GA, m Emma Vistula Gamble
Robert Gibson Bradshaw, b 1907, Randolph Co AL, m Merle Geraldine Griffin

Title: Re: Bradshaw Family Pedigrees
Post by: beeryedb on July 13, 2010, 02:46:26 PM
Brian Bradshaw

John Bradshaw b. 1664 m.  Elizabeth Pleasants (could be Reeves or Harper)
   Benjamin Bradshaw b. ~1690 Henrico Co, VA. d. 1761 Goochland Co., VA m. (1) Anna (2) Ann McBride
      John Bradshaw b. 1730 Goochland Co., VA.  d. 1773 Goochland Co. VA m. Sarah Ann McBride
         Shadrack Bradshaw b. 1766 Goochland Co. VA d. 1822 Mercer Co., KY m. Mary Curd Bradshaw
            Claiborne Bradshaw b. 1812, Mercer Co., KY, d. 1874, Mercer Co., KY m. Permelia Violett
               William Henson Bradshaw b. 1864, Marion, KY, d. 1950, Marion Co. KY m. Annie Mary Mattingly
                  Joseph Ernest Bradshaw b. 1894, Marion, Ky, d. 1974, Clark Co. IN m. Lucille Purdom

Kit Number: 211155

Title: Re: Bradshaw Family Pedigrees
Post by: siamdbratch on August 15, 2010, 10:25:51 AM
Wesley B. Bratcher b. 1818 KY d.1865 m. Rebecca A. Renfrow
Stephen Scott Bratcher b. 1848 Grayson Co. KY d. 1920 m. Mary E. Craig
Cicero Maxel Bratcher b. 9/15/1873 Grayson Co. KY d. 12/23/1947 m. Cora Bell Bruce
Lovid Henry Bratcher b. 7/25/1900 Grayson Co. KY d. 6/13/1967 m. Helen Gott

Title: Re: Bradshaw Family Pedigrees
Post by: LorieNYC on August 22, 2010, 10:40:07 AM

- JOHN BRADSHAW: b. 1778, KY Co., VA (now Bourbon Co., KY); d. 1 Jun 1839, Oldham Co., KY; m. Katharine

   - LEANDER BRADSHAW: b. 24 Feb 1811, Bourdon Co., KY; d. 20 Feb 1905, Oldham
     Co., KY; m. Mary Moore Rice

     - EDWARD EMERSON BRADSHAW: b. July 1847, Oldham Co., KY; d. 10 Aug 1930,
       Palm Beach Co., FL; m. Emma B. Louden

       - WILLIAM H. BRADSHAW: b. 18 Mar 1891, McLean Co., IL; d. 30 Jan 1965, Polk
          Co., FL; m. Dulcie Evangeline Chandler

          - JASPER DONALD BRADSHAW: b. 3 Jun 1918, Buchanan Co., IA; d. 24 Oct
            1965, Clayton Co., IA; m. Helen Evelyn Clark

            - L. BRADSHAW (living); b. IA

Title: Re: Bradshaw Family Pedigrees
Post by: Rabbitmpls on September 01, 2010, 07:59:04 PM
-John Bradshaw B. ??  Died 1816 in New Fairfiled Ct.

  -Peter Randall Bradshaw B. March 6, 1780 in THE TOWN OF SOUTHEAST, NY D. Aug 13, 1851 in Niles (Deleware Cty) Indiana M. Elizabeth Van Vinkle?? in NY 1808
      -John Wesley Bradshaw B. Dec 28, 1808 in NY D. May 19, 1880 DeWitt (Clinton Cty) Iowa M. Mary ??? (We think Ferrill) April 13, 1827 & again Mackey Hedden Wallace March 2 1875 in De Witt
      -Harvey Bradshaw B. March 26, 1810 in Danbury Ct. D. Nov 7, 1861 in Mt. Vernon Iowa (Linn Cty) M. Susan Sullian Unknown date. 
      -Mary Bradshaw B. March 19, 1819 in Summerset Penn.  D. Feb 16, 1857 Jonesboro Indiana M. David Bates March 8, 1838
      -Elizabeth Bradshaw B. May 20, 1812 Danbury Ct?? D. April 28, 1846 in Granville IN.  M. Jacob Battreall 1836
      -Rebeca Bradshaw B. ?? D.?? M. Mathew Conner Oct 16, 1837
      -Jesse L Bradshaw B. July 23, 1814 Danbury Ct. ?? D. Feb 25, 1865 Tipton Iowa M. Phebe Condit  Oct 14, 1837 in Greene Ct Penn.
           (the following have dates upon request)
         -Eunice Bradshaw
         -Zenas Bradshaw
          -Peter Randall Bradshaw
              -Duane Franklin Bradshaw
                  -Carl Bradshaw
                    - Randall William Bradshaw (Living)
         -Henry T Bradshaw     
         -Elizabeth Bradshaw   
         -Jane L. Bradshaw       
         -Sarah M. Bradshaw       
         -Phoebe Ellen Bradshaw       
         -Elma Bradshaw

Title: Re: Bradshaw Family Pedigrees
Post by: on August 17, 2011, 10:00:52 PM
William Bradshaw b. c. 1690. d. 1748. m. Judith Scruggs.

John Bratcher b. c 1740.  d. 3 Dec 1821. m1. Jane Canada.  m2. Sarah UNK.

William Bratcher b. c 1787.  d. c 1850 in Breckinridge Co., KY. m. Susan Anne Wale c. 1820.

Buford Bratcher b. 17 Mar 1836, Breckingridge Co., KY.  d. 14 Nov 1873, in Breckinridge Co., KY.  m. Martha Ellen Butler  13 Jun 1855 in Breckinridge Co., KY.

Joseeph Clinton Bratcher b. 21 Oct 1870, Breckinridge Co, KY.  d. 8 Jun 1945, Grayson Co., KY.  m1. Imogene Isbell on ?.  m2. Cora Ellen Dennison 24 Nov 1904, in Grayson Co., KY

FTDNA Kit No.:  209128