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Title: Joy-Joyce-Jay Family Pedigrees
Post by: Bill Joye on January 03, 2005, 11:26:30 AM
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Title: Pedigree
Post by: Swisscheese on August 06, 2007, 11:18:01 PM
Thomas Joyce, purchased land along the Mayo river in NC and in Stokes Co, NC.
John (Coon) Joyce, m Peggy (unknown surname)
Thomas Joyce Married Nancy Joyce
Thomas Joyce (Crowing Tom)Joyce m Martha M. Hill
Thomas Joyce (Crowing Tom) Joyce b 1814 d 1893
Robert Lee Joyce m Anne Kelly.
Robert Lee Joyce b 1865 d 1943

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Staff on August 10, 2007, 01:55:35 PM
Hi, Swisscheese.  Your pedigree has been posted:


Title: Pedigree
Post by: CRHensley on September 24, 2007, 07:55:52 PM
Sorry I cannot participate, as I am desinded from George's daughter, but would like to have information on George's lineage if there is a relative out there. Also I am open to corrections.

1. George Joy b.1784-87 SC, d. 15 Jan 1875 Lampasas Co, TX, m1. ?, m2. Nancy Martha Sparks
    2.1 Chesley Joy b. 1810-20 d. 1843
    2.1 Porter F Joy b. 1819 TN d. 1853 Newton Co, MO, m. Julia Ann Hayes
         3. George Joy b. 1847 MO
    2.1 Charles Joy b. 1822 d. 1833
    2.2 Shadrack C Joy b. 1825-30
    2.2 James Alexander Joy b. 1827  IL/TN d. Aug 1870 Burnet Co, TX m. Jane Elizabeth Hart
         3. Albert Newton Joy b. May 1852 TX d. Aug 1870 Burnet Co, TX m. Sarah E Reed
         3. George Joy b. 1855 TX m. Mary E Lewis
         3. Andrew L Joy b. Mar 1856 TX d. Dec 1862 Burnet Co, TX
         3. Oliver P Joy b. 1857 TX
         3. John C Joy b. 1860 TX m. Mary E ?
         3. Eli Franklin Joy b. Jan 1862 TX d. Dec 1951 San Patricio TX m. Nellie Gray Tobey
            4. Murphey Avry Joy b. Nov 1889  Burnet Co, TX d. Dec 1956
            4. Paul Monroe Joy b. Dec 1893 Burnet Co, TX d. 1894
            4. Blake Lewis Joy b. Feb 1912 Callahan Co, TX d. Oct 1961 Brazoria Co, TX
            4. living Joy
         3. Charles Calvin Joy b. Aug 1866 TX d. Sept 1944  Burnet Co, TX m. Fannie Bush
            4. Oliver Lee Joy b. Jul 1891 Burnet Co, TX d. Mar 1963
         3. James Andrew Joy b. Feb 1869 TX m. Katherine Bible
            4. Cleo C Joy b. Feb 1892 Burnet Co, TX
            4. Robert F Joy b. Nov 1892 Burnet Co, TX
            4. James Cobertt Joy b. Jun 1896 Burnet Co, TX
            4. Willie Joy b. 1900 TX
            4. living Joy
            4. living Joy
    2.2 Robert D Joy b. 1836 MO  m. Nancy C Epley
    2.2 David L Joy b. 1839 MO  m. Mary Ann Epley
         3. Carson Joy b. 1860 TX
         3. Richard Joy b. 1870 TX d. 1891

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Staff on September 28, 2007, 10:47:47 AM
Hi, CRHensley.  Your pedigree has been posted:


Title: Pedigree
Post by: jessie101359 on April 10, 2008, 12:47:11 PM
Jessie (Jay) Smith  b 13 oct 1959 Cassville, Barry Co., Mo.

father: William Ralph Jay  b  3 march 1911  Barry Co. Mo.  d  9 sept 1989  Batesville, Ark.
m  1959
Bettie Jean Adkins (adopted name) Holcomb (birth name)  b  6 april 1919 Reno Co. ks  d  7 july 1997  Washington Co. Ark.

grandfather: Arthur Dennis Jay  b  5 may 1884 Jasper Co. Ill.  d  26 april 1952  Jenkins Barry Co. Mo.
m  12 april 1919 
Susan Anna Thomas   b  12 feb 1884 Barry Co. Mo.  d  30 april 1971 Springfield Greene Co. Mo.

ggrandfather: Lot B. Jay  b  31 dec 1845 Darke Co. Oh.  d   8 may 1909 Hunt City Jasper Illinois
m  28 jan. 1869 
Mary Ann Boyd  b  July 1848 Pulaski Co. Ky.  d  30 oct 1909 Hunt City Jasper, Il.

gggrandfather: Sampson Henry Jay  b  3 march 1821 Miami Co. Oh.  d  4 oct 1863 New Orleons La.
m  7 aug 1842 
Barbary Burr   b  abt 1828 Ohio  d  8 sept. 1868 Jasper Il.

ggggrandfather: John Jay  b  29 aug. 1780  Newberry Co. SC  d  6 sept. 1946 Miami Co. Ohio 
m  23 feb 1803 
Lucy Toles  b  17 april 1787 SC  d  16 sept 1849 Miami Co. Oh.

gggggrandfather: William Jay  b  12 sept. 1745  Winchester, Frederick, Virginia   d  7 jan. 1797 SC
m  nov 1777
Margaret Voss  b  1750  SC  d  1 aug 1797 Newberry Clarendon SC

ggggggrandfather: William Jay  b  1720 Winchester Frederick Va.  d  march 1773  SC
m   1743 
Mary Vestal  b  1727 Chester, Pa.  d  1818 New Burlington, Fulton, Ohio

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Staff on April 11, 2008, 10:36:16 AM
Hi, jessie101359.  I posted your pedigree through your ggrandfather's generation with a link back to your entire pedigree on the forum.  If you have any dates (birth/death) that correspond with the information you provided, that would be a great help!  Thanks so much for being a part of the project!


Title: Pedigree
Post by: DonnaNC on November 20, 2008, 07:21:25 PM
James Alexander Joy, b 28 June 1831 NC or SC, m Mary Angeline Fisher
Sidney Alburtis Joy, b 25 Dec 1860 Gaston Co., NC, m Emma Jenette Abernethy
Oscar Franklin Joy, Sr., b 07 Mar 1883 Gaston Co., NC, m Iva Launa Roseman

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Staff on November 21, 2008, 11:58:12 AM
Hi, Donna NC. 

Your pedigree has been posted:


Title: Pedigree
Post by: aleesej on November 23, 2008, 08:25:16 PM
James Alexander Joy 1831-1899-North Carolina Mrd. Mary Angeline Fisher
Robert William Joy-1857-1930 - N.C.-mrd. Rebecca Moody
James Erastus Joy- 1879-1979-NC-mrd. Flossie D. Rhyne
Jesse Wilmer Joy-1909-1968-mrd. Theresa B. Schraml   

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Staff on December 05, 2008, 03:00:35 PM
Hi, aleesej.

Your pedigree has been merged with that of DonnaNC as you share a common ancestor:


Title: Pedigree
Post by: billjoye on January 17, 2009, 02:18:32 PM
William Joy d. bef 1697 Charleston SC, m. Mary Denty
   Rebecca b. abt 1658 d.
   Margaret b. abt 1660 d. 1661
   Elizabeth b. abt 1662 d.
   Moses b. abt 1667 d. bef 1702
   Mary b. abt 1669 d.
   Thomas b. abt 1671 d.
   William Joy Sr b. abt 1665 Christ Church Parish Barbados, d. abt 1736, m. Elizabeth
      William Jr b. abt 1706 d.
      Judith b. abt 1724 d.
      Moses b. 1701 d. 1739
      Mary b. 1708 d.
      Elizabeth b. 1710 d.
      Providence b. 1713 d.
      Benjamin Joy Sr b. 5 May 1706 Christ Church Parish SC, d. 2 Dec 1766 Christ Church Parish SC, m. Elizabeth Gibson
         Joseph b. 1727 d.
         Samuel b. 1733 d. 1763
         John b. 1738 d.
         Ann b. 1735 d.
         Benjamin Joy Jr d. bef 1790, m. Catherine
            Samuel b. 1758 d. aft. 1790
            Benjamin Joy b. 14 Jun 1755 Christ Church Parish SC, d. bef 16 Feb 1825, m. Sarah
               Thomas Joy b. app 1790, m. Margaret Parker
                  Thomas b. abt 1818, d. bef 1830
                  John Parker Joye b. abt 1820 Charleston SC, d. 1872 Charleston SC, m. Margaret Berry
                     Julia b. 1845 d.
                     George Radcliff b. 1855 d. 1939
                     John Henry Joye b. 1850 Charleston SC, d. 6 Feb 1907 Charleston SC, m. Sarah Matilda Gleason                        Thomas Henry “Harry” b. 1881 d. 1975
                        Jenny Mae b. 1890 d. 1890
                        William Lemuel b. 1888 d. 1888
                        John Leon Joye b. 5 Aug 1883 Charleston SC, d. 30 Oct 1952, Charleston SC, m. Florence McNaughton
                           Myrtle Leona b. 1907 d. 1997
                           Fannie Mae b. 1909 d. 1909
                           Vivian Louise b. 1912 d. 2000
                           Alice Gertrude b. 1915 d. 2000
                           Joseph Creighton b. 1916 d. 2006
                           Harry Anthony b. 1918 d. 1991
                           Earl Francis b. 1921 d. 1988
                           Clarence James b. 1923 d. 1986
                           Raymond Paul b. 1926 d. 1934
                           Living Joye
                           William Leonard b. 1930 d. 1968
                           John Leon Joye Jr b. 22 Aug 1910 Charleston SC, d. 1 Apr 1987 Charleston SC, m. Julia Gertrude Seyle
                              Living Joye
                                 Living Joye
                                 Living Joye
                                 Living Joye

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Staff on January 19, 2009, 03:04:36 PM
Hi, billjoye.

Your pedigree has been posted:


Title: Pedigree
Post by: Marion Joyce on May 19, 2009, 10:58:40 AM
My husband's line.  We are awaiting results of the dna tests.

Alexander Joyce b. abt. 1720 d. 05 Mar 1778 Guilford, North Carolina, USA  m. 1. Sarah Austin 2. Jane Hamilton

Alexander Joyce b. abt. 1741 Virginia, USA d. Georgia, USA m. 1. Unknown  2. Mrs. Frances Hicks

James Joyce b. 1783 Henry, Virginia, USA d. abt. 1845 Marshall, Tennessee, USA m. Mary Epperson

George Washington Joyce b. 23 Mar 1830 Bedford, now Marshall, Tennessee d. 02 Oct 1919 Marshall, Tennessee m. Mary Elizabeth Fulton

Thomas Brittain Joyce b. 14 Jan 1865 Marshall, Tennessee, USA  d. 1947 Marshall, Tennessee, USA m. Mattie Florence Cole

Clair Thomas Joyce b. 05 Mar 1908 Marshall, Tennessee, USA d. June 1978 Marshall, Tennessee, USA m. 1 Sue Ella Meeks 2. Audrey Louise Batte

Title: Pedigree
Post by: Staff on May 21, 2009, 03:29:51 PM
Hi, Marion. 

I have posted your husband's line to the patriarch page: