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Title: Padgett and Wilbanks connection
Post by: MWilbanks on May 13, 2017, 11:14:15 PM
My ancestry goes back to a William Woolbanks (Wilbanks) that was born in VA in 1747.  He moved down through the Carolinas settling around Union, SC. There are records that he and his family were members of a Padgett Creek Baptist church by 1800. This is the only mention of the name Padgett I have seen in my family history. Well with the Y DNA results I have found that I along with others that go back to William Woolbanks are not related to the presumed Wilbanks ancestors in England, the Walbank family, but instead match the Padgetts. My first four Y DNA matches were Wilbanks and the next ten or so were all Padgetts. I am 538438 on the DNA chart and I appear to match the Padgett family. So I am guessing that there was an event around William Woolbanks time that a Padgett entered the family.