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Title: Paternal Line, N-151 Newman Surname
Post by: Forest Newman on March 06, 2015, 11:33:47 AM
 Paternal Line of Forest P. Newman III ( or
 Kit # N-151, haplotype R1b1a2a1, R-P3112

Joseph Newman (b1750 in Va., USA d. 11 May 1815,Patrick Cty, Va, USA )m. Clara Grady(ca.1750-1796) on 10 NOV 1784
  Winston Newman (1790-1885) Patrick County, Va, USA m. Conah Nowlin(1790-1865)
  Elam Newman, Winston's Brother, (b. 1777 ) m.Nancy Shelton(1780-1865) Patrick, Virginia, USA
     Joseph Newman (1818/19- 1870) m. Ruth Rogers (1831-1917) Patrick, Virginia, USA
        H.(Hiram) Winston Newman (b1850 d. 1932) m. Eliz. F. Frye( 1846-1907) Patrick, VA and Stokes,NC
           Forest P. Newman(b.1881 d.1965) m. Eddie Glidewell(b.1886) Stokes and Rockingham Ctys , NC
             Forest P. Newman Jr.(1921-1998) m. Marjorie Beemer, Rockingham Cty., NC
                Forest P. Newman III ( 1848- ) m. Sara Lynn Gardner of Richmond Cty, SC